TPENTATONIX - Music Evolution

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Published on Jun 29, 2017

Superfruit channel

PTXofficial :

I own none of the music. Every song is owned by Pentatonix . This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law.

Hope you enjoyed that video ;)

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  • Feline Van Nuland - 16 hours ago

    The cast with the song: halleluja is the best cast of PTX. I love them 😍

  • Robert Oakley - 2 days ago

    I love the scenes they set in the earlier covers with such a minimalist budget

  • William McCain - 2 days ago

    Oh how things have changed

  • Clash With Yazu - 4 days ago

    What are there names!!??

  • Colorado CC'S - 5 days ago

    Isn't it funny how this an evolution of music and they put the pentatonix evolution of music in

  • Aprił - 5 days ago

    1:26 when they found autotune

  • Farasi Ngumu - 5 days ago

    Who else finds all of their eyes attractive?

  • Patricia Gabriela Valdez Gomez - 1 week ago

    I love forever

  • Kat Hegarty - 1 week ago

    What about “Mary did you know”

  • Alina - 1 week ago


  • Lav Smile - 1 week ago

    You are my inspiration in my life! I love you you'r great guys! :) :*

  • iiiiiFLYNNDOGiii - 2 weeks ago

    She is beautiful 🙃

  • Will Healy - 2 weeks ago

    3:00 ooh that's a nasty liquid nitrogen accident ya got there.

  • Hery Tiana RAHARIJAONA - 2 weeks ago

    Avi is the best, it's not pentatonix anymore without him

  • •DANCE MONSTER• - 2 weeks ago

    More like MITCH - Hair Evolution

  • Enduwolf - 3 weeks ago

    Evolution of production budget :P

  • Kelsey JoneLLe - 3 weeks ago

    2013 - 2017 was the best

  • Chi Anh - 3 weeks ago

    Avi is the one who brought me to Pentatonix. Without him I feel like missing something😰 But I still love u, PTX😍

  • mystic gamer - 3 weeks ago

    i had no idea collins key was in pentatonix ---sarcasim---

  • Emma Hausler - 3 weeks ago

    omg Yas<3 it

  • Larys lin - 3 weeks ago

    Qual música é 1:40?

  • Angelo Bondoc - 3 weeks ago

    Where is the beard one? Why I don't see him in their new covers?

  • clow123456789 - 4 weeks ago

    cant sleep love... is beautiful

  • Akichan _YT - 4 weeks ago


  • Xploytz Gamer - 4 weeks ago

    Alguém BR ?

  • Abdianys Paul - 4 weeks ago

    Kristy( I think that’s her name) the way she sings is totally different than how she used to sing check how the way she moves her lips 2014 or anything below that then the way in. 2016 that smirk she used to do when she sang was iconic now she barely does it now

  • Daisy Tzoc - 4 weeks ago

    At 0:27 he taught they won

  • ピンク101 - 4 weeks ago

    I like that each member gets equal screen time and not just the girl because shes the only girl

  • Antoine ? - 4 weeks ago

    Kirsten in the gagnam style song is so cute ahahah

  • Emma Gamble - 4 weeks ago

    I wonder what happened to the dude with long brown hair? He was replaced with another black guy.