Why do we dream? - Amy Adkins

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Published on Dec 10, 2015

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In the 3rd millennium BCE, Mesopotamian kings recorded and interpreted their dreams on wax tablets. In the years since, we haven't paused in our quest to understand why we dream. And while we still don’t have any definitive answers, we have some theories. Amy Adkins reveals the top seven reasons why we might dream.

Lesson by Amy Adkins, animation by Clamanne Studio.

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  • Nic M - Channel Youtube
    Nic M - 3 days ago

    What about if you were to fall asleep immediately?

  • kakokapolei123 - Channel Youtube
    kakokapolei123 - 4 days ago

    Imagine being able to record your dreams

  • Cutie Amiel - Channel Youtube
    Cutie Amiel - 6 days ago

    This is weird I’m dreaming about darkness (sometimes only)or I don’t dream

  • Amanda Ramírez - Channel Youtube
    Amanda Ramírez - 7 days ago

    Someone knows about the experiment of the complex 3-D maze??? I need it pleaseee!

  • Sandeng loves - Channel Youtube
    Sandeng loves - 1 week ago

    i had a dream with someone who i dont know and never met,

  • Zects MSP - Channel Youtube
    Zects MSP - 2 weeks ago

    I'd used to have the same dream for christmas every year till I was 12 I'm 13 now

  • Mlg413 AJ - Channel Youtube
    Mlg413 AJ - 2 weeks ago

    I watched this before I slept

  • Yoongi’s honey - Channel Youtube
    Yoongi’s honey - 2 weeks ago

    I’ll give u one better why is dream?

  • Vibil Raj - Channel Youtube
    Vibil Raj - 2 weeks ago

    Voice is not much clear and comfortable in video.

  • Rooben Keeros - Channel Youtube
    Rooben Keeros - 2 weeks ago

    Hmm I honestly feel like all of those theories are correct 🤔 they all seem logical and make sense to me

  • Ken Karnes - Channel Youtube
    Ken Karnes - 3 weeks ago

    I can't choose what I dream about.

  • Freaky Freaky - Channel Youtube
    Freaky Freaky - 3 weeks ago

    Is there any way to determine what dreams actually represent? I always have dreams of this particular riverside park near my house, but instead of being a normal park, it suddenly turns into this hellish place where big sea monsters (the kinds that makes us afraid of oceans) suddenly emerge from below and devour half the park, causing tsunamis and whirlpool. I always end up either being almost sucked into the whirlpool (it is really scary) or being stuck in a tall building in the park. It doesn't end there, the big sea creatures would stop coming every now and then, so the people would resort to building bridges and boats because no land exist anymore. The sea creatures would come again and people will resort to climbing tall buildings to survive

  • Lauren Made Videos - Channel Youtube
    Lauren Made Videos - 3 weeks ago

    I decided to watch this video late at night and I got so tired, I thought I was hallucinating😖😖

  • Amit Garg - Channel Youtube
    Amit Garg - 3 weeks ago

    fact : when we dream, we enter into another dimension (Talking About We, Not Body) .. Its like switching a day between two dimensions .. When we sleep and When we don't sleep. Example: What will happen when you met with an accident? You sleep/faint right? .. When you met with an accident in your dreams what will happen? You again switch the dimension? The world we are looking today is not real :P ..

  • Amit Garg - Channel Youtube
    Amit Garg - 3 weeks ago

    theory at 0:53 is fake as baby dreams as well before they birth :D ..

  • Paloma Schall - Channel Youtube
    Paloma Schall - 3 weeks ago

    I would've liked a "why do we dream" theory involving its structures (to say, what makes it happen) rather that its objectives

  • Mohammad Jabir - Channel Youtube
    Mohammad Jabir - 4 weeks ago

    'Your Mom" ok.

  • ur m0m - Channel Youtube
    ur m0m - 4 weeks ago

    1:03 * Y U R M 0 M *

  • u jung nam - Channel Youtube
    u jung nam - 1 month ago

    Yeah, I'll get nightmares from this animation.

  • u jung nam - Channel Youtube
    u jung nam - 1 month ago

    I like ted eds, for a person like me this superstitious, such reality pills are needed.

  • Alyssa Catindig - Channel Youtube
    Alyssa Catindig - 1 month ago


  • Valravn CP - Channel Youtube
    Valravn CP - 1 month ago

    I disagree with dreaming to heal. I've had a few dreams that were so horrible they caused agonizing emotional pain after I woke up.

  • eden adam - Channel Youtube
    eden adam - 1 month ago


  • Habiba Bibi - Channel Youtube
    Habiba Bibi - 1 month ago

    Why do we sleep 😴😴

  • speaking out - Channel Youtube
    speaking out - 1 month ago

    My dreams are just purley demonic :/

  • Revanaught - Channel Youtube
    Revanaught - 1 month ago

    I keep having dreams that I'm back in high school. Usually the reason is that they changed the requirments to graduate and it's retroactive, so everyone my age has to go back to high school to take these new classes. Or I'll just be taking classes again and even wonder why I'm taking classes when I've already graduated.

  • mark anthony aquino - Channel Youtube
    mark anthony aquino - 1 month ago

    Did anyone actually experience dreaming an event from the future but forget that you dreamed about it and you remember the event when it actually happens? It happens to me all the time. Can anyone actually explain this? I'm so curious.

  • Yatharth Pandey - Channel Youtube
    Yatharth Pandey - 1 month ago

    I play video games in my dreams is it alright?

  • Liche X - Channel Youtube
    Liche X - 1 month ago

    attractive neighbor 3:46 speak for yourself!

  • orange70383 - Channel Youtube
    orange70383 - 1 month ago

    It would be wonderful to have the choice not to dream, then I wouldn't be tormented by twisted dreams filled with horrible mind wrenching situations that are indistinguishable from real experiences thus all of the hellish emotional discomfort you had in your dreams stay with long after you wake up.