22 Years of Life Milestone

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Published on May 14, 2018

Thanks for an amazing year!
(Im pretty behind on my next video.....)
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birthday rice cake one million milestone

  • Mini Potato - Channel Youtube
    Mini Potato - 20 minutes ago

    I was hoping for the sprinkles

  • Mini Potato - Channel Youtube
    Mini Potato - 24 minutes ago


  • DΣLTΔ - Channel Youtube
    DΣLTΔ - 31 minutes ago

    You just ruined another milestone cake

  • jalen hewlett - Channel Youtube
    jalen hewlett - 53 minutes ago

    Happy birthday day YouTube man he makes me laugh

  • nica torres - Channel Youtube
    nica torres - 1 hour ago

    Happy birthday james :D sorry im late

  • John Dooris - Channel Youtube
    John Dooris - 2 hours ago

    Deeply disturbing Just kidding!

  • Nightplayer 81 - Channel Youtube
    Nightplayer 81 - 2 hours ago

    1:19 Adams legs are gone

  • Ace Gilliam - Channel Youtube
    Ace Gilliam - 2 hours ago

    Cool hat Adam..

  • Evan Gold - Channel Youtube
    Evan Gold - 2 hours ago


  • Mayela Arambula - Channel Youtube
    Mayela Arambula - 3 hours ago

    Me: You know flexing means? Odd2sout: What? Me: Ricegum

  • Erick The King - Channel Youtube
    Erick The King - 3 hours ago

    Happy late birthday James

  • Mae Belle Bertine Bartolome - Channel Youtube
    Mae Belle Bertine Bartolome - 3 hours ago

    Happy B day James

  • edward ward - Channel Youtube
    edward ward - 3 hours ago

    cake violence why not ?

  • newgamergirl - Channel Youtube
    newgamergirl - 3 hours ago

    happy 22 life

  • Physics Theory - Channel Youtube
    Physics Theory - 3 hours ago

    Where is jaiden ?

  • Chlo3 pow - Channel Youtube
    Chlo3 pow - 3 hours ago

    legit has the same birthday *eyes go wide* THEODDONESOUT"SBIRTHDAYISTHESAMEASMINE!!!

  • BerzerkBattery - Channel Youtube
    BerzerkBattery - 4 hours ago

    happy birthday martin garrix

  • Solomon Nelson - Channel Youtube
    Solomon Nelson - 4 hours ago

    Any poo story

  • Sahil Rai - Channel Youtube
    Sahil Rai - 4 hours ago

    Happy brithday JAMES!!!!!!! Oh we got a puppy on ur brithday it's a German Shepard

  • Tiana RBLX - Channel Youtube
    Tiana RBLX - 4 hours ago

    The earrapes.

  • Tiana RBLX - Channel Youtube
    Tiana RBLX - 4 hours ago

    Happy 22th boi! Sorry I’m late it’s bc my wifi has been down.

  • Luis straniero - Channel Youtube
    Luis straniero - 5 hours ago


  • JeffJeff89 Cubing - Channel Youtube
    JeffJeff89 Cubing - 5 hours ago

    wait..... so for his birthday he decided to pour rice All over his house

  • Skyler Wright - Channel Youtube
    Skyler Wright - 5 hours ago

    Its Monday James. I wanted to write something clever but I can't think of anything so you can say up all night thinking about it. Yay no sleep!😴

  • Caitlyn McDowell - Channel Youtube
    Caitlyn McDowell - 5 hours ago

    you have been on trending for 6 days im so proud!!!!!

  • TheBigH Games - Channel Youtube
    TheBigH Games - 6 hours ago

    happy birthday (somthingyt you should be scared he got in your room) it would mean alot if you checked out my channel im trying to hit 100 subscribers

  • BeyondTheShadow - Channel Youtube
    BeyondTheShadow - 6 hours ago

    Happy (late) birthday James!!!! ....I have that alarm clock, except my doesn’t have eyes....

  • Maya the llama - Channel Youtube
    Maya the llama - 6 hours ago

    James: did you know phyco paths aren't effected by other people's yawns? Adam: you didn't yawn after I yawned. James:........... It's my birthday!

  • pocholo galang - Channel Youtube
    pocholo galang - 6 hours ago

    Wait. Do they live together?

  • sliime tutorials - Channel Youtube
    sliime tutorials - 6 hours ago

    happy birthday, i couldn’t find your post about your birthday until i checked your extra account. you’re such an inspiration and i love you so much 😭 we all have such a big crush on you and honestly ARGH ILYSM 🌈 please notice me senpai, please love me 💓🌈