New video of U.S. launching missile attack on Syria

CBS News Channel Youtube
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Published on Apr 06, 2017

New video shows U.S. warships launching the cruise missile strike on Syria. In a statement, the Pentagon said the U.S. took "extraordinary measures" to avoid civilian casualties. The target was Syria's Shayrat Airfield, believed to have been used by the regime to launch a chemical weapons attack earlier this week.

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  • Observer XXX - Channel Youtube
    Observer XXX - 3 weeks ago

    What did not happen in Germany in 1940 as a world domination, it turned out in America in the 21st century. Is this world domination in business and politics? Who against there will fly missiles.

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    shahriar sweet - 4 weeks ago

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  • Vessy Amola - Channel Youtube
    Vessy Amola - 1 month ago

    billionaires charging 38 thousand dollars in India for a dinner plate, and the same guys cannot help the poorest of the poor

  • Vessy Amola - Channel Youtube
    Vessy Amola - 1 month ago

    billions and billions of dollars are used to the production of massive bombs used for killing civilians but we cannot afford to help the victims with food, shelter, clothes and medicine, we are living in a senseless and heartless world, sad and disgusting.

  • Сораб Сорабија - Channel Youtube
    Сораб Сорабија - 1 month ago

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  • Simon Omiat - Channel Youtube
    Simon Omiat - 1 month ago

    If you use your power to trget the innocent civilians, you must pay for it. America should have directed one missile President Assad himself

  • Dong Long - Channel Youtube
    Dong Long - 1 month ago

    Cash me assad how bout dat

  • ZD AK - Channel Youtube
    ZD AK - 1 month ago

    i do not what going on with these fucken peopal

  • muller shall shall - Channel Youtube
    muller shall shall - 1 month ago

    Islam is peace Relijion. but Asad is Ahuman bing sattan....Assad mus kiling ...Enemey of(( Allah) is Asad.

  • FearDaOreo - Channel Youtube
    FearDaOreo - 1 month ago

    Get your radios ready and tune into diamond city radio..

  • Matt42 Matt42 - Channel Youtube
    Matt42 Matt42 - 1 month ago

    Bashar Arshad already killing many civilian in Syria so he deserved get this...we are hopping west govt.catch him as criminal war.

  • Estus - Channel Youtube
    Estus - 1 month ago

    School shooting in US = big deal.. bombing an intire country killing innocent people. No big deal

  • Roona Shahzaib - Channel Youtube
    Roona Shahzaib - 1 month ago

    We hate Donald trump because he is a terrorist main terrorist...hate a lot of hate for you

  • Purple Ninja - Channel Youtube
    Purple Ninja - 1 month ago

    Feels like another Blair and bush

  • Purple Ninja - Channel Youtube
    Purple Ninja - 1 month ago

    Striking chemical plants as this has been used on the civilians..blowing them up won’t cause the chemicals to spread anyway?? Makes no sense

  • Arman Jamangulov - Channel Youtube
    Arman Jamangulov - 1 month ago

    Syria catastrophic

  • Neon Pink Productions - Channel Youtube
    Neon Pink Productions - 1 month ago

    Syria is putting chemicals in itself, and the U.S's soluton is to bomb it. * slowly aplauding * great idea smh Seriously, has anyone else heard of violence isn't the answer???

  • Alcer scruro - Channel Youtube
    Alcer scruro - 1 month ago

    And after some years later of war in Syria after of milion deaths trump will dance with his family and make stupid shows or he going to watch the new starwars which all America would speak or he speak for the bad thinks of nazis like obama did after some years later of war in Libya.The president will say the nazis the fasiscim team,army etc who kill's thousands of jews america is the country of heroes also world look we made the new starwars so awesome let's speak for this all together who cares about the dead childrens in Syria.

  • Joseph Dwyer,Sr. - Channel Youtube
    Joseph Dwyer,Sr. - 1 month ago

    Hitler isn't dead,he's in our White House.

  • David Baldry - Channel Youtube
    David Baldry - 1 month ago

    This could be the same footage from the Iraq and Afghanistan....

  • Imani Knox - Channel Youtube
    Imani Knox - 1 month ago

    Great,now Trump puts us all in danger.THIS guy is SERIOUSLY STUPID!!!! God forbid,if they send missiles to us,please aim for our "president"

  • roudouan serhane - Channel Youtube
    roudouan serhane - 1 month ago

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  • czubspenx - Channel Youtube
    czubspenx - 1 month ago

    Crazy. The USA needs to stick their nose in everything. Sick.

  • Mario Labarinto - Channel Youtube
    Mario Labarinto - 1 month ago

    Pray for peace, not war.

  • Quincy C - Channel Youtube
    Quincy C - 1 month ago

    And why couldn't they fix Flint's water problem first. Our governments poisoning it's own people to and here obviously has enough money to fix the problem if they really want to

  • Rams Copy Inc - Channel Youtube
    Rams Copy Inc - 1 month ago

    Animal Asad.

  • ARGON023 - Channel Youtube
    ARGON023 - 1 month ago

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  • lis - Channel Youtube
    lis - 1 month ago

    God Bless Us!!!! All!!!! Pray!!!! And Repent!!!! It won't be long Now!!!! Everything is happening very Fast!!! It's God's Will and Nothing!! Is going to stop biblical prophecy!! God Speed!! Amen!!

  • Adolf Hitler - Channel Youtube
    Adolf Hitler - 1 month ago

    I would've never started a world war like what Trump is going to do