TMark Hamill On Star Wars - "I Don't Care Anymore"

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Published on Apr 12, 2018

Mark Hamill casts doubt on returning to future Star Wars movies after The Last Jedi. Here are a few clips from past interviews that might explain why - SUBSCRIBE TO FILM GOB

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  • Crispy Bacon - 5 minutes ago

    So much respect for Mark not rolling over or allowing Ryan and Cathline to keep him on a leash. He knows the whole thing was garbage and he's let us all know he believes it was

  • elevenAD - 15 minutes ago

    i would have to agree with Mark and i havnt even seen the movie lol, i have heard so much about the film at this point im not even gonna waste my time or cash, what a joke.

  • Reptile King - 29 minutes ago

    Hehe, basically Mark just told the whiners to deal with it

  • See Cha - 48 minutes ago

    This problem isn't specific to Star Wars. It's the industry's subtle act of ridding the old and welcoming the new. Don't think anyone really noticed, but the X-Men franchise did the exact same thing. The only thing they couldn't change was Wolverine cause A, it's played by Hugh Jackman and B, Wolverine doesn't age much. BUT every other actor in that entire franchise got replaced by a younger, fresher actor.

  • gwynedd1 - 54 minutes ago

    I tried to force project myself into the theater to see it. It didn't work so I gave up.

  • Doc Schmauchpur - 1 hour ago

    the best luck s."mark hamill"... life is not black! OR white...

  • Kraze Boyy - 2 hours ago

    Let down :/

  • sleepyinhere - 2 hours ago

    I can't think of an competent writer worth their salt that would be as arrogant as Johnson. Sure, if he wrote a book, he could simply say it was what he wanted to write and piss off. But Star Wars isn't that anymore. It's a film catering to an established audience with the goal of also bringing in new fans. Besides, has the guy done anything that great? Everything else was just copy/paste of other genres, and pretty poorly done at that.

  • Michael Davison - 2 hours ago

    Haha high praise indeed as he gives the camera a 'knowing' look.

  • namor357 - 2 hours ago

    Mark Hamill to the director “Don’t choke on your own aspirations”

  • dave tahchawwickah - 2 hours ago

    Disney isn't killing Star Wars Lucas did that by selling it. Now it's fan fiction only there are fan factions. Maybe Hamill's space saga will be better when he writes one.

  • SAMUEL ELLIOT CORY - 2 hours ago

    *great guy* lovely stuff straight up chap particularly 'unpretentious' just what you'd ever ask of him

  • Kindred1a1 - 3 hours ago

    Mark Hamil's down to earth attitude makes him such a fucking badass lol Like he doesnt giv a fuck

  • Zip Zenac - 3 hours ago

    'I don't care anymore' - Mark Hamil.....'We don't care anymore' - SW Fans.

  • Matt Mc - 3 hours ago

    He ment he doesn't care for what star wars is now. With no Luke Han solo or Leia now the series has run it course at least in the movie world. Carrie is gone, Mark is getting up in age and so is Harrison Ford. I'm glad they got to do these reunions if nothing else.

  • juniorimac - 4 hours ago

    More people are watching it than ever before. Who cares if it’s not how you like it

  • Not Here - 4 hours ago

    I wish Rian would go work at McDonalds.

  • Marc Brown - 4 hours ago

    Mark Hamill knows this movie was pure shit and the only reason he doesn’t flat out say so was and is Disney’s deep pockets $$$$$$$$$

  • MonkeySharkPro - 4 hours ago

    Damn Mark is one cheeky fucker.

  • Adam Ward - 5 hours ago

    Got to give it to Mark Hamill, he comes back to a franchise like Stars with Disney, the biggest studio in the world, and he knows what he is suppose to do which Is tow the line and agree with everything Rian and the writers decide on in the script to sell the movie. Instead he tells everyone that he disagrees with the direction of the character before, during and after the Movie comes out. I commend his big brass balls, as that’s the only time I’ve ever seen that and he did it in a professional manner too!

  • Boo Boo - 5 hours ago

    Is this mgtow?

  • Daniel Dionne - 5 hours ago

    Rian Johnson will go down in infamy...

  • Wayne R - 6 hours ago

    There were really only 2 male actors in the whole film and Ford went on to be a huge star Max was already a legend Carrie comes from a showbiz family No way 2 robots a Wookiee or a guy in a Darth Vader mask we’re gonna get other roles Fuck virtue signaling super douche mark

  • Jorge Pineda - 6 hours ago

    Neither do I

  • Wayne R - 6 hours ago

    Mark is the biggest asshole ever That is why his career tanked No1 in Hollywood could even stand this guy for one minute

  • Bieber Ninja - 6 hours ago

    mark hamill needs to get it over with and go on an epic public rant about how disney destroyed the franchise and then proceed to take a chainsaw to life size cardboard cutouts of dumbass ray jay, boring finn mccool and no talent holdo

  • Nr1from1978 - 6 hours ago

    Disney sure did kill it.

  • DJ Time - 6 hours ago

    Disney WILL ruin Star Wars

  • el obscuro corazon de la tierra - 7 hours ago

    That mangina kill starwars.

  • Tully Kops - 7 hours ago

    They destroyed star wars.