TCobra Kai Trailer 3 Season 1 (2018) Karate Kid Series

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Published on Mar 09, 2018

Cobra Kai Trailer 3 Season 1 - 2018 Youtube Red Karate Kid Series

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About Cobra Kai
Original stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka are back as karate rivals Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, and as the teaser above shows, they’re still nursing wounds from the old days. Johnny is reviving his old dojo Cobra Kai, and Daniel isn’t about to let him without a fight.

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  • TeamEmfield - 36 minutes ago

    Take a classic movie with a good message. Throw in the same old rivalry and mock the original. Perfect pattern for a terrible sequel.

  • Akoni Ah Yat - 2 hours ago

    This looks so stupid. Looks like a 5th grader filmed it. Plus Mr miyagi made the movie. Without him it sucks

  • John Lewis - 2 hours ago

    Really? really? i mean....REALLY??? - i didn't like this skinny Karate Kid guy even when i was young. Looked awkward, MOVED awkward and now this...Karate Hipsters in suits, get the fuck outta here!

  • MondoBeno - 4 hours ago

    What a stupid premise for a series. Does anyone believe that a 50-year-old man is still going to have a huge grudge against a guy who beat him in a karate tournament 35 years ago?

  • Milton Ferguson Jr - 4 hours ago

    Is Kevin Hart in this movie???

  • Afro Mystic - 5 hours ago


  • Luciano Nascimento Gregio - 6 hours ago

    20 anos depois e Daniel Larusso não aprendeu um ggiratório

  • Brian Yarbrough - 6 hours ago

    oh my god the spining kick was so awful please dont let this ruin it all for me

  • Deathfacesmiles - 6 hours ago

    I would love to see this I think it's been far too long since a good karate kid type movie has been made and as long as the movie is directed by Ralph Maccieo or someone who wants to see a epic sequal come to life and is written by someone who also wants the same thing then it will be a hit.

  • Antonio Taylor - 6 hours ago

    Johnny Lawrence!Classic villian!

  • Canuckvapor - 6 hours ago

    This looks like it is gonna be horribly cheesy. I'm gonna pass.

  • JON ALEX - 7 hours ago


  • Iwan Rees - 7 hours ago

    🙊looks like a load of shit 😂

  • newmoment - 7 hours ago

    Now this is what I call drama!

  • logan colomb - 7 hours ago

    In the first preview Daniel sounds like an ass hole lol

  • Brett Bar - 7 hours ago

    I agree with Morgan down below that Daniel's mocking of Johnny is uncalled for. I'm sure Mr. Miyagi is not pleased with Daniel-san. That being said, there was a period of time when Johnny felt confident and had purpose in his life. It is not all that uncommon for people to revisit that part of their life when things seemed good if they are down on their luck. Johnny is trying to recapture something positive in his life . . . although, hopefully by the end of the series (not sure if it will last more than one season), Johnny will speak as Sensei Sato did (Karate Kid 2) and will have learned the error of his ways. I am looking forward to watching this. I just hope the writers don't go in some stupid direction and will listen to the fans and will stay true to the characters (I could see Daniel saying something smart assed like he does in this clip and not think things through . . . THAT is typical of the Daniel character in all movies).  Oh. and that kick was pathetic!

  • Eric Briceno - 7 hours ago

    All this years and Daniel still can't do a simple kick

  • wizkid8205 - 7 hours ago

    This has to be a joke

  • Jhonsun - 8 hours ago

    Oh this looks like trash.

  • KuhlioGaming - 8 hours ago

    Damnitt! Now I have to sign up for YouTube Red just for this show! I wish it was on Netflix or Amazon.

  • TopLift - 8 hours ago

    WTH? This looks worse than a power rangers episode

  • davi Dave - 8 hours ago


  • IDA MadridNFRoses - 8 hours ago

    Daniel San!

  • 8trigrammer - 8 hours ago


  • Cyaegha The Hatefull - 9 hours ago

    I still like Cobra Kai better than Larusso

  • joão vieira - 10 hours ago


  • KB MILLER - 10 hours ago

    lmao that has to be the Gumpiest froup of students I have ever seen lmmfao hahahahahaha

  • Sal S - 11 hours ago

    Cobra Kia !! This looks a million times better than the bullshit they put out a few years ago with the smith boy.

  • Kaossaok - 11 hours ago

    This does not make sense really. If you watch the first movie, you would not think that Johnny would take up his old instructors ways. He might teach, but I doubt he would teach in the same way. Just my two cents.

  • THRIVE SNIPES - 12 hours ago

    fuck all you haters here dont wanna see this then fuck off