TIs McDonald's Garlic White Cheddar Burger Really That Bad?

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

After recovering from a stomach bug I try this. I am disappointed (so much so that I even loosened my tie)! McDonald's signature lineup could use some improvement. This certainly has been an "interesting" Friday the 13th!

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  • TheReportOfTheWeek - 7 days ago

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  • wadea butto - 40 minutes ago


  • TheLoneDart - 43 minutes ago

    This looks like JP Spears offspring.

  • 18Pizza - 2 hours ago

    The reason that he's so nervous is because....... HE'S A VAMPIRE CONFIRMED

  • whitekryptonite - 2 hours ago

    ur doing gods work, this is one item i will never try lol

  • Junior Sanabria - 2 hours ago

    My guy, you gotta be the oldest looking young man ever. Go outside and get some sun you pale sewer rat..Oh, good reviews though btw

  • Merch Design - 3 hours ago

    trans fat kills . dont eat fast food. do pizza either . you cant remove trans fats from your arteries . tell McD to remove all trans fats.

  • Blueday S - 5 hours ago

    Ros going to be way better then pubg and fortnight

  • Ryan - 6 hours ago

    When you go through the drive-thru but you end up pulling a drive-by.

  • KakkaCarrotCake - 6 hours ago

    This is the best unboxing video of a krabby patty I've ever seen

  • Jim Scully - 7 hours ago

    Quiet... subtle nibbles... and then... THE FINGER POINT!! HE FIXES HIS TIE, SIPS HIS DRINK!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHOOT!!! HERE WE GO!!!

  • AC Bretvick - 7 hours ago

    I love this

  • Jay Mark Oclarit - 8 hours ago

    so this is what Lorde has been up to now?

  • Naruto Uzumaki - 8 hours ago

    Stingy from lazy town

  • AMR15x - 9 hours ago

    Sriracha is more of a gimmick than a fad. aside from that I share the same sentiment.

  • Breh BOI - 9 hours ago


  • gilbert sanchez - 9 hours ago

    lol barely ever saw your vids. can't lie, never could to you serious with your style tho haha

  • I'm a huge faggot - 9 hours ago

    T O M A T O E X T R A C T I O N

  • Chime - 9 hours ago

    "Hello everyone! This is running on empty... squeeze through here... FOOD REVIEW"

  • aptitude - 10 hours ago

    I get the same feeling watching these videos I used to get watching Mr. Rogers. =)

  • RadianceFall28 Radiance - 10 hours ago

    I like how he is trying to figure out which side to eat

  • Jiggy Puff - 10 hours ago

    I remember this guy in a try not to laugh video.

  • Eli Toribio - 10 hours ago

    Cut ur nails bro damn

  • 7 Blink - 11 hours ago

    I don't know is it

  • SPICYMEMES 458 - 11 hours ago

    When you consume organic matter on the internet

  • Reverse Flash - 11 hours ago

    Long time no see

  • Atem Andrew - 11 hours ago

    To explain the signature sandwiches: Firstly, the signature sandwiches are effectively a group of 3-4 recipes that are regularly changed out, usually only one is changed out at a time and one or two are kept as favorites (such as the Sweet Onion BBQ) Secondly, the signature sandwiches use the same meat as the other sandwiches: The 1/4 that goes on the Quarter or Double Quarter, the Crispy that goes on the Crispy Buttermilk or the Classic Chicken, or the Grilled Chicken that goes on the Grilled Artisan. Thirdly, the quarter method has changed. Instead of frozen patties, we're now using thawed 'fresh' patties which have a heavy tendancy to stick to the grill. They are more 'compact' but taste roughly, if not exactly, the same. However, they cool off rapidly, and said cooling has a tendancy to ruin their texture. Fourthly, they're supposed to let you know if ANY of the ingredients are out, so it's very odd that they wouldn't let you know about missing garlic chips. Fifthly, you can either get an artisan roll for them, 'texas toast', or a sesame bun. PLEASE use sesame bun, artisan is the default.

  • VillainyPD - 11 hours ago


  • Atem Andrew - 11 hours ago

    As a McDonalds employee, I look foward to you tearing into the sub-par sandwiches.

  • Giggjihci Iudiufko - 11 hours ago

    This guy is HAWT