Eva Longoria Gets Parenting Tips from Will Ferrell

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Published on May 03, 2018

After Eva Longoria tells James and Will Ferrell about the experience of carrying her first child, the two offer some parenting advice -- including the long-term effects of kids peeing outdoors -- and work with Eva to come up with a name for her boy.

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  • zindi1138 - Channel Youtube
    zindi1138 - 58 minutes ago

    what did she do to eva?

  • Israel Leon Chacon - Channel Youtube
    Israel Leon Chacon - 1 hour ago

    I'll never gonna eat or see fucking cheerios in the same way anymore...

  • D Squared - Channel Youtube
    D Squared - 2 hours ago

    They sexually assaulted her

  • A Nun Oh Mouse - Channel Youtube
    A Nun Oh Mouse - 2 hours ago

    Womens vaginas not being the same after birth is like men getting older and having performance issues. Glad I have the former genitalia issue lol

  • S P P - Channel Youtube
    S P P - 3 hours ago

    James Corden stealing jokes again!

  • Closet Comedian - Channel Youtube
    Closet Comedian - 7 hours ago


  • FoodforThought - Channel Youtube
    FoodforThought - 15 hours ago

    So not only is James Corden a cunt, he is a racist cunt

  • FoodforThought - Channel Youtube
    FoodforThought - 15 hours ago

    "Favourite pub burn down" He stole that joke from Robbie Williams. No wonder all of Britain hates James Corden with a passion

  • Late for the Party - Channel Youtube
    Late for the Party - 1 day ago

    When you’re pregnant, your laugh changes.

  • Cat Nugget - Channel Youtube
    Cat Nugget - 1 day ago

    I hate James Corden

  • Crazy Cat Lady From Shithole Country - Channel Youtube
    Crazy Cat Lady From Shithole Country - 2 days ago

    Eva Longoria is another celebrity targeted by the Illuminati for the next celebrity sacrifice! If anything bad happens to her or anyone around her that will make it to the news, It won't be by accident.

  • FORC3OFX F3AR - Channel Youtube
    FORC3OFX F3AR - 2 days ago

    I can’t believe that bitch Tony cheated on this lovely woman

  • Hannah White - Channel Youtube
    Hannah White - 3 days ago

    Can you imagine the stress will wife is under? His funny silly ass AND THREE BOYS LOL her heart is full 100%. I know she just laughs daily until she can’t breathe. He is so naturally funny in such a dry way I love him.

  • Hannah White - Channel Youtube
    Hannah White - 3 days ago

    Lol my dad taught my little brother to pee outside during a long biking trip but he didn’t know it was only for trips in the wild and he did it in the front yard and all the kids were freaking out LMAO.

  • Ronny Charles - Channel Youtube
    Ronny Charles - 4 days ago

    James Corden stole Russell Peter's joke

  • willtynellyworth - Channel Youtube
    willtynellyworth - 5 days ago

    Will is looking more and more like Chad Smith.....

  • Ayah Alsawaf - Channel Youtube
    Ayah Alsawaf - 5 days ago

    Obnoxious woman

  • Shana Webster - Channel Youtube
    Shana Webster - 5 days ago

    James was so wrong to say it's like your favorite pub burned down. Her face was like keep it together...keep it together. Then he says it's never the same again. You can get vag rejuvenation. She can afford it. Her laugh is awesome.😂🤣

  • sarah c - Channel Youtube
    sarah c - 6 days ago

    James got that pub quote from Robbie Williams.

  • Bella Amparan - Channel Youtube
    Bella Amparan - 1 week ago


  • SleepingWitheSirens - Channel Youtube
    SleepingWitheSirens - 1 week ago

    TONY PARKER made the right DECISION'S !!! ooh im glad you got away from this Tony !!!

  • Vicci - Channel Youtube
    Vicci - 1 week ago

    He stole that pub joke from Russell Peters

  • darkmster 6 - Channel Youtube
    darkmster 6 - 1 week ago

    Weird english haha ok at least we speak comprehensively understandable english since we invented the language your fucking up or dumbing down like taking letters out of words so you can pronounce it like honour none of which you all have like colour like the many people of your contry

  • Teresa D'Alessio - Channel Youtube
    Teresa D'Alessio - 1 week ago

    Everything will Ferrell says is hysterical. EVERYTHING, EVERY TIME

  • courknob - Channel Youtube
    courknob - 1 week ago

    Robbie Williams gave that quote ("it's like watching your favourite pub burn down") several years ago during an interview with Graham Norton (I think?). You're caught, James. You're caught!

  • Victor Arango - Channel Youtube
    Victor Arango - 2 weeks ago

    You suck Corden... here’s where he took the joke from https://youtu.be/rgdu5gHXKsM

  • treehamallama - Channel Youtube
    treehamallama - 2 weeks ago

    Stop touching her though, ASK FIRST, ugh

  • Kaylah Crosby - Channel Youtube
    Kaylah Crosby - 2 weeks ago

    Omg I love her laugh 😂😂

  • Sveva De Santis - Channel Youtube
    Sveva De Santis - 2 weeks ago

    Her laugh reminds me of demi

  • Pardon Me - Channel Youtube
    Pardon Me - 2 weeks ago

    "Weird English accent." Har har har. "Doesn't sound like a guy you could buy cocaine from." Racist! Seriously, these were friendly jabs. Not everybody is as butthurt as Americans. Some people have tougher skin because they're actually proud of their culture and nothing can take it away. Americans, both black and white, don't know who they are so they take everything personally.