T9 Groundbreaking Discoveries About Sleep

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Published on Feb 05, 2017

There's a lot about sleep that we don't understand, like why we even sleep in the first place, for example. Here are some amazing discoveries biologists have made while trying to solve the mystery of sleep.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • Mikayla Stewart - 2 days ago

    It's 3.30 am. Welp

  • Trey Ban - 2 days ago

    World sleep day 😴

  • Luca Reichmann - 1 week ago

    It would be more exact to say that the Hypthalamus is the part of our brain responsible for sleeping, not the Thalamus

  • LeadingTheCheer - 1 week ago

    my god all these horrible rat experiments .....

  • Bryantozero - 1 week ago

    Truly, the best part of the day is drifting away.

  • maxis2k - 1 week ago

    Geez scientists. Lay off the rats!

  • Gaming Titan - 1 week ago

    Whats the difference between sleeping at night and day ? In terms of brain activity

  • em D - 1 week ago

    I ❤ sleep Would love to see a video done about how different substance/ drugs effect your sleep and dreams.

  • FutureChaosTV - 2 weeks ago

    Too much sleep is also very bad. After resting too long for several days, I get headaches and feel like a rock.

  • Ramey Zamora - 2 weeks ago

    Couldn't finish this video once the rats who had been burned were deprived of sleep. We'd already heard about rats being tortured to death with sleep deprivation, and rats being tortured to determine their pain response during sleep deprivation. My turning stomach says the ends do not justify the means. We aren't just killing these animals. We are torturing them to death.

  • ExoticAnimal Brad - 3 weeks ago

    it said 9 but i only saw 8

  • Joseph Paterson - 3 weeks ago

    watching this at 4am

  • frouto poto - 3 weeks ago

    I would prefer to not know what the lack of sleep causes than have innocent animals be tormented and get killed. I didn't plan to stop sleeping anyway

  • An Unentitled Motivated Millennial - 3 weeks ago

    Yea tom we're still waiting to see if theres any real coralation between phones and sleep deprivation.

  • Natalia Ramírez - 3 weeks ago

    Is it funny that I fell asleep watching this video? Haha I think my anemia has come back 😂 greetings from Chile ❤

  • Asmita Gyawali - 3 weeks ago

    we sleep to be alive

  • Melissa Williams - 4 weeks ago

    you know what i learned the most from this video, the amount of crap that scientist put rats through

  • WildFyreful - 1 month ago

    About the "being more receptive to pain after not sleeping" bit: As a result of my Asperger's I have sensitive hearing, so loud noises are not only obnoxious but can be painful. I also have random bouts of insomnia. After not sleeping, my sensitivity to noise is amped up to absurd levels -- for example, just putting silverware away or shutting a drawer a little too hard is physically painful, whereas if I got sleep it isn't. Even my parents talking at normal volume seems louder and more painful. I told a doctor about this and he basically went "Dafuq??" In all his years he had never heard of this weird thing that happens to me.

  • Roselyn Alvarez - 1 month ago

    OMG. Poor rats what have they been doing to them. My God!

  • Van Jerome Pena - 1 month ago

    Not sleeping caused rats to have weight loss and faster metabolism. Seems like a good thing.

  • Jazzy Smith - 1 month ago

    i guess its ironic that i stayed up all night watching these vids...

  • Brandon VanVorst - 1 month ago

    The studies I found and things I've warched, they have figured out why we need to sleep. There is pretty much a laundry list of thing that happen during sleep. Without sleeping they don't get done or don't get done as well that pretty much leads to failure of functions and sickness/death

  • Colby Izzo - 1 month ago

    Don't feel to bad for rats they did spread the black and bubonic plague and killed over 70 million people

  • Griffon Dahrk - 1 month ago

    Poor rats...

  • Eriktion - 1 month ago

    wow the ass holes took away the rats sleep, shocked and burned them...

  • Scuba Steve - 1 month ago

    What about polyphastic sleeping?

  • Atom Nous - 1 month ago

    Do we have to know? Everyone is going to die even if you are immortal.

  • Ionic - 1 month ago


  • abcdefg hijklmno - 1 month ago

    I'm watching this too late its going to affect my sleep. Also the editor is cramming to much info, hence the quick in between scences being crammed together leading to insufficient time between ideas. Fix: Write a script that explains the concept more subsequently, so the host does not come off talking too fast.

  • Thomas Bernecky - 2 months ago

    Please please please sit on your hands, very distracting from the subject.