Twhat does it mean to have an IQ less than 83 - Dr. Jordan Peterson & Dr. Richard Haier

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Published on Feb 23, 2018

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  • UliaAB - 38 minutes ago

    They figured out what to do with the < 85 IQ population in 2016. Put red hats on em and set them loose into the political world.

  • Anonymous - 1 hour ago

    So which one of the 2 has an IQ of 83?

  • Brian Lucas - 2 hours ago

    Any online IQ tests that are free and legit?

  • fred easton - 2 hours ago

    We still need cops

  • fred easton - 2 hours ago

    i.q is bullshit

  • Sato - 2 hours ago

    That last job situation sounds like a nightmare for that man

  • skin09588 - 2 hours ago

    my iq is 5 billion

  • wes alker - 3 hours ago

    Did you know that there is no such thing as a "standardized IQ test". These test are devised by people that think in a very specific way and the tests end up being "designed" to validate THEIR particular form of intelligence. It's been my experience, to know some highly "intelligent" individuals who couldn't figure out solutions to some very ordinary everyday dilemmas that people of "subtypical intelligence" have no problem with. I know many people that these type of "tests" validate. None of them, would I call friend. There are many different kinds of smart.

  • tarstarkusz - 3 hours ago

    HALF of black people have a 85IQ or less. Let's see if they are willing to talk about that!

  • rekt133742 - 4 hours ago

    Whats this? Dick comparing with Iq numbers? Fucking hell, u cant change ur iq. It doesnt matter if its 80 or 180 Ur life wont fucking change

  • RobertsMrtn - 4 hours ago

    The military do not want you if your IQ is too low because you do not obey orders. They do not want you if your IQ is too high because you do not obey orders.

  • Casper Born - 5 hours ago


  • Felix de Villiers - 6 hours ago

    I get zero on IQ. tests. I was tested at school. I have tested myself. Usually I give up avery quickly after startibng because I can't answer any of the questions. I think the tests are arithmetrically oriented. I derived my intelligence from the arts, music, poetry, literature generally. Others tell me I have done some first class work in these areas.

  • Cretium - 6 hours ago

    This comment requires 130 IQ to like

  • lou cifer - 8 hours ago

    This is why blacks vote Democrat, most blacks have a IQ less than 85, the ones above that vote republican it's fact

  • FUqer - 9 hours ago

    The only people who try to downplay IQ's importance are those that have low IQ's. And having a high IQ doesn't mean much if you don't have other qualities, IQ is just the limit of one's ability to process information. Your only as good as the information you obtain and the effort you put forth. There are plenty of smart Leftists out there who are brainwashed by their ideology and many people who conform to the pit of society that has been destroyed. It's all part of their plan, these people are smart too and they been working on their plans for decades and what we are seeing now is the acceleration of their plans because the internet is spreading truth like wild fire and bring light to their evil agenda's. They are in too deep now and it's full throttle on the plan to destroy America and everything that has made it great in order for their global Marxist plans. They put us so far in debt, that we will never be able to keep up with the interest on it. And why in the hell our we paying interest to borrow money from our own Central Bank. We may have won the Revolutionary War, but they got what they wanted with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the IRS. We have always been a controlled Country and now they want to ruin us, because we are the epitome of Capitalism and their Marxist doctrine calls for true Communism to only be possible as a global system and only through the fall of Capitalism.

  • PANDABLE LECTOR - 9 hours ago

    I just lost some brain cells watching this

  • lapisredux - 10 hours ago

    erm...wot duz iQ mean?

  • Jedi Master/Time Lord - 10 hours ago

    So that's the real reason Trump didn't join the army and go to Vietnam? He just didn't want to let people know the truth and made up the bonespurs, makes sense, his IQ is below 83.

  • Nik Murphy - 10 hours ago

    Pfft my IQ is a perfect 10. All of you peasants may ask me questions regarding the meaning of life.

  • Captain Morgan - 10 hours ago

    This is why we need more natural selection in the world, I suggest we start by removing warning labels from things! Once a few retards start chain saws with the blade between their legs things will level out!

  • Alice Eliot - 13 hours ago

    Peterson has a hard time listening to people.

  • APCWORLDSUXAZ - 13 hours ago


  • Eric Johnston - 15 hours ago

    Forrest would beg to differ!!

  • JOHONDAR SFM - 16 hours ago

    Seeing these comments makes me happy I’ve never had an IQ test. The smug levels are overwhelming.

  • kpunkt klaviermusik - 17 hours ago

    I need to know the IQ of Donald Trump!

  • SHARE H!S V!S!0N - 17 hours ago

    people look at things all the time. they know the difference between asian and white and black and whatnot... yet how does a european white mans test used as the be all and end all in I Q testing? i have yet to receive a serious answer to this question.

  • Ghostdoctor - 19 hours ago

    I'm an immigrant from Haiti. I tested an IQ of 78 in Haiti. In America, I tested 104. I don't believe IQ tests measure anything substantial, and I think there should be a large investigation to find the truth of its legitimacy.

  • Bibleimploder - 20 hours ago

    Sounds like the 10% of the population with an IQ of 83 are Talmudic Jews that have jobs running the Whitehouse and other branches of US government. They can't do anything for the military except run it through politics and Jewish owned media.

  • Generic Username - 21 hours ago

    Imma just be honest, I bet my IQ is only like 104. Honestly my true IQ is probably slightly, very very slightly, above average but as I've gotten older I've not wanted to try at anything in life