TWhy We Hallucinate While Falling Asleep

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Published on Oct 18, 2017

Have you ever found yourself seeing images right before falling asleep? You might be experiencing hypnagogia.

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Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • biohazard6660 - 24 hours ago

    Is this why I sometimes feel weightless?

  • The Leaving Goose - 3 days ago

    Thank god those hypnic jerks exist and wake me up (or else I'd be asleep when I don't want to be much more often)

  • Ivan Ibarra - 3 days ago

    The most vivid hallucination I ever had was when I was so tired my room turned into an elegant golden ballroom and there were people floating around my room dancing to waltz music. Even after I realized I was hallucinating, the vision didn't go away. I managed to pull my phone out and post on facebook what I was seeing before finally falling asleep.

  • PuLu - 5 days ago

    That explains why when I was little I would see arms, disembodied heads, feet, when I was tired and about to fall asleep. It scared me to the point of waking up

  • mister - 6 days ago

    I’ve def. had explosive g head syndrome. It was around 12 am and I was falling asleep and I heard the crack and I ran upstairs to check if anyone was alright, no one else had heard it.

  • Glorie Winter - 1 week ago

    If I sleep without putting my arms under the sheets, I wake up with my arm in the air. Anyone experiencing something like this?

  • That Fox - 1 week ago

    The whole "feels like you're falling" happens almost every time I try to sleep

  • Katie Kat - 1 week ago

    I hate that sudden loud noise that scares the crap out of me. Luckily it only happens a few times a year. I do get the rest of the things he mentioned too but no every night. I do have Narcolepsy so maybe that why I get all of them. Some frequently and some rarely.

  • ARMY - 1 week ago

    Today I fell asleep for like 2 seconds (that's how long it felt like) I was awake with my eyes open on my bed in the exact same position I was in in real life. Then a random hand came in and grabbed my neck. I woke up that moment and it still felt like a hand was on my neck. It was so real OMG

  • Rambard - 2 weeks ago

    When I go to bed I notice that I start having thoughts that, upon focusing on them, make absolutely zero sense. I don't have any real hallucinations, though, just seriously unfocuseed and nonsensical thoughts that are all over the place. Does that sound related to this?

  • kara oglivara - 2 weeks ago

    if i play a game too much like flow, piano tiles, or agario too much it's all i can envision until i sleep

  • Leo Plisetsky - 2 weeks ago

    ive been playing a lot of flow lately (the puzzle app) and ive been seeing it as i fall asleep basically every night

  • Louie le King - 2 weeks ago

    Hypnagogia feels good.

  • GingahNinjah - 2 weeks ago

    Lots of the time when I’m falling asleep my brain thinks about checking out customers or restocking products and other times it thinks about doing the more monotonous parts of my homework. I just want to relax????

  • nameless_ gamerrr - 2 weeks ago

    sometimes when i am about to fall asleep (in that really relax state where ur half asleep and half awake) i usually hear people talking or sometimes kinda rare a phone ringing, footsteps or knocking. When i hear it its not scary, its just sometimes the noises get so loud i wake up. I think its me hallucinating bc i am in a relaxed state but others say its spirits who are able to comunicate when i am so relaxed. I have been trying to understand what they are saying but i am not able too... idk it would be cool if it was not an hallucination

  • Paul Bell - 2 weeks ago

    does anyone think hypnagogia could be connected to daja vu because when i experience daja vu i go right back to the time i first experienced it and thats when i'm in the hypnagogic state and sometimes i wake and think that's going to happen at some point later on and it could be weeks and then bam i get hit with daja vu and i just smile and get a little buzz.

  • Kryptonite - 2 weeks ago

    when i was a kid, i heard faint, distant shouting that was somehow different from real sounds because i could tell it was only in my head. i would also used to have false memories which i usually realized didn't happen and become awake again for a few minutes - sometimes, i still catch myself having those false memories while falling asleep, but i don't hear anything, anymore

  • verifiedmartian - 2 weeks ago

    I used to think I was making iced coffee as I fell asleep when I used to work at Tim Horton’s. it was horrible bc I would end a night shift, feel untested and make iced coffees when I was trying to rest, then wake up and go right back. I did NOT like that summer. The thing was when I wasn’t making coffee I was reading a brief history of time on repeat (it was grade nine and I was just discovering physics) which probably made me love that book way more than I would have otherwise since it was such a welcome respite from an otherwise very monotonous summer. So that’s a good outcome I guess!

  • Razgrits - 2 weeks ago

    Exploding Head Syndrome... so that's what it was. For me it's like an electric sound right in the middle of my brain instead of ears. Mostly happens when I'm about to sleep. Good to know it's not brain cancer.

  • Redplanetary Skywalker1/11 - 3 weeks ago

    Happens when I'm over worked lol

  • Crimson Rose - 3 weeks ago

    I often get woken up by the feeling of falling, or like tripping over something.

  • star blast 360 - 3 weeks ago

    Yes yes yes this is all true I get all the time

  • DavixDevelop - 3 weeks ago

    I just had one. I fell asleep in front of my laptop in my bad watching a YouTube video. Next thing I know I suddenly start hallucinating about scrolling through the searches on YouTube, then it turned into scrolling through Google Images about amp circuits, then it turned into regular Google search about a speaker driver that I'm trying to get the info. Eventually I scrolled back to the images and zoomed in through the images. I quess that's when I started lucid dreaming about me trying to beat a spider while holding a girl, while sliding on my back on the floor. Yes I know, I have wierd lucid dreams sometimes. The most occuring lucid dream that I have is me flying from where I live now to where I used to live.

  • Nagem - 3 weeks ago

    This made me freak out less about hearing voices at night. Bless!

  • Joe Blazer - 3 weeks ago

    I remember some pretty amusing sleep twitches in my algebra classes.. right after lunch, bad timing.. i always fell asleep for a few minutes here n there, sometimes I twitched and made noise at the same time.. other people did it too, it was great. I twitched my books into the floor many times, and I also drooled a lake on my desk and notebook once when we didnt have a teacher.. sleepin on a desk.. good times.

  • Ashley Braden - 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for this video. I have been diagnosed with narcolepsy with hynogagy cataplexy and theres not a lot of info out there on it but it is crazy to have. Especially, the paralysis when I wake up. SCARY. Do you happen to have more info on that?

  • ライリーマチーテ - 3 weeks ago

    often when I go to sleep, before I actually go to sleep I find myself in a state where I consider myself half asleep, as at this stage I am still able sense stuff from my body or even walk on occasion though often is can be hard to move because my limbs feel very heavy at this time, anyways in this state I am able to dream to a lesser extent, as my other senses interfere, but I am able to be fully aware of the dream at this point and remember it easily, I am also able to influence oncoming dreams to a large degree changing aspects or the dreams subject entirely, though as I get closer to sleep my influence lessens as does my ability to move and sense with my actual body, often having tactile feeling being the last to fade, is this state hypnagogia

  • Elizabeth Shaw - 3 weeks ago

    I hallucinate and have large muscle group twitching. I've also jumped because I felt like I was falling. Baby boy going to have two ladies take care of us you love two girlfriends I hallucinate and have large muscle group twitching I've also jumped because I felt like I was falling. I hear a loud booming voice yell my name just to my first name. I hear a loud blooming boys yell my name just my first name.

  • Sketchy Akechi - 3 weeks ago

    I swear, I can't tell you how many times I trip in my dream and kick out in reality.

  • Nathália Isabella - 3 weeks ago

    if I sleep during a test I'd usually see questions that don't exists, and try to answer half asleep, so when I wake up and read I realize that that was not the question and that the answer doesn't make any sense