Germany, Italy, Netherlands & Canada vow not to strike Syria, call for thorough investigation

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

Some of America's key partners are not so keen to launch a strike on Syria - with Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada all stating there needs to be a thorough investigation first. Peter Oliver has the details.


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  • АлЯ ! - Channel Youtube
    АлЯ ! - 2 weeks ago - переведено на немецкий язык,продолжение

  • Wiki Miki - Channel Youtube
    Wiki Miki - 2 weeks ago

    I do belive Asad didn't use chemical weapon. I do believe all this was made up. The war is not because someone behave wrongly. The war is because it's about taking goods and make the profit. I'm not proud that Poland was helping in this crime.

  • Dᴏᴡʟᴘʜᴡɪɴ - Channel Youtube
    Dᴏᴡʟᴘʜᴡɪɴ - 2 weeks ago

    "Yougov poll: 43% of Britons oppose military action against Syria" - And there you have your reason for why they're still happening. 57% complicity in crimes. Take a wild guess how many of those 57% don't give a shit about whether they're being told the truth but choose what story sounds most pleasing to them.

  • Halim Yacob - Channel Youtube
    Halim Yacob - 3 weeks ago

    Heal the world. Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race...........Ameeeeeen

  • TheSushiraw - Channel Youtube
    TheSushiraw - 3 weeks ago

    Did we get CHEMICAL WEAPONS in IRAQ?

  • faniefaze - Channel Youtube
    faniefaze - 3 weeks ago

    Nothing to stream a sudden gush of morality like a bit of Russian nuclear threat eh ! Time for Nations to put their own people in power and not the Brit-ish puppets. The so called bombing of Syria has certainly attracted attention away from the foreign influx into European countries. How is the integration to make Westerners less white proceeding ?

  • Alexander Jeans - Channel Youtube
    Alexander Jeans - 3 weeks ago

    How many here know that RT is a Russian propaganda channel?

  • Jt Williams - Channel Youtube
    Jt Williams - 3 weeks ago

    Wow, based on the comments below, it looks like Israel's public image is in the proverbial shitter. Im glad im not alone. The msm would have you believe that everyone loves Israel, and would give their first born son to protect her.

  • Dagooch23 - Channel Youtube
    Dagooch23 - 3 weeks ago


  • anonneemouse mighty - Channel Youtube
    anonneemouse mighty - 4 weeks ago

    I'm sure Japan would have agreed to join Italy and Germany in their opinion. But the optics would suck.

  • Archie Woosung - Channel Youtube
    Archie Woosung - 4 weeks ago

    The Russian foreign minister has "solid evidence" that the chemical attacks were staged? Are they going to share this "solid evidence" with the rest of the world? Actually, I'm sure we can all agree that the chemical attacks were the Assad government. Those complaining about the attacks should rejoice that the US was joined by France and Britain. Almost certainly the attack was "measured" because they participated...or do people think Trump was goaded on by Macron & May?

  • Vlad Bogodist - Channel Youtube
    Vlad Bogodist - 4 weeks ago

    I like the statement that americans had their own civil war but noone had bombed them........its a joke right.....there was no planes then its kind of isolated.....

  • Vlad Bogodist - Channel Youtube
    Vlad Bogodist - 4 weeks ago

    By which means they are going to strike Syria....are there any arm forces from those coyntries in that statement is nothing...blah...blah

  • arow gobe - Channel Youtube
    arow gobe - 4 weeks ago

    This syria war all cuse it bunch of kids..we love syrians and assad good man ..please stop war no need to..isreal go to hell cuse all wars

  • francesco super1 - Channel Youtube
    francesco super1 - 1 month ago

    1:00 and is impossible the world have peace and love eh...?

  • Car Lover - Channel Youtube
    Car Lover - 1 month ago

    I'm glad the EU and those countries , won't join in this vendetta without proof. May , will fall on her sword soon. We don't believe her now, and never we will

  • andrzej21111 - Channel Youtube
    andrzej21111 - 1 month ago

    The US is bandits and murderers.

  • Roger Stark - Channel Youtube
    Roger Stark - 1 month ago

    Canada is a Member of the UN, Devals .

  • Rohit Kumar - Channel Youtube
    Rohit Kumar - 1 month ago

    That's what common sense demands... Without any investigation some are ready to go for war

  • Jack SYNN - Channel Youtube
    Jack SYNN - 1 month ago

    I am so glad the UK people disagree to what madam may had done, stupid may, now is April

  • Emilio Salazar Vallejos - Channel Youtube
    Emilio Salazar Vallejos - 1 month ago


  • Austin Lee - Channel Youtube
    Austin Lee - 1 month ago

    Too much Blood in Syria. People are dying.

  • Melissa contrerasmarried - Channel Youtube
    Melissa contrerasmarried - 1 month ago

    the UK and Brits need to be bombed with airstrike so they stop bombing other countries

  • Melissa contrerasmarried - Channel Youtube
    Melissa contrerasmarried - 1 month ago

    the white helmets were in attending victims without chemical protection suits what a bunch of lies without evidence

  • john jackson - Channel Youtube
    john jackson - 1 month ago

    yawnnnn fucking good ole chemical attack, motherfuckers (cia and british intellengence) please come up with better executers that performance with the hose and the kids crying looked weak asf..

  • Alesso - Channel Youtube
    Alesso - 1 month ago

    look all these saudi scum , pure evil evil evil is there

  • Roland Walter - Channel Youtube
    Roland Walter - 1 month ago maybe they should ask this boy from the staged attack in douma. This is not a civil war but a CIA operation , You can look up operation "timber sycamore" and see how the U.S. and Saudi Arabia orchestrated this entire war.

  • Олег Пилатчук - Channel Youtube
    Олег Пилатчук - 1 month ago

    there is propagandussia today everywhere!

  • Carlos E. Funes Lopez - Channel Youtube
    Carlos E. Funes Lopez - 1 month ago

    Those are true leaders....not madafucker donald dumb, he can only destroy people peace...

  • Neil Davis - Channel Youtube
    Neil Davis - 1 month ago

    Good on them