TCan This Chef Create a Kid's Imaginary Meal?

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Published on Mar 30, 2018

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  • flame_flower_princess_playz - 48 minutes ago

    How is the kids supposed to know the full details

  • Waving Throo A Window - 1 hour ago

    I love her personality!

  • Jeffrey Dancel - 1 hour ago

    is the girl marina from hiho kids?

  • flamowlX - 3 hours ago

    My imaginary meal: *pizza rolls*

  • TEETSMAN - 4 hours ago

    That looked good

  • Crystal Mendez - 4 hours ago

    Alexis reminds me of Miss Honey from Matilda

  • O O F - 5 hours ago

    I feel so bad for Marina XDD too spicy XDD

  • Mr.Happy Cat - 5 hours ago

    Sorry I’m proving you wrong but I’m a kid and I throw up if I eat cheese, In conclusion I HATE chesse

  • Ziluth - 6 hours ago

    I actually want that.

  • Bibhu Paudyal - 6 hours ago


  • berta yanez - 6 hours ago

    Part 2 plz

  • TheDank Boi1243 - 6 hours ago

    Dragon fire pizza

  • SoGucci Edits - 6 hours ago

    Does Alexis not look like Miss Honey from Matilda?

  • Comedy RPG - 6 hours ago

    Great video! Can you do a part two please? 💕

  • Jos - 7 hours ago

    what the fuck was she thinking, that much spice for a 6 yr old

  • Evie Henry - 8 hours ago

    Shes great lol!! I have her simalar body type, ive been told im too thin, most dont know i have an eating disorder... Its so good to know you can lookd good, thin, and HEALTHYwhole eating right

  • parkers diys - 8 hours ago

    That looks good

  • atomic art - 8 hours ago

    It looked so good

  • Nemmiz Food Court - 9 hours ago

    Soo cute... Nice video.. I am a new youtuber.. Please support my channel back.. Nemmiz food court ..

  • Lydia Brown - 9 hours ago

    Lol I knew as soon as I saw that kid say spicy and peppers he would hate both those things 😂 Omg olives! Oh no kids do not like those things Hahhaha oh well what can ya do!?

  • RandomTwiggster - 9 hours ago

    I just want to know what the kid was doing while she made all of that.

  • Davegamerson - 10 hours ago


  • MSJ SWAPNIL - 11 hours ago

    Hey........ Thumbs up from me :D

  • Binta Amin - 11 hours ago

    Make this on Netflix so people can binge watch

  • Salamence Gaming - 11 hours ago

    That looks tasty especially I loved spicy food!

  • Iceburg659 - 12 hours ago

    This chef is such a dork. I love it so much. I want her to be in every video ever.

  • Dr_Derpinz - 12 hours ago

    That actually looks really goodto me

  • Force - 13 hours ago

    She sounds like alexa

  • Calinm8 Someone - 13 hours ago

    1:56 Put a bunch of spice on it,"not too spicy." **Grabs every single type of spice off the rack**

  • Itz_Paige Nguyen - 14 hours ago

    She reminds me of a girl that works at fifty five ice cream shop in Portland because she served me I think