How I Trained My Cats

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Published on Nov 14, 2017


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  • Noto Chan - Channel Youtube
    Noto Chan - 6 months ago

    I hav a cat tht had a same colour & pattern like you..everytime I watch ur video..i feel like...I want to have a closer bond with my cat like u and ur cat..when i watch ur video, i decided to let my cat smell it..whenever I cook somthin..because he is so curious.. And one day I let him smell my biscuit crackers..when I was abt to put it inside my mouth..he smash my biscuit with his paw and take my biscuit and run away.. My cat is a bit aggressive.. T_T Thank you so much for the video tips!!! (Sorry for my very bad english.)

  • lana banana - Channel Youtube
    lana banana - 55 minutes ago

    This is my new favourite video on YouTube. I couldn’t stop smiling aaahhh!

  • Tasmiyah Khatun - Channel Youtube
    Tasmiyah Khatun - 2 hours ago

    I can't even stroke my cat

  • Emma McLain - Channel Youtube
    Emma McLain - 2 hours ago

    I need a man like this. Literally exactly like this. Please.

  • cloei jeon - Channel Youtube
    cloei jeon - 4 hours ago

    i think your cats look so comfortable.. if i have cats someday i would have cat the way you do

  • Jeremy Hooper - Channel Youtube
    Jeremy Hooper - 4 hours ago

    This is my new favorite channel

  • Damla Uğur - Channel Youtube
    Damla Uğur - 5 hours ago

    Very very beautiful video 💜💜💜💜

  • Inès Timée - Channel Youtube
    Inès Timée - 7 hours ago

    If everyone was treating cats like you... I loved your video! (and your cats too haha)

  • Jacqueline F - Channel Youtube
    Jacqueline F - 8 hours ago

    I giggled the whole video. His cats are literally so adorable

  • *DAAB* whoaa - Channel Youtube
    *DAAB* whoaa - 8 hours ago

    HAAAAA tuna!!! :D

  • Dewdrop Melting - Channel Youtube
    Dewdrop Melting - 8 hours ago

    You are a good daddy!

  • Macca Madinah - Channel Youtube
    Macca Madinah - 10 hours ago

    The owner is very patient and seems such a kind person:)

  • Oleh - Channel Youtube
    Oleh - 11 hours ago

    Suddenly I feel happy

  • Vishnu Varthan - Channel Youtube
    Vishnu Varthan - 11 hours ago

    I am going to train my kitten thanks for the tips man i am from india i am biggest fan of u r cats

  • Karine Le Torr - Channel Youtube
    Karine Le Torr - 12 hours ago

    Nice! I love my cat too! He gives me lots of love! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  • Marty E - Channel Youtube
    Marty E - 12 hours ago

    Hi, what race/kind of cat is the first red one in the video?

  • Even Jesus Hates You - Channel Youtube
    Even Jesus Hates You - 12 hours ago

    Your dogs are weird.

  • Julia Barros - Channel Youtube
    Julia Barros - 13 hours ago

    Omg this video is so cute and your cats are so beautiful ❤ If you/they have an Instagram I would totally follow

  • Lian Da Costa - Channel Youtube
    Lian Da Costa - 14 hours ago

    "Poki is just Poki"

  • Latte A - Channel Youtube
    Latte A - 14 hours ago

    *Poki Poki* Literature Club

  • Prob_io - Channel Youtube
    Prob_io - 16 hours ago

    You dude, are a very unique and nice person

  • Louise S. Jensen - Channel Youtube
    Louise S. Jensen - 17 hours ago


  • Anja Gabor - Channel Youtube
    Anja Gabor - 19 hours ago

    Those are BEAUTIFUL cats

  • Eli Awsomidity - Channel Youtube
    Eli Awsomidity - 20 hours ago

    This makes me feel bad because my cat just sits on his butt and sleeps all day long

  • Grassy - Channel Youtube
    Grassy - 21 hours ago

    what kind of cats are these

  • Tyler Coupe - Channel Youtube
    Tyler Coupe - 21 hours ago

    I have a cat that just showed up and adopted me into his life he likes to follow me and walk around outside

  • Najmah Chant - Channel Youtube
    Najmah Chant - 21 hours ago

    haku sneezing is lyfe <3

  • 팅요택탁 - Channel Youtube
    팅요택탁 - 22 hours ago

    0:11 자연광과 냥냥이의 조화,,

  • Ren - Channel Youtube
    Ren - 1 day ago

    If I let my cats smell the avocado they'll sure lick it

  • stephanysensations - Channel Youtube
    stephanysensations - 1 day ago

    My cats won’t even let me clip their nails!