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Published on Aug 13, 2017

Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore, “Bates Motel”), a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, relocates from a quiet country life to join a prestigious hospital’s surgical unit. Alone in the world and unable to personally connect with those around him, Shaun uses his extraordinary medical gifts to save lives and challenge the skepticism of his colleagues. The Good Doctor premieres Monday September 25th on ABC. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more The Good Doctor season 1 promos in HD!

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» Watch The Good Doctor Mondays at 10pm/9c on ABC
» Starring: Freddie Highmore, Richard Schiff

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  • I'm Not A Weeb You Normie - Channel Youtube
    I'm Not A Weeb You Normie - 3 weeks ago

    He's so cute

  • Derp Derpson - Channel Youtube
    Derp Derpson - 1 month ago

    Watch this show with a laugh track. You'll thank me.

  • ci j - Channel Youtube
    ci j - 2 months ago

    Me gusta más la interpretación de Joo Won aunque siendo diferentes F no se queda atrás, él es muy talentoso.

  • Morgan _ - Channel Youtube
    Morgan _ - 2 months ago

    anyone know what the beginning from??

  • christine puerto - Channel Youtube
    christine puerto - 2 months ago

    Some people are gifted what they do.... I like this show. Keep up good doctors👍😀

  • Kat Woman - Channel Youtube
    Kat Woman - 2 months ago

    Love The Good Doctor!

  • OldskolFan - Channel Youtube
    OldskolFan - 2 months ago

    He was a child actor too! And he’s not hooked on drugs?? In jail, in a psych ward, or hitting paparazzi with umbrellas! Lol. He’s very talented. You really forget he played Norman Bates when you watch him play this character.

  • zax al ghul - Channel Youtube
    zax al ghul - 3 months ago

    first its British guy pretending to be american now its american guy pretending to be British. david shore sure has a weird fetish

  • Lanna Gravett - Channel Youtube
    Lanna Gravett - 4 months ago

    Why is Shaun/Freddie so cute??? 💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍

  • 꿈찡 - Channel Youtube
    꿈찡 - 4 months ago

    와... 사람이라는 존재가 이렇게 귀여울 수 있구낭

  • Sharae Williams - Channel Youtube
    Sharae Williams - 4 months ago

    How does he act being autistic that must be so hard. I love the good doctor and he’s acting skills are so good my nan thought he was actually autistic in real life. The way he makes Shaun act and sound is so realistic!

  • Marilyn Richt Email Regarding - Channel Youtube
    Marilyn Richt Email Regarding - 4 months ago

    He is so cute

  • Lilx Riku - Channel Youtube
    Lilx Riku - 5 months ago

    Such a good show!!

  • Russell Oravec - Channel Youtube
    Russell Oravec - 5 months ago

    He also played in the movie August Rush with Robin Williams. Which my wife loves that movie.

  • Caitlin Meehan - Channel Youtube
    Caitlin Meehan - 5 months ago

    I’m glad I didn’t watch Bates motel because it would just change my perception of him ...

  • Krysten Duhaney - Channel Youtube
    Krysten Duhaney - 5 months ago

    This is exactly like the Korean drama hope it doesn't disappoint

  • Butterfly Eyes - Channel Youtube
    Butterfly Eyes - 5 months ago

    His voice, his accent. AHHHHHH!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  • Adriana Ponce- Grenot - Channel Youtube
    Adriana Ponce- Grenot - 5 months ago

    my favorite show of all time,you rock Freddie highmoore😀

  • Taylor Oden - Channel Youtube
    Taylor Oden - 5 months ago

    Awesome show

  • xx Paiggles .T xx - Channel Youtube
    xx Paiggles .T xx - 5 months ago

    this is the only medical drama that i am anticipating episode after episode, i am anxiously waiting for season 2

  • Moni - Channel Youtube
    Moni - 5 months ago

    this is patronizing compared to the korean portrayal.

  • Sydney Tonkin - Channel Youtube
    Sydney Tonkin - 5 months ago

    I wish Shaun Murphy was real because maybe he could figure out what’s wrong with me 😅

  • Duc Luong Do - Channel Youtube
    Duc Luong Do - 5 months ago

    We need to shut people talking about Korean drama the fuck up!!! I dont care, who carr and we will never watch that instead of this. Now get your butthurt ass out of hear watching that 2013 series if you care that much

  • Valeria C - Channel Youtube
    Valeria C - 6 months ago

    It's a great actor and I love his accent too :3

  • Sara J. Hopkins - Channel Youtube
    Sara J. Hopkins - 6 months ago

    Freddie grew into a beautiful man ❤️❤️ from his younger days to now 😌😌 he was so cute in August Rush

  • Trudy Nguyen - Channel Youtube
    Trudy Nguyen - 6 months ago

    From taking lives to saving lives.. Nice!

  • Melanie Barksdale - Channel Youtube
    Melanie Barksdale - 6 months ago

    Okay in at least the last two they stopped doing flashbacks why? Also it made me sad on tonight's episode when he was frustrated and had the melt down. Why would he say to him your not my father when he took care of you better than his real dad that abused him. Shawn looked so sad and frustrated. Please when you come back January 8th see the counselor it would be interesting

  • NancyGooGoo - Channel Youtube
    NancyGooGoo - 6 months ago

    This SHOW is "brilliant"!

  • kidohelm - Channel Youtube
    kidohelm - 6 months ago


  • Iced - Channel Youtube
    Iced - 6 months ago

    I REALLY love this show! Especially when someone doubts Shaun and he succeeds!