Why do we itch? - Emma Bryce

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Published on Apr 11, 2017

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The average person experiences dozens of individual itches each day. We’ve all experienced the annoyance of an inconvenient itch — but have you ever pondered why we itch in the first place? Is there actually an evolutionary purpose to the itch, or is it simply there to annoy us? Emma Bryce digs deep into the skin to find out.

Lesson by Emma Bryce, animation by Sashko Danylenko.

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  • Tomebq - Channel Youtube
    Tomebq - 6 hours ago

    When he said are you scratching yourself right now, I WAS!!! Witch! XD

  • WeirdØ - Channel Youtube
    WeirdØ - 13 hours ago

    0:43, I was actually scratching my head... Is the universe trying to tell me something?

  • Maria Rosario Ceballo - Channel Youtube
    Maria Rosario Ceballo - 1 day ago

    warching rhis video makes me itch

  • Sharon Afia - Channel Youtube
    Sharon Afia - 2 days ago

    Just reading the title made me itch all over out of nowhere

  • Phantom Monster - Channel Youtube
    Phantom Monster - 2 days ago

    I am born so itchy when it is hot like in hot clothes

  • RED WALKER - Channel Youtube
    RED WALKER - 2 days ago

    So why do i have itch on the inside of my throuth and tounge?

  • chandy broussard - Channel Youtube
    chandy broussard - 3 days ago

    Did any one get itch I certainly did

  • Kellie Nakazawa - Channel Youtube
    Kellie Nakazawa - 3 days ago

    Who else watched this because they have excema

  • Nour Khalid - Channel Youtube
    Nour Khalid - 3 days ago

    I can't be the only one who itched while watching this

  • Adam2024 - Channel Youtube
    Adam2024 - 3 days ago

    Damn this was one of the most uncomfortable videos to watch, i couldn't stop itching!

  • Ezrah Jaugan - Channel Youtube
    Ezrah Jaugan - 3 days ago

    The new challenge try not to itch

  • BigRiddimMonsta - Channel Youtube
    BigRiddimMonsta - 3 days ago

    I'm here because my facial hair is growing back out n itching like crazy n I wanted answers......i got nothing

  • White Vanilla - Channel Youtube
    White Vanilla - 4 days ago

    Sometimes the roof of my mouth itches but i can only rub it with my tongue

  • TorroDash - Channel Youtube
    TorroDash - 4 days ago

    It's satisfying but annoying at some situation

  • Betty Atoche - Channel Youtube
    Betty Atoche - 4 days ago


  • Grace Deng - Channel Youtube
    Grace Deng - 5 days ago

    I can’t not scratch for more than two minutes or I’ll go crazy lol

  • Ezaperview Kitty Gaming - Channel Youtube
    Ezaperview Kitty Gaming - 5 days ago

    0:41 I was itching my hip

  • Gene Carlo - Channel Youtube
    Gene Carlo - 5 days ago

    im full of itchy stuff cause of i swam in the beach with pollouted sand and got sunburned *scratches chin* *scratches foot and legs* *puts medical alchohol in everywhere* so what now

  • Kevin_fuller - Channel Youtube
    Kevin_fuller - 5 days ago

    when He said that you are itching your head I got so spooked

  • Reese606 - Channel Youtube
    Reese606 - 6 days ago

    Yes I am scratching myself right now

  • kakokapolei123 - Channel Youtube
    kakokapolei123 - 6 days ago

    Just be glad our organs don't itch

  • Oreo Studios - Channel Youtube
    Oreo Studios - 6 days ago

    *_can u pls explain y my throat itches then_*

  • Alex Loan - Channel Youtube
    Alex Loan - 7 days ago

    2:21 that poor t-Rex ._.

  • Anthony’s Planet - Channel Youtube
    Anthony’s Planet - 7 days ago

    Video: Your scratching yourself right now. Me:I’ve haven’t scratched in 5 years..

  • Swag Plays - Channel Youtube
    Swag Plays - 7 days ago

    i scratched my balls

  • Color Splash - Channel Youtube
    Color Splash - 1 week ago

    I think I have that bug thing because I always feel like there is a bug on me!

  • Zevoks - Channel Youtube
    Zevoks - 1 week ago

    i’m scratching my balls

  • TheFallenWolf67 Aj - Channel Youtube
    TheFallenWolf67 Aj - 1 week ago

    Who itched themselves while watching this video?

  • Trainer REaglet - Channel Youtube
    Trainer REaglet - 1 week ago

    Theres this thing i feel like its itchy inside my skin. And no its not a bug

  • asrar ahmad - Channel Youtube
    asrar ahmad - 1 week ago

    the thing is that i nvr read anything about itching yet i somehow knew that itching is a defence mechanism to scratch off the potential parasites onto the skin and the relief from scrating (as a minor pain) overriding the itching nerves same as we squeeze our heads when we suffer from headache,cuz the pressure siganals override the pain signals to an incipient relief...