THow Mexico is Winning the Car Manufacturing War

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Published on Jun 15, 2015

Mexico's auto sector is booming, while Canada's is dwindling. Amanda Lang finds out why.
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  • Paul Kelly - 14 hours ago

    We are taken advantage of in the workplace here in the US. Would really suck in Mexico I suspect.

  • RED_DAWN_SOON R U READY ! - 1 day ago


  • Scott Gibson - 3 days ago

    Enjoy your run Mexico, in time your standard of living will climb and when that happens your jobs will move too, just how it is. Lets be honest most of whats driving jobs out of the US and Canada is greed. The CEO of my US company ruined my company and they paid him 200 times the average worker. I used to purchase K2 skies when they were paid in the US and then they made them in China, cost of skies never went down, just the profits went up. We all have helped this happen, buying crap at Wall-mart. I wish all workers well, its a struggle.

  • Indo- Canadian - 5 days ago

    White Canadians brag about their wage requirement being high while those third world countries can work all day for a "song & a dance". Now white Canadian are on welfare. Pride has it down fall. Very soon white Canadians will be seeking jobs in third world countries and earning a "song & a dance".

  • SB SB - 6 days ago

    $2000 BUCKS a month in Canada VS $200 bucks a Month in Mexico

  • Tommy Gunz - 7 days ago

    they should demand better wages , they will eventually

  • Renwoxing13 Hacked By Scarce - 1 week ago


  • ivan martinez - 1 week ago

    Mexico is gonna be the new china, not good

  • wayneyd2 - 1 week ago

    Simple. Stop buying made in mexico.

  • Michael Miguel - 2 weeks ago

    I just got back from Cancun and the police took $100 Canadian from my pocket b/c I took a piss outside a club thought I would share that with everyone here - from Toronto / Canada

  • WINSTON SMITH - 2 weeks ago

    Can you spell NAFTA?

  • altitude illume - 2 weeks ago

    VIVA LA MEHICO! god bless mexico with success and health, education and peace. usa's brother

  • jo black - 2 weeks ago

    Canada 🇨🇦 is not a good spot to do any thing Why wood they tare up there lives by letting this happen Hope all the works go Mexico 🇲🇽 it nicer there People are very nice 👍

  • Woxineau Crows - 2 weeks ago

    Life isnt fair dude take it in and move on because THEY make them CHEAPER and you know why 3rd class society is bieng brought up to our classes because it is FAIR TRADE. Move on to a NEW WORLD ORDER and retrain yourself or die~

  • John Nelson - 2 weeks ago

    I worked for Daimler Trucks at the sister Freightliner plant. I remember when the the company shut down Sterling. It was a sad day for everyone. The Mexican plants have caused a lot of good Americans And Canadians to lose their jobs. And the trucks that come out of those plants are crap.

  • trainwreck1993 - 2 weeks ago

    Maybe we can illegally immigrate to Mexico ?

  • HDaviator - 2 weeks ago

    This is outdated now lol.

  • Peter Welsh - 2 weeks ago

    Yeah, that's why manufacturers are moving factories back to the US. Because Mexico is winning.....

  • Justin Dailey - 2 weeks ago

    I work a great construction job in a very business friendly state. I will never believe my job is secure. We have to constantly learn new skills and sane and invest as much as possible.

  • DD826 - 2 weeks ago

    that industry encourages workers to come and work and make that area their 's. Then that same company just moves to Mexico.

  • DD826 - 2 weeks ago

    Mexico is winning this war, because the US Government gave them the industry.

  • Well I Ain't Never - 2 weeks ago

    Yet when those manufactured products are shipped back to the U.S., they are sold at the same cost as if they were built in the U.S. Manufacturers win!! Consumers loose!!

  • Bill Feerrar - 2 weeks ago

    work faster work longer work for less wonder why they choose mexico

  • Gandalfdenvite - 2 weeks ago

    Mexicans are better workers, just as skilled but with higher work ethics..., as US workers! Chinese and Mexicans and Africans are just as intelligent... as US workers, so not only low skilled manufacturing jobs will move to low cost countries, but highly skilled jobs in engineering and computer science... will very soon follow! Chinese engineers are already just as skilled as US engineers, but for just a fraction of the cost! USA must learn to live with the fact that the entire world is one single market, and that the future customers with big money will mostly be in China! Every human being is a profitable resource as workers/taxpayers... so USA... must start seeing every human being, including every refugee..., as a profitable RESOURCE! Just as almost every other resource, oil and..., it needs large investments to be truly profitable, so USA must realize that it needs to invest in, educate..., refugees... to be able to profit from them as workers/taxpayers...! The answers is not trade wars and protectionism, the real solution is to adapt and further educate the workforce to be able to create new technology and new jobs! USA must accept the fact that Chinese and Mexicans also need jobs to go to every day, so USA must not fear, or try to prevent, Chinese and Mexicans being able to get jobs! USA must stop believing Chinese and Mexicans must be unemployed so that US citizens can have jobs! If Mexicans... have no jobs, no future, then they are forced to become refugees in USA..., and no wall... will ever be able to stop these desperate people!

  • Victor Herrera - 2 weeks ago

    You think illegals come to usa for cheap labor you should go to mexico and see how much they get paid for the same job

  • Haha MissMiss - 2 weeks ago

    Companies that export to China will and should take their jobs out of US to neighbouring countries to avoid tariffs. It is what Trump wants

  • Xattack21 1 - 2 weeks ago


  • 4ANTASTIC - 3 weeks ago

    1/10 of what so if the wage is in America USA a 500 dollars Mexican get 50 dollars

  • James Wisrik - 3 weeks ago

    Americans need to work for $4.00/hr with no benefits to compete.

  • Abhijit Jacob - 3 weeks ago

    The same workers buy chinese merchandise without blinking