TMouse Funeral

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Published on Mar 08, 2018

No Deadmau5 jokes here...

I love you!

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  • Dogs Ingames - 18 hours ago

    The little mouse is so cute sad it's dead 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Rose Noir - 19 hours ago


  • Loren Misiak - 1 day ago

    You always make me want to go watch the Adams family and I love it❤️

  • Gothic Teenager - 1 day ago

    -inserts Deadmau5 joke-

  • unknown clolors - 1 day ago

    1 like = 1000 prayers for tiny baby mouse

  • Egg - 1 day ago

    So one time we had a mouse problem in our basement (because Asians eat a lot of rice and we keep our rice in the basement) so my dad bought mouse traps. He put peanut butter on bread for bait and I found 2 dead mice later. It was scary.

  • Andrew Berg - 2 days ago

    Let us have a moment of silence for Tiny Baby Mouse. He was loved by all and loved to explore. However, his curiosity led to his sad and tragic death by chocolate. R.I.P Tiny Baby Mouse ?-2018

  • Ilove Piglets - 2 days ago

    I actually started to tear up 😭😭😭

  • Abby. E! - 2 days ago

    Corrine, if it's a pet cemetery then the baby mouse is gonna come back evil. Like if you get my reference 😂

  • Jaime Guerrero - 2 days ago

    The grieving widow act was some Academy award winning, Actor"s Guild shit right there!

  • Chelsea Toth - 2 days ago

    For a second I thought I was watching the helana music video

  • The life of Alexis - 2 days ago

    You are me and my moms queen XD I'm 10 but idc you are a awesome goth queen

  • Jordan Goodwin - 2 days ago

    This legit made me sad lmao

  • Usagi the other Sylveon - 2 days ago


  • KawaiiStarGamer LPS - 3 days ago

    So cute but so died rip cute mouse ??? To 2018 killed by gross white chocolate :(

  • hotdog man - 3 days ago

    *zooms in to the tiny grave *evil Morty theme song starts

  • Luna Rose - 3 days ago

    Even in death you must stay safe R.I.P tiny baby mouse

  • HeyyitzAlyssa - 3 days ago

    Lmao the diss to white chocolate😂

  • koben wilks - 3 days ago

    Did any one else cry so hard

  • Geo Kinebuchi - 3 days ago

    Corrine hasn’t even moved in yet and she has already started a pet cemetery. She *is* a witch

  • Messeh Bangoura - 4 days ago

    Corrine got no shoe game 😂

  • Alicia Feliciano - 4 days ago

    Poor tiny baby mouse😭

  • Ralfs Jansons - 4 days ago

    You should use a taser gun on that mouse

  • xSamMSPx - 4 days ago

    I cried watching this. Wow. Probably cuz a mouse in my house got killed my my cat.

  • Onika Faith - 4 days ago

    R.I.P tiny baby mouse

  • Stacy Ryan - 4 days ago

    You look like the sister from the show Doug

  • superluigi12 - 4 days ago

    Corrine. Wtf

  • Mikayla Crespo - 4 days ago

    A pretty good mouse coffin

  • Romina Constenla - 4 days ago

    This is how you do it Logan Paul.

  • Kitty Cat - 4 days ago

    I can’t tell my ex how i feel because he doesn’t love no i can’t take that oppertunity