TLittle Tech Shop of Horrors: Free Geek Vlog Part 1

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Published on Feb 11, 2016

Check out Free Geek Vancouver:

Free Geek is an awesome tech shop here in Vancouver that accepts donations of old electronics and provides a thrift shop to find electronics on the cheap!

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  • cubicgamer 90 - 13 hours ago

    I wanna work for linus now

  • BishoP - 4 days ago

    Is there anyway you can mail your old or scrap pc parts? I’d like to give them to them because I have no use, and no way to recycle near me.

  • netronet - 1 week ago

    we have Free Geek in Portland too.

  • Robert Stolorz - 2 weeks ago

    Is it the same organization that's also in Chicago?

  • ElectricJ125 - 2 weeks ago

    Wow, cool! Great videos Linus! And thank you, Dennis, you can't forget the fans!

  • Fit4EPICness - 2 weeks ago

    Get out of the way ad. *I WANNA SEE LINUS*

  • accckiy - 3 weeks ago

    That is great! I mean real great!

  • Alterra Tech - 3 weeks ago

    Where is it at?

  • Gamerjosh18 Main Channel - 3 weeks ago

    That place looks like my dream place. I felt like I was in the video because I love computers so much. OMG I really enjoyed it, so thanks for the video. I think the people that are only tech geeks would like this type of video. SAFE, to everyone who loves computers.

  • Marksclub - 3 weeks ago

    3:17 I thought that was toilet paper

  • kempegouda14 teslm - 3 weeks ago

    I don't understand why does tech soure allways comments on linus. lisnus is a best tech guy on my point of view thank u

  • Sebi's Random Tech - 3 weeks ago

    Was hoping for some more references to the movie/musical that the video name is based off of! :P

  • Johnny Li - 3 weeks ago

    Is there one in LA?

  • LEWII The goat - 3 weeks ago

    lol i whent here last week they told me about u

  • Deepak Bibyan - 3 weeks ago

    I didn't know Steve Jobs personally but I can surely say that this place would be his nightmare

  • Arcial Gealone - 3 weeks ago

    I hope you can give me ram and video card i always waching your all videos pls give me

  • Avram Razvan - 3 weeks ago

    I would love volunteer in a place like this from time to time...looks like fun. Too bad there is nothing here

  • Tjokker Star - 3 weeks ago

    i need a place like this.. it is so hard to find old hardware where i live :(

  • 9eme Bataillon Du Dislike - 4 weeks ago

    I want to work with them but i live in france..

  • Makubeku Urashima - 4 weeks ago

    i want to live there

  • Blake Wixom - 4 weeks ago

    that would be a fun place to work at

  • captain punch - 4 weeks ago

    Can I have a free gig of ram laptop

  • Anirban Goswami - 4 weeks ago

    God bless Linus.

  • Mike Dragon - 4 weeks ago

    I'd totally spend a day working there. Not simply to get stuff "for free" but mostly because I just like working with hardware! A lot of the work they do there is stuff I do for a living already (which I enjoy) so wouldn't be much different. Though at the end of the day I'd get to keep something valuable that otherwise I'd have to pay for. Win-win! lol

  • Wojtysław L - 4 weeks ago


  • Not Sure - 4 weeks ago

    After watching LTT over 3 years now I havve overseen this video until now...... and so I am really, REALLY near to sell all my crap and open a factory like this one in my homecountry Austria... cause we do not have any type of shop like this.... ^^ :P

  • Chia Goji - 4 weeks ago


  • Dimitrije Čaprić - 4 weeks ago

    LinusTechTips. Hardware Pornhub.

  • Delta Johnson - 4 weeks ago

    How have I not seen this episode before? I have thought about starting a company like this.

  • Death Wraith - 1 month ago

    Now I want to move to Canada :(