New lava fissures fuel fears of eruption in Hawaii

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Published on May 13, 2018

Three new fissures have opened on Hawaii's Big Island, spewing lava and fueling fears of violent explosions more than a week after the Kilauea volcano erupted.
Nearly 2,000 people have been evacuated since the volcano erupted May 3, sending lava flowing into communities and threatening a nearby geothermal plant.

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  • Matt Nobrega - Channel Youtube
    Matt Nobrega - 15 hours ago

    Na ke Akua e hoʻopōmaikaʻi aku.

  • Heidi K. - Channel Youtube
    Heidi K. - 2 days ago

    This is all part of the end times scenario, the 7 year Tribulation is right around the corner, GOD'S wrath upon the unbelievers. Please get rapture ready people! Accept JESUS CHRIST as your personal Lord and Savior who paid n the cross for your sins and came back to life on the 3rd day!!!

  • Carolyn Jones - Channel Youtube
    Carolyn Jones - 3 days ago

    I believe that all of Hawaii should be evacuated. Sending Prayers to everyone affected by this eruption. God Bless You.

  • Quinn Quinn - Channel Youtube
    Quinn Quinn - 3 days ago

    That's sad but at least it's not mecha-streisand

  • Lil Joy - Channel Youtube
    Lil Joy - 3 days ago

    Ohh may Allah be with Hawaiian

  • Isaac Conejo - Channel Youtube
    Isaac Conejo - 3 days ago

    WTH CNN why you showing the average Joe who moved there like a fool. Interview real locals. Who are positive about this. You Know The Other Americans with a culture unlike Joes. God knows we could use the message.

  • lxr - Channel Youtube
    lxr - 3 days ago

    Fake news

  • Beverly Ford - Channel Youtube
    Beverly Ford - 3 days ago


  • Matt Peck - Channel Youtube
    Matt Peck - 3 days ago

    Who needs a Grill? Lets cook some burgers on the lava!

  • Isreal Lyrics - Channel Youtube
    Isreal Lyrics - 3 days ago

    Call me when Yellowstone blows so I can watch the colonizers burn.

  • felix zero - Channel Youtube
    felix zero - 3 days ago

    fake news

  • Maxbuerrox - Channel Youtube
    Maxbuerrox - 3 days ago

    Somebody please find a way to blame this on Trump

  • Sherloid Bai - Channel Youtube
    Sherloid Bai - 3 days ago

    She sounds so excited.

  • hotdog97 - Channel Youtube
    hotdog97 - 3 days ago

    Let's hope it wipes out the island.

  • marcus hynek - Channel Youtube
    marcus hynek - 3 days ago

    Screw banning guns ban volcanoes

  • Mad King - Channel Youtube
    Mad King - 3 days ago

    Welp if hawaii survives it might get a little bigger after all this disaster hopefully everyone evacuated on time

  • Brendan Ferrari - Channel Youtube
    Brendan Ferrari - 3 days ago

    What they won’t tell you is that the entire Hilina slump, a mass the size of Manhattan, could very well, and will most likely collapse into the ocean

  • KiLLZ0N3 - Channel Youtube
    KiLLZ0N3 - 4 days ago


  • Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel - Channel Youtube
    Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel - 4 days ago

    Praying for the people affected... These are all signs, friends. My friends, The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) is arriving soon! Hallelujah! The Word says that God so loved the world, He gave us His Only Begotten Son Yeshua, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16 paraphrased) My friends, The Lord LOVES you! He is not angry at you and neither does He hate you. The Lord came down to die for us, and 3 days later, rise again! Death cannot hold Him down, and neither will He allow it to hold you down if you come to Him today! He promises to never drive anyone away when they come to Him! (John 6:37 paraphrased) So come to Him today! Make Yeshua Lord of your life! You will be saved! He will forgive you, make you new, deliver you from your sins, fears, and from the judgement headed to this earth. All you need is mustard seed faith and sincere words from your heart! Yeshua will hear you! For all those that call upon the Name of The Lord shall be saved! (Romans 10:13) Shalom!

  • Nate Burrito - Channel Youtube
    Nate Burrito - 4 days ago

    Kim Jung un atacked with nature instead of missiles so he said *"fuk it lets get rid of missiles"*

  • hi - Channel Youtube
    hi - 4 days ago

    this news is a bit exaggerated..

  • Aspen Anderson - Channel Youtube
    Aspen Anderson - 4 days ago

  • couchpoet1 - Channel Youtube
    couchpoet1 - 4 days ago

    The first that that I noticed is that I live on a volcano

  • Skull1901 - Channel Youtube
    Skull1901 - 4 days ago

    Bye bye Hawaii

  • torn8dos - Channel Youtube
    torn8dos - 4 days ago

    Time to move I'd say.

  • Trizzdebos s - Channel Youtube
    Trizzdebos s - 4 days ago

    It’s global cooling guys, get ready for hell

  • Syd - Channel Youtube
    Syd - 4 days ago

    How do I know I can believe you,  you are after all CNN.

  • Raffy Giraffy - Channel Youtube
    Raffy Giraffy - 4 days ago

    Oh I thought CNN went bankrupt already

  • terenfro1975 - Channel Youtube
    terenfro1975 - 4 days ago

    Next eruption? Its been erupting since 1983 and they know pretty much on a line where the fishers are forming. ROFL... no rime or reason. Its a rift zone. Big crack in the ground that's been there for a while now. Makes perfect reason. At least CNN isn't over blowing it as bad as the other major networks.

  • Mykul22 - Channel Youtube
    Mykul22 - 4 days ago

    Hawaii has always been *LIT* but never like this...sorry I’ll go.