Russia watching Syria's back

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Published on Sep 02, 2013

CNN's Tom Foreman shows how Syria is bracing for a U.S. attack and how the Russians are helping the Assad government. More from CNN at

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  • Аристарх - Channel Youtube
    Аристарх - 15 hours ago

    The main Russian weapon is people. The feat of Russian pilot. Flight glasses on his face melted, hands were on fire, the feet were charred to the bone. But he put the plane in with the kids.

  • Howard Sherman - Channel Youtube
    Howard Sherman - 1 day ago

    Is the US at war with syria or terrorist? CNN you dont seem to know how lie you are.

  • Armani M - Channel Youtube
    Armani M - 1 week ago

    CNN Control National News

  • theInfamous3 - Channel Youtube
    theInfamous3 - 1 week ago

    Fuck this Zionist CNN warmongering bullshit report. Syria is gonna hide "scuds", airplanes and high value military vehicles in residential area's? What the fuck is this fuckery? Who believes you in 2018? Fucking idiots.

  • Denmark X - Channel Youtube
    Denmark X - 2 weeks ago

    Russia Can be trusted, neither the parasitic Americans or the Israelis can..!!!

  • nunya business - Channel Youtube
    nunya business - 2 weeks ago

    America was not invited to Syria, as they themselves put it, so i couldn blame Russia for bombing American ships if the send missiles into Syria... Like Putin said himself, the west can no longer police the world he wont let it happen. I hope he means it too.

  • Алексей Мартин - Channel Youtube
    Алексей Мартин - 2 weeks ago

    don't believe CNN always talking shit!

  • Gary G. Josef - Channel Youtube
    Gary G. Josef - 2 weeks ago

    iam happy to read the comments...a lot of see that is like the guys with the biggest...think they are the good d-head...every gun i just a genital...i wish that this two guys should be next to the spot where this damnend weapons of mass destruction kill inocent people...they talk like to guys in a sandbox, yes a lot of people in nice suits never grow inside there souls...sometimes i think the aliens are already here, in shape of a human body...we could make deserts green and i wish they guys in the thinktanks, goverments, weapon industry should think what they can build with the machines different...i think the problem is that a man just see his blood if he hit another one in the face or he get is soooo was a big failere to print on a piece of paper in god we trust...god already left the planet, maybe because of tax paying for s....there are many ways to build a house, but only one to destroy it...and with it life and love...hey we can`t leave this place we share the way...nobody thinks about how much nature life every weapon destroys too...ahhh makes me feel unhappy to watch this little mans in clean suits...

  • EKRX rseven - Channel Youtube
    EKRX rseven - 2 weeks ago

    Finally a president with the guts to fight the dictators. #SupportUSA Hello from Europe!

  • Le monde quantique et le monde qualique. - Channel Youtube
    Le monde quantique et le monde qualique. - 3 weeks ago

    Lorsque la chaîne cnn parle, il faut croire juste à l'inverse de ce qu'elle dit.

  • Darryl Hetherington - Channel Youtube
    Darryl Hetherington - 3 weeks ago

    Are Americans really so brain dead that they believe this bull5h1t?? The slime from the video *frank Zappa 1973

  • Stuart Crossland - Channel Youtube
    Stuart Crossland - 3 weeks ago

    Who's plan was it to destroy Syria?

  • erik je - Channel Youtube
    erik je - 3 weeks ago

    And the irony of all this is that there still is no sign that there was a chemical atac but there is evidense of us invading a country but there is evidense of the us funding and arming isis and ofther extreemists [the type that flew some planes in the wtc , remember ?]

  • Z lives matter - Channel Youtube
    Z lives matter - 3 weeks ago

    Russians are Liars 🖕💩💩💩💩👺🐂💩🖕🖕💩👺🐂💩🖕

  • Z lives matter - Channel Youtube
    Z lives matter - 3 weeks ago

    Putin has an alligator mouth but a little birds ass! 🔥☣️

  • Z lives matter - Channel Youtube
    Z lives matter - 3 weeks ago

    Russians can't even watch their own back!

  • Alexander Montoya - Channel Youtube
    Alexander Montoya - 3 weeks ago

    Quemichals weapons. Same shit over and over and over and over. And yet we never find shit. We are fucking fuck we are run by Jews

  • Alexander Montoya - Channel Youtube
    Alexander Montoya - 3 weeks ago

    And yet shut didn't work

  • Stig Berge ជ្រាដដែល - Channel Youtube
    Stig Berge ជ្រាដដែល - 3 weeks ago

    So much for watching syria back LOL

  • Shia - Channel Youtube
    Shia - 3 weeks ago


  • mini chopper - Channel Youtube
    mini chopper - 3 weeks ago

    Some one has to stand-up to the evil bully narco-terrorisrt-corrupt empire.. U.S. of A, and the A stands for ASSHOLES

  • Pasha M - Channel Youtube
    Pasha M - 4 weeks ago

    The US killed its citizens on 11/09/01, and then developed a war in the Middle East.

  • Eddie A. - Channel Youtube
    Eddie A. - 4 weeks ago

    They're discussing the accuracy of the Cruise Missiles lol. Fast forward to April 2018.....enough said. 71 knocked out of the sky

  • юлёк высодом - Channel Youtube
    юлёк высодом - 4 weeks ago

    idiots americen they think we are joking watch learn n afraid cos u useless ur weapons old like we used to have 30 years ago

  • юлёк высодом - Channel Youtube
    юлёк высодом - 4 weeks ago

    aaaah n u welcome retarded america u welcome watch see n learn how u digradaiting n fall apart americens best clowns in the world how who let thoes retards come through in to the government they hate u people can u hear me they will make ur kids n grand kids our slaves for ever let me honestly n kindly remind u germany pays for ww2 untill now to russia u wanna too for 3 -4 generations do that? ok if u want to no probs u already organised that fr ur future we wish u a luck

  • Ali hiji iddi - Channel Youtube
    Ali hiji iddi - 4 weeks ago

    TOMORHOC THOSE NEW SMART PUTIN HAVE TO BE RED 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇👹👹❌👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹❌👹👹👹👹❌❌OLD IS GOLD

  • Monard Forsaken - Channel Youtube
    Monard Forsaken - 4 weeks ago

    War between USA and Russia will end the world my friends. Nukes will fuck us.

  • Naheem Ibrahim - Channel Youtube
    Naheem Ibrahim - 4 weeks ago

    What a load of shit

  • lon don - Channel Youtube
    lon don - 4 weeks ago

    Live in a lie infested media world

  • marc AA - Channel Youtube
    marc AA - 4 weeks ago

    Sorry but everything CNN is involved in i cannot really finishing watching..have to click away..