Victoria Beckham Expecting her 4th Baby

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  • alexandria nguyen - Channel Youtube
    alexandria nguyen - 2 weeks ago

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  • Mybabies - Channel Youtube
    Mybabies - 2 months ago

    What an annoying woman this is!!! One day when death knocks her door, she will be shocked!

  • nonni139 - Channel Youtube
    nonni139 - 3 months ago

    Its quite sad, it dosent matter how much money you put on high heeled shoes, sexy clothes, makeup and making yourself as thin as possible, when your husband has been unfaithful over and over again.

  • Victoria Parkinson - Channel Youtube
    Victoria Parkinson - 3 months ago

    In england, ........she's not popular in England anymore, she ditched us for america

  • mary poppins - Channel Youtube
    mary poppins - 4 months ago

    lovely person

  • Ocfan207 - Channel Youtube
    Ocfan207 - 4 months ago

    She seems like a kind woman.

  • twin- towns - Channel Youtube
    twin- towns - 5 months ago

    all lies shes a tranny cunt

  • Rose Michelon - Channel Youtube
    Rose Michelon - 6 months ago

    The way she got up stairs. So classy! Also her voice was never the worse in the SG i think nowadays she just gave up and is playing the media game when it comes to music. Lucky her anyway.

  • sunny sim - Channel Youtube
    sunny sim - 7 months ago

    She always goes on about being blessed, and how lucky she is. Maybe she should go and help others in need, and get her head out of her golden cloud. I want to empower women (who will buy my handbags for $2000 each) bla bla bla.... so repetitive.

  • Lommy - Channel Youtube
    Lommy - 9 months ago

    She looks really good here and is charming and fun. the only thing annoying is her posh accent

  • Frantisek Janosik - Channel Youtube
    Frantisek Janosik - 9 months ago

    shy's so natural..

  • bumble bee - Channel Youtube
    bumble bee - 10 months ago

    UM...3RD CHILD...HARPER...

  • Maria Andrea Osorio - Channel Youtube
    Maria Andrea Osorio - 10 months ago

    this is old, when she was pregnent of Harper

  • Janice Castillo - Channel Youtube
    Janice Castillo - 10 months ago

    Woa hr kissed her hand

  • Ji Fan - Channel Youtube
    Ji Fan - 10 months ago

    Wait, she's pregnant again?? Hmmm.

  • Ka Sue - Channel Youtube
    Ka Sue - 10 months ago

    She is funny...

  • Juliane Lemes - Channel Youtube
    Juliane Lemes - 10 months ago

    "I sang for a while, not that well but I sang" Such humble person!!!

  • Amr Azim - Channel Youtube
    Amr Azim - 12 months ago

    She is so sexy - you would want to spread honey all over her body and .........