T[MV] MAMAMOO(마마무) _ Starry Night(별이 빛나는 밤)

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Published on Mar 07, 2018

[MV] MAMAMOO(마마무) _ Starry Night(별이 빛나는 밤)

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  • John Gustafsson - 1 minute ago

    Thank You for one of the best lullaby before bedtime at nights: Mamamoo - Starry Night. See You tomorrow.

  • 투게더빈 - 7 minutes ago

    노래 짱좋아아아아 ㅎㅎ~^^ 마마무 언재나ㅜ좋은노래ㅠ부탁해요요여

  • kalesiscoale - 11 minutes ago


  • Maria Eduarda Abreu - 13 minutes ago


  • Felipe Sena - 13 minutes ago

    Prayer in C?

  • Danielle Gitrey - 16 minutes ago

    Omg was that a separate song at the end? If so plz tell me the name of it

  • Riiz LL - 16 minutes ago

    The should hire better choreographer

  • filip valchev - 46 minutes ago

    https://prnt.sc/iu12rd :3

  • Alicia Patrick - 46 minutes ago

    I started with BTS after the AMA's....this is the first girl group that I have listened to multiple times....I wish them luck👍

  • Shin&Minkpopers :'v - 1 hour ago

    De verdad. *AMO A ESTAS CHICAS!*

  • Mano do Céu! - 1 hour ago


  • Lily Smith - 1 hour ago


  • Nicoleta Bodor - 2 hours ago

    Wow beautiful bravo 👏👏👏💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Best Kpop Ever - 2 hours ago

    Mamamoo emits "cool" without over-trying. They've got swag!

  • Maria Giovanna - 2 hours ago

    😢😭 Beautiful

  • Ejnarwawe - 2 hours ago

    Prayer in C direct copy

  • Yasna Villagra - 2 hours ago

    i can't get over solar's visuals

  • Anonymous - 3 hours ago

    I feel like this song has no gender-ism (I'm sorry, my English is poor), like it could be either a boy, girl, non-binary and other genders/non-genders. Like, it's not about like specifically a BOY breaking up with either of the girls, like, it could be any gender tbh. I love this song with all my heart and soul!! 💕💕💕

  • Rumbi Mawoyo - 3 hours ago

    Sound like a familiar American song

  • Moon Shimmer - 3 hours ago

    Modern and such a unique vibe. In love 😍😍😍

  • Soshi secret mistress - 3 hours ago

    Oh my, I’m so in love with this mv. This is so beautiful

  • army safrada - 4 hours ago

    Mano elas tão MT linda mds

  • kah - 4 hours ago

    this mv is perfect

  • Adayca *** - 4 hours ago

    So perfect ! 🌹

  • Sofia Villegas - 4 hours ago


  • Natalie Yuki - 4 hours ago

    MAMAMOO is that one girl group you want to be friends with. Goodness. They're so good!

  • oc t - 5 hours ago


  • nur haizelyn - 5 hours ago

    what song is that , the last part ? help a soul out :)

  • Fer VA - 5 hours ago

    This song sounds like "Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz - Prayer In C" or "Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me" but I like Mamamoo version, the girls look beautiful and the music video is super asthetic

  • Kakak 1191 - 5 hours ago

    Quenn 👑💓