TMOANA MEDLEY | VoicePlay Feat. Rachel Potter

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Published on Aug 18, 2017

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:01 "Where You Are"
:58 "How Far I'll Go"
1:57 "You're Welcome"
3:05 "Shiny"
4:05 "Know Who You Are"
4:47 "How Far I'll Go"
5:06 "We Know The Way"

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Arrangement: Layne Stein
Additional Lead Arrangement: Hannah Juliano
Video: Layne Stein
Mix: Ed Boyer
Camera Assistant: Justyn "Soaked-To-The-Bone" Rowe
Filmed at Orange Studio Orlando, FL

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All you vocal range geeks: Yes, Geoff hits a low G around the 4:10 mark.

How many pounds of sand did we use to create our fake beach? First person to leave the correct answer in the comments wins life.

No coconuts were harmed during the filming of this video.

"Taco belly, belly... Oh, hey, a hockey leaguer, we know the way!!!".

Mmmmm.... Tacos.

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    Disney screwed up big time. They could have gotten this guy to be Tamatoa! (But they totally FAILED)

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