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Published on Nov 10, 2017

This week, I decided to watch one of my old amazing... I mean CRINGY videos and give you guys some tips on how to be successful on YouTube!

Here are a few tips that you'll find are true in one of my first videos.
If you haven't seen it, watch here:

1. Never use auto-tune. You can tell I obviously never did. You can hear the pure raw vocals that sound like 1,000 baby angels singing at the same time.
2. Have amazing dance moves. I happened to be able to dance like a mix between Michael Jackson and Usher without any choreo, so that was super helpful.
3. Know your audience. When I was 8-years-old with gaps in my teeth, I knew that my target demo was college girls.
4. Let the ladies know you're available. This is a big must if you're an up and coming rapper.

Hope these tips help and see you on YouTube!


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Keep following your dreams!


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