Heidi Klum Has Had Lots of "Hand" "Jobs"

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Published on May 10, 2018

After Zlatan Ibrahimovic shares how he trash talks in Italian, a language Thandie Newton is very, very slightly familiar with, James asks Heidi Klum about starting out as a hand model and phrasing is immediately called into question.

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  • Franco Valerin - Channel Youtube
    Franco Valerin - 7 hours ago

    Zlatan has some powerful pull with people, tons of charisma; you can tell they 're all mesmerized by him!

  • Persik II - Channel Youtube
    Persik II - 7 hours ago

    I’m the only one who understood, the size of your hand is equally to the size of your penis...

  • Diamond MSP - Channel Youtube
    Diamond MSP - 18 hours ago

    I’m from Yugoslavia!

  • saigonbond - Channel Youtube
    saigonbond - 22 hours ago

    "The Body" belongs to Elle Macpherson

  • Deeson Jame - Channel Youtube
    Deeson Jame - 1 day ago

    Oh it's true baby, it's true. Believe me.

  • Callandor - Channel Youtube
    Callandor - 1 day ago

    Censorship is silly nonsense, unless it is extreme violence. That guys hands are MASSIVE, although no Shaq or even Jordan.

  • sj3b4n - Channel Youtube
    sj3b4n - 1 day ago

    American censorship is fucking annoying .... bleeep bleeep FFS

  • KK - Channel Youtube
    KK - 2 days ago

    I thought Elle McPherson was known as "the body"

  • Andres Vanhellsine - Channel Youtube
    Andres Vanhellsine - 2 days ago


  • Rodolfo Garcia Godinez - Channel Youtube
    Rodolfo Garcia Godinez - 2 days ago

    how about some blow jobs Heidi?

  • Dejan's show - Channel Youtube
    Dejan's show - 2 days ago

    Yugoslavian language. Did I miss something?

  • Raza Khan - Channel Youtube
    Raza Khan - 3 days ago

    There is no such language called Yugoslavian.

  • AppleYou - Channel Youtube
    AppleYou - 3 days ago

    i had lots of clitjobs

  • gapi koprivec - Channel Youtube
    gapi koprivec - 3 days ago

    there is no more jugoslavia for more than 20 years...

  • gapi koprivec - Channel Youtube
    gapi koprivec - 3 days ago

    he says yugoslavian...

  • Louis Canlas - Channel Youtube
    Louis Canlas - 4 days ago

    Din javla fitta. (Learn it from PewDiePie)

  • Perico The Penguin - Channel Youtube
    Perico The Penguin - 4 days ago

    Mmmmm Thandie

  • Perico The Penguin - Channel Youtube
    Perico The Penguin - 4 days ago

    *Me too! Hole in the popcorn bucket is awesome. Plus.. the butter helps.*

  • Michael Musiq - Channel Youtube
    Michael Musiq - 4 days ago

    Bitch. All these years I've never heard Thandie Newton speak. WHO KNEW SHE WAS BRITISH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Oliver Tsubasa - Channel Youtube
    Oliver Tsubasa - 4 days ago

    Il mio fiato...what????

  • imachynn - Channel Youtube
    imachynn - 4 days ago

    Zlatan swój chłop

  • miniman423 - Channel Youtube
    miniman423 - 4 days ago

    thought he knew spanish

  • JD Krasinki - Channel Youtube
    JD Krasinki - 4 days ago

    zlatan's slaves are about as useful to the society as tampons to a 70 year old woman

  • DanIel Onorio - Channel Youtube
    DanIel Onorio - 5 days ago

    The Evil That Men DO Lives ON And ON...

  • babangida - Channel Youtube
    babangida - 5 days ago

    is this American or English show? all exept Zlatan sound English?

  • Joakim - Channel Youtube
    Joakim - 5 days ago

    She gave me a blowjob once.

  • Ortens Grabbar - Channel Youtube
    Ortens Grabbar - 5 days ago

    I just love Zlatan🇸🇪

  • Joe Lebosi - Channel Youtube
    Joe Lebosi - 5 days ago

    bet this was demonetised! lol

  • Jernej Ahčin - Channel Youtube
    Jernej Ahčin - 5 days ago

    What is yugoslavian language?

  • Plati100 - Channel Youtube
    Plati100 - 5 days ago

    Btw, just to anyone care and mind learning Italian sware, he says: "MA VATTENE A FANCULO!!!" which you pronounce like: MA-VATTENE-AFFANCULO!!! :)))))