TMY DRUNK KITCHEN: Cheesy Cheddar Bay Biscuits!

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Published on Aug 28, 2017

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This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!


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  • joshua hand - 20 hours ago

    Should, as a word, is not evil. Go ahead. Use it.

  • gitadine - 2 days ago

    "What does it mea- nothing." - Me whenever I question most things in my life, honestly

  • C S - 7 days ago

    How do I get the recipes?

  • Ebie Mac - 2 weeks ago

    Binge watch Hannah and all your worries disappear

  • Max Tuning - 3 weeks ago

    My favorite kitchens are when I can tell from the thumbnail it's rouGH

  • Samantha Kemp - 3 weeks ago

    For biscuits it sometimes helps to shred cold butter (like you shred cheese)

  • Nina Sogor - 3 weeks ago

    Those are basically Pogaca

  • Izumi's Apprentice - 3 weeks ago

    I feel like she was drinking the entire first two times she attempted the recipe accounting for how drunk she seems during this video. I WISH there was somewhere I could watch I Hart Food episodes since I missed them when they aired live! I really want to see what you thought of Maine (I'm not a big fan of boiling lobster in SEA SALT water, but I love lobster and of course am from Maine...).

  • Mishelle Bookout - 4 weeks ago

    That's SO how I look when I cook... flour everywhere except where I want it. LOL

  • osnapitzanna - 1 month ago


  • ntepup - 1 month ago

    I make these biscuits all the time..for years lol its much easier than this bahaha and DON'T USE WAX PAPER! Use parchment paper!

  • Casey Claiborne - 1 month ago

    Why does she use wax paper?? Get some parchment paper!

  • Tara 907 - 1 month ago

    The "finger it out" face 😂 Oh, Hannah! I just love you!! ❤️

  • Rebecca Jones - 1 month ago

    I adore you. You make me laugh alllll the time. But I'm a jewish mama and it's making me crazy. One word for you bubbeleh... parchment paper.

  • Emily Piles - 2 months ago

    What's with the water gun dildo on the counter, love? :D im so distracted....

  • Linnea Soderberg - 2 months ago

    so great:D

  • Riya the Human - 3 months ago

    she just popped a piece of garlic in her mouth and goes "oooh that's garlic"

  • Jetwilliam101 MoDz - 3 months ago

    How much did she drink

  • Melissa Rhodes - 4 months ago

    Was watching you on #BeatBobbyFlay & had come check your vids out. Keep it up hun!!! Really fun & funny stuff. Hope to see you on Chopped as well and hopefully Guys Grocery Games if you know how to cook. If not it will be comedic anyway.

  • Terri Dawson - 4 months ago

    Here's an idea for you that I think you will love and im thoroughly surprised that you haven't done before. Cheese balls are a guilty pleasure for many. This recipe goes hand in hand with crackers and bread and is popular for parties and the casual glass of wine on the deck in the hot sun. What You Need: 250g cream cheese 1 medium onion finely chopped 4 gerkhins finely chopped 2 C grated cheese 4 Tbsp tomato relish Chopped nuts Method: Combine all of the ingredients except the chopped nuts; then roll into a ball. Roll in the chopped nuts. Cover and refrigerate. I also recommend adding carrot and capsicum (or peppers?) Enjoy!

  • Ryeli Oudman - 4 months ago

    I saw you used Reynolds paper. I started thinking of The Reynolds Pamphlet from Hamilton: An American Musical.

  • emma duncan - 4 months ago

    champagne hangovers are the worst, far worse then tequilla.

  • Ellen Archambault - 4 months ago

    please keep writing.

  • Ellen Archambault - 4 months ago

    That looked great. Gonna try it out. Thanks. your videos give me much needed laughter.

  • Ellen Archambault - 4 months ago

    don't mock the Mexi blend shredded. It tastes great and cheap.

  • Never Stop Asking - 4 months ago

    When in doubt, finger it out. Gross 😟

  • herbertson lee - 4 months ago

    Haha droppinh bisquits

  • Andrew McCollum - 4 months ago

    Im just saying, at the time im watching this, 200,000 views and only 76 dislikes, that takes skill hannah ^w^

  • Matthew Earle - 4 months ago

    I find you really funny and sexy. Found you on MJR.

  • Alexa Mick - 4 months ago

    We are starting to get the old Hannah back! I'm glad I gave my drunk kitchen another try! Cheers Queers.