Allen Iverson picks his NBA MVP and top 5 current players | First Take | ESPN

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Published on Apr 24, 2018

Allen Iverson joins First Take and picks his 2018 NBA MVP and top 5 current players to watch.

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  • Bradley Weas - Channel Youtube
    Bradley Weas - 1 hour ago

    Westbrook baby #fukLEBRICK

  • Ricardo Gomez - Channel Youtube
    Ricardo Gomez - 6 hours ago

    We need more AI on TV

  • Soulja kidd Savage - Channel Youtube
    Soulja kidd Savage - 14 hours ago

    LebronJames is ass

  • Ethan Baillie - Channel Youtube
    Ethan Baillie - 1 day ago

    If only there were 5 total mvp’s: a PG, a SG, a SF, a PF & a C

  • YUNG GENERAL - Channel Youtube
    YUNG GENERAL - 1 day ago

    The KING LeBron James is definitely getting MVP this year ... He's proven plenty of times this season why he's considered the modern day G.O.A.T 🐐

  • scir 91 - Channel Youtube
    scir 91 - 2 days ago

    LBJ GOAT period... When he left CLE the first time, they went from being a very good team, to the cellar. He left MIA, they went from being a championship team, to dropping 17 games and not making the playoffs. He will leave CLE this year, they won't make the playoffs... He has shot 8 seasons over 50% and is over 50% lifetime while always leading his teams in assists. Perspective, Kobe Bryant never had a single season shooting over 50% and ended up sub 45%... Jordan left the Bulls in his prime and the Bulls only dropped 2 games and just missed being in the championship... LeBron makes average teams GREAT... MVP every year

  • Amrit sahota - Channel Youtube
    Amrit sahota - 2 days ago

    Curry changed the game! Top 5 no debating!

  • Reginald Ruff - Channel Youtube
    Reginald Ruff - 2 days ago

    15 year's and gittin beter so if he better then his MVP season's

  • Reginald Ruff - Channel Youtube
    Reginald Ruff - 2 days ago

    black ball should have more then 3

  • Tt Ejb - Channel Youtube
    Tt Ejb - 4 days ago

    Allen I., it so nice to see you on the West Coast. Last time I saw you, it was in ATL, Harden MVP this year. Lebron has his share. Let give the MVP to a new commer.

  • Dehar Gaming - Channel Youtube
    Dehar Gaming - 4 days ago

    james harden had a great year but lebron had better seasn when you see his team so bad and he take them to the east final with the team they have and Love out off his form especialy this year.I think harden deserves but james should be 2

  • Why you doing this to me skip - Channel Youtube
    Why you doing this to me skip - 4 days ago

    They sitting close like that dumb sports show with papi and bomani

  • ZepylPSN - Channel Youtube
    ZepylPSN - 5 days ago

    Top 5 in his Opinion, honestly the dude asking the question is literally on his nuts for saying Joel Embiid

  • jimipurple123 - Channel Youtube
    jimipurple123 - 5 days ago

    Why all the here for LeBron. I love him.

  • Alonzo Armstead - Channel Youtube
    Alonzo Armstead - 6 days ago

    Bron without a doubt!!

  • Aaron Peters - Channel Youtube
    Aaron Peters - 1 week ago

    I'm a VA man and always have live for A.i......but embiid. I would pick lance stevenson over that clown.

  • Sportz Reactz - Channel Youtube
    Sportz Reactz - 1 week ago

    fuck curry

  • mylaksjd Korcess - Channel Youtube
    mylaksjd Korcess - 1 week ago

    cristiano ronaldo better than messi

  • James F. Zumalt Jr. - Channel Youtube
    James F. Zumalt Jr. - 2 weeks ago


  • Bertlove Morleo - Channel Youtube
    Bertlove Morleo - 2 weeks ago

    No body want to talk about curry

  • Richard Xia - Channel Youtube
    Richard Xia - 2 weeks ago

    1. James Harden 2. Lebron James 3. Kevin Durant 4. Anthony Davis 5. Giannis Antetokounmpo

  • Justin Vhon - Channel Youtube
    Justin Vhon - 2 weeks ago

    joel embid wtf top 5 common AI watch NBI to know that steph curry a genius shooter team player for me LJ SC KD JH AD EMBID maybe top 15

  • Edwar Son - Channel Youtube
    Edwar Son - 2 weeks ago

    That list is 60% broken

  • Caleb Adam Aguiling - Channel Youtube
    Caleb Adam Aguiling - 2 weeks ago

    No curry AI? Really??? LOL

  • pendejito 321 - Channel Youtube
    pendejito 321 - 2 weeks ago

    Did they really say Russ is top 5? LMFAO bro 💀 I’m a warriors but if you don’t wanna give curry love at least put AD in the top 5 dudes a fucking beast.

  • Steezi GTs - Channel Youtube
    Steezi GTs - 2 weeks ago

    Everybody stfu...steph will get destroyed 1v1 against anybody from AI top 5

  • 김동준 - Channel Youtube
    김동준 - 2 weeks ago


  • rick sizzler - Channel Youtube
    rick sizzler - 2 weeks ago

    Westbrook over Curry, A.I? cmon man, coming from a dude that never won any rings or mvps.

  • Tony Maffiola - Channel Youtube
    Tony Maffiola - 2 weeks ago

    I like how no one says currys name once...

  • JJ Diaz - Channel Youtube
    JJ Diaz - 2 weeks ago

    Harden, embiid, Russ, over curry, and giannis wow