I Let My Subscribers Pick My Hair Color

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Published on Apr 03, 2018

I've never dyed my hair before, so I decided to take the plunge...and as a thank you for 4 million subscribers, I wanted to let you guys help me out with my hair makeover! So I had you vote on Twitter and on YouTube, and then went to a salon and had my hair dyed the ~mystery~ color!

A big thank you once again to Natalie, you can find her here!!

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  • Safiya Nygaard - Channel Youtube
    Safiya Nygaard - 2 months ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i finally followed through on my promise and dyed my hair!! what do you think? what should i do with it next? should tyler get a perm? xoxo, saf EDIT: wait until the end to see footage of my hair after it faded a bit! and check my insta for a new hair check in :)

  • selena phile - Channel Youtube
    selena phile - 5 hours ago

    *subscribes to Tyler so he gets a perm*

  • Lazy - Channel Youtube
    Lazy - 6 hours ago

    *subs tyler*

  • Cadee Haugsness - Channel Youtube
    Cadee Haugsness - 12 hours ago

    Where is the color

  • NovaLaMason - Channel Youtube
    NovaLaMason - 15 hours ago

    Natalie needs a YT channel. Her personality is so charming. :D

  • Anagelii Films - Channel Youtube
    Anagelii Films - 19 hours ago

    I wanna dye my hair the lavender ombrè now

  • KERRY SULLIVAN - Channel Youtube
    KERRY SULLIVAN - 1 day ago

    Almost there 4.9 mill

  • octolove - Channel Youtube
    octolove - 1 day ago


  • Bluejay - Channel Youtube
    Bluejay - 1 day ago

    My cousin is named Natalie and also is a hair stylist!

  • InfiredSnakeu - Channel Youtube
    InfiredSnakeu - 1 day ago

    You're nearly at 5M now! Time to choose tattoos, folks!!!

  • Amber Davis - Channel Youtube
    Amber Davis - 1 day ago

    purple or blue

  • Bethan Davies - Channel Youtube
    Bethan Davies - 1 day ago

    I love it

  • Shiny Sings - Channel Youtube
    Shiny Sings - 1 day ago

    Nearly at 5 million! Start thinking of tattoo ideas!!!

  • Esli Bushati - Channel Youtube
    Esli Bushati - 2 days ago


  • Sierra TheDog - Channel Youtube
    Sierra TheDog - 2 days ago

    Joey graceffa copied you.

  • Jewel Thomas - Channel Youtube
    Jewel Thomas - 2 days ago

    Can you buy a fin fan mermaid tail ail and catch it on video and tell her if it's good quality or not can you please do it. Also l am 10

  • Slushy71 - Channel Youtube
    Slushy71 - 2 days ago

    oh my gosh.... you are at 4.8 million subs. get ready bois and gals.... it's almost tattoo time.

  • Amelie Johnson - Channel Youtube
    Amelie Johnson - 2 days ago

    4.8M, Safiya, you’re close.

  • Ynrielle - Channel Youtube
    Ynrielle - 2 days ago

    I was not aware the "meet me at McDonald's" hairstyle actually had a name

  • NoodleIsHere - Channel Youtube
    NoodleIsHere - 2 days ago

    Little did Saf know the first option will be her “perfect” hair

  • raz.m - Channel Youtube
    raz.m - 2 days ago

    3:17 random but i love ur bag

  • Nyrea Loki - Channel Youtube
    Nyrea Loki - 2 days ago

    It’s early 8 am(I. FORCED TO FRICKIN WAKE UP AT 6 or 5!

  • sumaya ahmed - Channel Youtube
    sumaya ahmed - 2 days ago

    I'm lowkey disappointed. Her hair looks the same. She would have looked much better with the blue hair.

  • s o p h i a - Channel Youtube
    s o p h i a - 2 days ago

    oof they showed little t's meet me at mcdonalds hair

  • Lainie Olson - Channel Youtube
    Lainie Olson - 2 days ago

    I am not a fan

  • nikki ly - Channel Youtube
    nikki ly - 2 days ago

    “How do you solve a problem like Maria” OMGGG TE SOUND OF MUSIC!!! I love that movie also this video was AMAZING!! 😉♥️

  • Sabrina Dai - Channel Youtube
    Sabrina Dai - 2 days ago

    But it is a little hard to see the gray

  • Sabrina Dai - Channel Youtube
    Sabrina Dai - 2 days ago

    I like lavender, but you still look good

  • anastasia smith - Channel Youtube
    anastasia smith - 2 days ago

    Aw...nothing is wrong with slytherin :( AND LOVE MSTERY TRYING BOAT NO TATOOOS no.....and want someting want ur body. .and aline tatoos. quotes and cause feel bestfiend tatoos diffent no! PASSSSSSSSSSSSS TATOO

  • anastasia smith - Channel Youtube
    anastasia smith - 2 days ago

    LOPREAK FUNNYN AND WHO SAID SAID PICK TATOOS NOOOOOOOOO and , mmmh . no lett pick let self pick dont regret got money recover up tatoos me.. and and voted blue