Kevin Garnett's Top 50 Plays of His Career

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Published on Sep 23, 2016

Check out the Top 50 Plays from Kevin Garnett's 21 year career!

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  • Tom Lee - Channel Youtube
    Tom Lee - 2 days ago

    Holy shit that pass in number 9

  • Joel Breh - Channel Youtube
    Joel Breh - 4 days ago

    Man he dunks hard as fuck lol

  • N S - Channel Youtube
    N S - 5 days ago

    In two years, when Thon Maker is 240 pounds, Maker will be exactly like KG. KG himself has said so.

  • zheng zhang - Channel Youtube
    zheng zhang - 6 days ago

    I remember KG was the MVP in 03-04 season.

  • God's Sun_1 - Channel Youtube
    God's Sun_1 - 7 days ago

    Oooooo! Number 22 was nasty! That was a thing of beauty. KG was strong as hell in the paint. Had finesse too.

  • Joshua Collins - Channel Youtube
    Joshua Collins - 7 days ago

    Number 11. What a huuuuuge travel as he receives the ball.

  • Kangjian Li - Channel Youtube
    Kangjian Li - 1 week ago

    Personally I think the first one should be the top first

  • GalaxyTraveler - Channel Youtube
    GalaxyTraveler - 1 week ago

    2:44 Hahaha that's just embarrassing for Anthony

  • GalaxyTraveler - Channel Youtube
    GalaxyTraveler - 1 week ago

    22 game win streak? Daaamn

  • King Chino - Channel Youtube
    King Chino - 2 weeks ago

    Best power forward ever 👌🏾

  • GottaLoveTheGame55 - Channel Youtube
    GottaLoveTheGame55 - 2 weeks ago

    Number 15 👀 absolutely ridiculous

  • Chaz Tabing - Channel Youtube
    Chaz Tabing - 2 weeks ago

    4:50 young wolves were howling after that dunk

  • Montez Demarrco - Channel Youtube
    Montez Demarrco - 3 weeks ago

    Damm davis was fat asf

  • Jacob Smith - Channel Youtube
    Jacob Smith - 4 weeks ago

    2nd greatest high school to NBA player after KOBE!!!

  • KJEdward Cooke - Channel Youtube
    KJEdward Cooke - 1 month ago

    Kevin Garnett is a Legend!

  • Adhi Dwiyana - Channel Youtube
    Adhi Dwiyana - 1 month ago

    The nba version of hanamichi sakuragi

  • Proles On Parade - Channel Youtube
    Proles On Parade - 1 month ago

    Top 5 big man all time idgaf what anyone says. I miss that late 90s/early 2000s NBA.

  • E. Carter - Channel Youtube
    E. Carter - 1 month ago

    This guy in my opinion is one of the top 5 best pf to ever play the game, he had ABSOLUTELY NO weaknesses and I'm so glad he got a ring. During his last stint in Minnesota Karl Anthony Towns should've been a sponge with this guy, learning everything there is to know about how to be a GREAT big man.

  • Metal Face - Channel Youtube
    Metal Face - 1 month ago

    cant believe Garnett has a ton of winning shot

  • Keith Brown - Channel Youtube
    Keith Brown - 1 month ago

    So skilled offensively, 7 foot , great defender and fierce competitor. KG top 5 PF all time

  • Celebrity Instagram Videos - Channel Youtube
    Celebrity Instagram Videos - 1 month ago

    Kevin Garnett at Atalanta United FC training

  • Hridya Katara - Channel Youtube
    Hridya Katara - 1 month ago

    KG is GOAT

  • 1ittleb1eachdr1nker - Channel Youtube
    1ittleb1eachdr1nker - 1 month ago

    I feel like Marvin bagley can be like Kevin Garnett they play almost the same except Garnett has the intensity but Bagley also got a motor

  • Sha Loom - Channel Youtube
    Sha Loom - 1 month ago

    The Alpha of the wolves

  • Michael Leung - Channel Youtube
    Michael Leung - 1 month ago


  • TrippyBean - Channel Youtube
    TrippyBean - 1 month ago

    3rd best PF of all time imo

  • Autumn Warden - Channel Youtube
    Autumn Warden - 2 months ago

    Garnett was best on twolves

  • MsWorldMine - Channel Youtube
    MsWorldMine - 2 months ago


  • MsWorldMine - Channel Youtube
    MsWorldMine - 2 months ago


  • GB - Channel Youtube
    GB - 2 months ago

    James Harden would be fucking confused after watching this video.