Russia warns against Syrian strike

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Published on Apr 11, 2018

U.N. Security Council on edge as it awaits possible attack; senior correspondent Eric Shawn reports from the United Nations.

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  • HAPPY GAMER - Channel Youtube
    HAPPY GAMER - 1 month ago

    Look again Russia's running their mouth again but they don't back up anything they say😂😂😂😂

  • Ed Evans - Channel Youtube
    Ed Evans - 1 month ago

    Russia and the US have been bum chums since they carved up the world during ww2. Anyone who thinks differently is already a vegetable. General Patton wanted to finish off that mass murderer called Salinas but sadly failed to heed strong advice from Ike

  • Executive Travel of Nashville - Channel Youtube
    Executive Travel of Nashville - 1 month ago

    We won't be listening to any warnings from Russia this superpower of depleted military will not tell president Trump what he can and can't do we are the United States we do what the hell we want to do

  • Scott inohio - Channel Youtube
    Scott inohio - 1 month ago

    He would make a very good libtard dummycrat or even a cnn reporter!!!! LOL

  • Coded Warrior - Channel Youtube
    Coded Warrior - 1 month ago

    Dear russia... usa has more missles and a bigger dick so go fuck yourself

  • Coded Warrior - Channel Youtube
    Coded Warrior - 1 month ago

    Oh go fuck yourself russia

  • D p - Channel Youtube
    D p - 1 month ago


  • Шахризада Худайбергенова - Channel Youtube
    Шахризада Худайбергенова - 1 month ago

    GOD bless Putin !

  • James Jones - Channel Youtube
    James Jones - 1 month ago

    Russia shut up an sit down you can talk that shit all you want too... the us will demolish you if you even dare do something

  • Viking74 - Channel Youtube
    Viking74 - 1 month ago

    Ignorant!!! Move to a different country then maybe Russia or Syria? never said i wanted or prefer WAR!

  • Stepan Bandera - Channel Youtube
    Stepan Bandera - 1 month ago

    No one on this planet cares about the opinions of a stupid pathetic mockal monkey

  • cipher88101 - Channel Youtube
    cipher88101 - 1 month ago

    Well of course they don't want strikes in Syria, the US and Russia are engaged in an undeclared war in Syria.

  • Tony the Truth - Channel Youtube
    Tony the Truth - 1 month ago

    I really hope this is a wake up call for is so weak and feeble in the face of U.S. military power.

  • forgedby2112 - Channel Youtube
    forgedby2112 - 1 month ago

    Even if you spoke fluent Russian you still wouldn't know what that man said because they turned him down so low and his face was pointed down there's no way to confirm what he was saying we just have to rely the translator was telling the truth. All news is fabricated that man could have easily been saying if you strike our interest in Syria we will nuke your entire country off the face of the Earth. But don't blame me The Simpsons predicted that this would happen. I voted for God's Kingdom

  • Senada Pasic - Channel Youtube
    Senada Pasic - 1 month ago

    Putin says US strikes are a humanitarian crisis . But his help in killing and torturing half a million is nothing? And he believes people believe him. He is ruling by fear and assuaging their consciences with these stupid lectures on morality . Putin is criminally insane like Assad. The Nazi axis.

  • mOejOe33 - Channel Youtube
    mOejOe33 - 1 month ago

    The KGB is alive and well. They're still assassinating and poisoning Russian expats who don't agree with Putin. Russia's own neighbors don't trust Putin and his government.

  • kurgan highlander - Channel Youtube
    kurgan highlander - 1 month ago

    Fuck the USA. May it die as a nation. It contributes nothing positive to the world but guns, death and terrorism. May the USA be eradicated from the planet and removed from the pages of history. I shit on your flag USA

  • Fred Heigl - Channel Youtube
    Fred Heigl - 1 month ago

    Patton was right...We should have taken the Russians out while we still had the men and equipment to do it with at the end of WWll.

  • Benjamin Trif - Channel Youtube
    Benjamin Trif - 1 month ago

    Fuck Russia for defending a dictator who uses chemical weapons.

  • Alberto Perez - Channel Youtube
    Alberto Perez - 1 month ago


  • John D. Dodson - Channel Youtube
    John D. Dodson - 1 month ago

    Russia's old broke down army with its economy about equal to Pennsylvania thinks we're skeered??? Russia, it's not like the 60's when you had all the German technology spoils. You'd better watch your big, stupid mouths. We'll mop up your conventional army like Dessert Storm. Maybe even more definitively, if there's such a thing. Trump will call your transparent bluff and beat your red asses black and blue.

  • Tube-Bit ManChild - Channel Youtube
    Tube-Bit ManChild - 1 month ago

  • Mecca Ross - Channel Youtube
    Mecca Ross - 1 month ago

    so hes mad they blew their own people up so ur going to blow them up again so fucking stupid TRUMP!! You have to think smarter then that somethings telling me this man is itching for war for no reason

  • P Hern - Channel Youtube
    P Hern - 1 month ago

    Russia can’t do anything except take a hard butt fucking from Uncle Sam

  • Michael Capek - Channel Youtube
    Michael Capek - 1 month ago

    Who is the ugly lying Russian bald headed dude?

  • константин к - Channel Youtube
    константин к - 1 month ago

    Series-just exit ring for a fight between the USA and Russia on a rank of the final world champion in fights without rules. The real US goal in Syria is not even to defeat Iran. Their goal is Russia . After the attack, the US will put an ultimatum to Russia on the renunciation of nuclear weapons and the division of the territory of Russia . RUSSIA WILL SINK all American ships and their allies in the Mediterranean .

  • Unknown - Channel Youtube
    Unknown - 1 month ago

    All these News networks are pushing for war and fear mongering people. Once its North Korea, once its Iran, once its China, & always about potential war with Russia. They jump around from one country to another every month.

  • Rossanna Levine - Channel Youtube
    Rossanna Levine - 1 month ago

    this is an internal civil war they been killing each others with everything they got quemical or not and they read the same book. bring the troops home this nation sirya have not attack the united states their leader as just as bad as the one's who wants him out. let his hate mongers people take him out that should be the end of that. sirya is destroyed as it is what more harm can it sustained by the bully as the U.S wants to be it should be and international crime to attack a nation in this condition is a civil war going on over there nothing to do with us and if the U.S wants to save childrens live's they sould start with africa and sudan they die every day from unger and starvation just as bad or worse as any quemical attacks you don't fight with a country who is destroyed in the first place in this parts of the world they don't. stop wars they just pickup a bone with someone and another fight started the united states should not be the police of the world bombing syria is not the solution. diplomacy sanctions and penalties should take care of that or let the oil rich nations send their troops advisers and scientists to sort out the outcame i don't see a word been mentioned by them where is their outcry on this what happens to their evil tongue the mouse did the job or is not convenience to intervene obscourse not cowards low life's

  • dominic pelle - Channel Youtube
    dominic pelle - 1 month ago

    So far Trump has taken us on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea and Russia.. and a trade WAR with China. The Divider and Chief of the United States... the lying pussy grab her.. and Porn Star fucker who has emboldened Russia and China.

  • Rix Pix - Channel Youtube
    Rix Pix - 1 month ago