TWe Just Found Out Fat Cells Can Move!

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Published on Mar 02, 2018

Fat cells don't often receive praise in everyday life, but they probably deserve more credit, as they might be healing our wounds.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • Mikes Science - 6 days ago

    We just found out fat cells can move (in fly larvae)

  • Aaron Lowe - 7 days ago

    I thought this had already been known for over a year because I read last year that during human development, fat cells build up in some areas of the body (e.g. the hips) at the same time they reduce in other areas. I assumed that was because they were moving but never considered whether fat cells were moving themselves or being moved.

  • 3D Clothes - 1 week ago

    People who inject insulin experience fat accumulation at the site. People claim it is because of the insulin but maybe it is because of being injected constantly in the same area. Just a thought if fat really moves in us that is an example we can research.

  • louis willems - 1 week ago

    Venture laser participant typically match deficit specific tower teaspoon due like.

  • Harpreet Singh - 1 week ago

    So can cutting yourself cause you to use fat cells (lose weight)?

  • Margaret Dale - 1 week ago

    Is the gentleman who does the English, reading, and book stuff your brother? you to look a lot alike.

  • NightOdin - 1 week ago

    so fat shaming now actual is fast shaming?

  • Erica Carlson - 1 week ago

    Can I move my fat cells from other places to my breasts?

  • Darcy Robbs - 1 week ago

    Didnt you used to just tell bad jokes?

  • MrMrs Adam Chase - 2 weeks ago

    "Takes an hour to get there" Name=Description " *FAT* Cells "

  • MrHSX - 2 weeks ago


  • legacysage - 2 weeks ago

    Tupan virus... Tupan... T.... T-VIRUS! Also, selective fat loss is now a thing so long as you're into extreme laser tag.

  • Michael - 2 weeks ago

    You should have led with the giant viruses and not the droll moving fat cells. Yeah, it's interesting no doubt, but still... giant viruses! 😀

  • Sopave - 2 weeks ago

    I'm a little disappointed the virus is not named "hue hue"

  • Bo Diddly - 2 weeks ago

    So...does this now question the clotting properties of red blood cells? Has fat been the clotting agent in our blood the whole time?

  • Succpreme - 2 weeks ago

    so, if I rip my ass off, will I have a big ass?

  • One Eyed Lemon - 2 weeks ago

    LOL... macrovirus

  • marlon Powell - 2 weeks ago

    Thanks my fat cells, Thanks for providing me with an armor of fat

  • James Martinez - 2 weeks ago

    Salty bleach hmm a drink for death row inmates

  • lincoln pepper - 2 weeks ago

    Women: cut yourself to lose weight fast!

  • Mice On A Dice - 2 weeks ago

    Yet another excuse why to eat that last slice of cake

  • Mice On A Dice - 2 weeks ago

    "Moving fat cells..." I wish

  • Charley Edwards - 2 weeks ago

    Where is the dog channel for dogs by dogs?? My dogs keep coming to see what I’m watching and say “ahh that’s lame!”

  • NolePtr - 2 weeks ago

    Ever smacked your fat? Of course they can move! It behaves almost fluid-like...

  • Paula Buist - 2 weeks ago

    Be careful what you dig up!

  • dupersuper1938 - 2 weeks ago

    If you do have to suffer from a wound, a laser wound would be one of the coolest..

  • 007 BaTMaN - 2 weeks ago

    Ironically fat people cant lol

  • Main Box - 2 weeks ago

    how hard would it be to do this fat study on a person to see if it is actually useful information?

  • linda linacre - 2 weeks ago

    No. we've known that fat cells shift around for a long time (especially as one ages). The fat cells moving to places to help heal the body is what is new research.

  • A weirdo - 2 weeks ago

    Soon, fat might be walking away... someone call Adipose Industries