Florence + The Machine - Hunger

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Published on May 03, 2018

Directed by AG Rojas

Produced by Park Pictures


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  • Nalufera Grant - Channel Youtube
    Nalufera Grant - 3 hours ago


  • Praise Beesus - Channel Youtube
    Praise Beesus - 4 hours ago

    This song? Iconic.

  • Lotan - Channel Youtube
    Lotan - 5 hours ago

    This SERIOUSLY reminds me of "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush

  • Amanda Streeter - Channel Youtube
    Amanda Streeter - 6 hours ago

    You make a fool of death with your beauty..Yes!! thank you Florence&TheMachine!.

  • maria eduarda - Channel Youtube
    maria eduarda - 6 hours ago

    amém ícone

  • Pedro Koury - Channel Youtube
    Pedro Koury - 6 hours ago

    Her sound. her videos, her stories...they could be turned into beautiful impressionist paintings.

  • Fmastrandea - Channel Youtube
    Fmastrandea - 8 hours ago


  • Anna Cas - Channel Youtube
    Anna Cas - 9 hours ago

    Woah 👌♥️

  • Virgo Heart - Channel Youtube
    Virgo Heart - 10 hours ago

    The only artist I bother subscribing to. My Virgo Goddess <3

  • Jamie Blake - Channel Youtube
    Jamie Blake - 10 hours ago

    The shot at 03:57 is so beautiful; the lush green surrounding and Flo's slick moves, can't wait for the album

  • james g - Channel Youtube
    james g - 10 hours ago

    I never comment on YouTube stuff but honestly this song is unreal. 😁

  • Annie Tisdale - Channel Youtube
    Annie Tisdale - 11 hours ago

    Love of my life! David💘

  • Ianka Talita - Channel Youtube
    Ianka Talita - 11 hours ago

    tô viciadaaaaaaaaaaa <3

  • Henry - Channel Youtube
    Henry - 11 hours ago

    Deus existe e se chama Florence Welch.

  • matilda e leon - Channel Youtube
    matilda e leon - 13 hours ago

    Nice Listen BIIG PIIG 24 K 🙏

  • Nicko Moran - Channel Youtube
    Nicko Moran - 13 hours ago

    Her music always makes wanna dance no matter what. Just jump and do circles like how she dances.

  • Nida Mukhtar - Channel Youtube
    Nida Mukhtar - 14 hours ago

    Thank you Florence for sharing your truth I'm sure you're making a lot of people struggling with an eating disorder maybe feel less alone. You're awesome and love the sound and message!

  • Andreea Magdaș - Channel Youtube
    Andreea Magdaș - 14 hours ago

    This is such a happy day, I can't wait to hear the whole album! The music is always such a great inspiration!

  • Jordan Johnson - Channel Youtube
    Jordan Johnson - 14 hours ago

    Reminds me.of Kate Bush Running Up The Hill for some reason

  • Hartley G - Channel Youtube
    Hartley G - 14 hours ago

    everything this girl does is just brilliant. Original, refreshing, mesmerising. All her work is so well thought out and so powerful. She is still so underrated. She deserves everything the music industry can give her.

  • VesuviusRecordsInternational - Channel Youtube
    VesuviusRecordsInternational - 15 hours ago

    your voice is like a paint brush that defines several generations...just keep being genus....

  • Sabrina B. - Channel Youtube
    Sabrina B. - 16 hours ago

    <3 <3 <3

  • James Hoagland - Channel Youtube
    James Hoagland - 16 hours ago

    Morty was right. Litsten to a new song everyday. Youll find alot you dont like. But you'll find alot you do also. Love this!

  • mariluna27 - Channel Youtube
    mariluna27 - 17 hours ago

    Beautiful Florence, you nourish me.

  • Büşra Zeybek - Channel Youtube
    Büşra Zeybek - 17 hours ago

    iftar yaklasiyor agsgd

  • Lucas Rodrigues - Channel Youtube
    Lucas Rodrigues - 17 hours ago

    I have no words to say how much this song is perfect! Florence is our queen. God bless her!

  • Felipe Emanuel - Channel Youtube
    Felipe Emanuel - 18 hours ago

    What an amazing song, I didn't knew this singer, new fan here.

  • John Saeger - Channel Youtube
    John Saeger - 19 hours ago

    This song is better than the entire last album. Welcome back Florence!

  • Ben M - Channel Youtube
    Ben M - 19 hours ago

    Please release an extended mix with this Intro, i love it!

  • john smith - Channel Youtube
    john smith - 20 hours ago