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Published on Apr 08, 2018

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) holds a press conference with the leaders of the Baltic states (Kate McKinnon, Alex Moffat, Heidi Gardner).


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  • Tuxedo Productions - Channel Youtube
    Tuxedo Productions - 24 hours ago

    We have another fox news alert: Mexicans. That's all.

  • Josaphat Lee - Channel Youtube
    Josaphat Lee - 24 hours ago

    The end 'don't care' bit was much too honest, methinks.

  • Markwatsuki - Channel Youtube
    Markwatsuki - 1 day ago

    I love Alec Baldwin 😊😘 he is the best!!!

  • cibriosis - Channel Youtube
    cibriosis - 2 days ago

    You will elect him again...right america..i have faith in you

  • cibriosis - Channel Youtube
    cibriosis - 2 days ago

    I am allways amused by how some people can actually parody a parody..

  • PEEL Teaching - Channel Youtube
    PEEL Teaching - 2 days ago

    Alec made me love Trump so much and started worrying in a few years time, if Trump is not president anymore, there will be not so much fun... sometimes really messed the real Trump with him. best and most funniest actor in USA

  • Tigero569 - Channel Youtube
    Tigero569 - 3 days ago

    I love Trump, but SNL is great, too.

  • Maritza Piccarillo - Channel Youtube
    Maritza Piccarillo - 3 days ago

    Les Jones looks refined and refreshing

  • Tony Scarface - Channel Youtube
    Tony Scarface - 4 days ago

    Hilarious hahhahahha mada fakaaaassss you’re so funny.

  • Combustion Kills - Channel Youtube
    Combustion Kills - 4 days ago

    Just calling President Trump a racist and stupid isn't funny... God the left is cringey

  • Julia Ostin - Channel Youtube
    Julia Ostin - 4 days ago

    Why these called Baltic “states” and not the Baltic countries.

  • Seppo O. Saarela - Channel Youtube
    Seppo O. Saarela - 4 days ago

    Linda White, we are done here. You overweight racist can believe to "new America", but the language you are using tells me, that you are cashier or some unemployed sad individual, who think, that this bald old man could save your country. Trump will not survive his 4 year term.

  • Lions Paw - Channel Youtube
    Lions Paw - 6 days ago

    GREAT skit! That Axec Baldwin really has McDonald’s Trump (aka, Golden Arches) down pat! #Mcdonaldstrump #goldenarchestrump

  • Larry Aldama - Channel Youtube
    Larry Aldama - 6 days ago


  • Seppo O. Saarela - Channel Youtube
    Seppo O. Saarela - 6 days ago

    One more thing. If someone is a racist, it is perfectly fine with me. BUT please do not then use illegal gardeners, babysitters, guardians, butlets, cleaning ladies etc...

  • Seppo O. Saarela - Channel Youtube
    Seppo O. Saarela - 6 days ago

    I am so sorry to blaim You, my dear fellow Americans. I love my home country Finland, i love Italy, but US of A has a secret locker in my heart. Been to NYC, Ft. Lauderdale, Frisco etc. I really could die for this country, BUT...Trump...

  • Linda White - Channel Youtube
    Linda White - 6 days ago


  • KEN SOLCH - Channel Youtube
    KEN SOLCH - 7 days ago

    The fraud called the BAMA was never even a legal potus.

  • Fadela Dido - Channel Youtube
    Fadela Dido - 1 week ago

  • COOLIO FOOLIO - Channel Youtube
    COOLIO FOOLIO - 1 week ago

    Russia is A Shit Country Which is Filled With Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling And Prostitution. They Have Weak Economies, High Divorce Rates And Poor People And Homeless Living in Poverty

  • MCroial GT - Channel Youtube
    MCroial GT - 1 week ago

    We have hit a New low when our president cant say thanks

  • Pixie Dust - Channel Youtube
    Pixie Dust - 1 week ago

    Love you Mr Trump!!! ❤️💕🍻

  • dublux - Channel Youtube
    dublux - 1 week ago

    wow, Americans such cunts...

  • Eric Smith - Channel Youtube
    Eric Smith - 1 week ago

    Its huuuuge!!!

  • phu cue - Channel Youtube
    phu cue - 1 week ago

    So to all you dumb ass people out there that still support HRC, You lost thank God ! You don't have to like Trump but you should do a little research and you will see that Trump has already done more for this country than the last 3 or 4 administrations put together ! The Truth Hurts don't it snowflakes !

  • creativeProjects720 CLRG - Channel Youtube
    creativeProjects720 CLRG - 1 week ago

    thats not donald. its a rip off. lol, its hard to tell sometimes, he tried to make himself look like him ! this guy doesnt know anything about real estate...

  • Trigger Warning - Channel Youtube
    Trigger Warning - 2 weeks ago

    This crap is not funny. SNL is losing the battle for real humor and creativity. Make fun of the Islamic religion and see how far that get's you. You are not brave enough.

  • Crown of Curtis - Channel Youtube
    Crown of Curtis - 2 weeks ago

    Hard to make fun of Trump lately due to his success *shrug*

  • Thomas Camfield - Channel Youtube
    Thomas Camfield - 2 weeks ago

    This is all the libtards have, comedy.

  • Thomas Camfield - Channel Youtube
    Thomas Camfield - 2 weeks ago

    I do not think we will ever have another first “it “ with a penis. Like Michael obama.