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Published on Mar 11, 2018

I get a wide variety of comments on this channel every day and I decided to try this out and react to a few of the most interesting ones I found. I'm wearing a three piece suit, detachable collar and a silver necktie.

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  • TheReportOfTheWeek - Channel Youtube
    TheReportOfTheWeek - 2 months ago

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  • Themusicman 1602 - Channel Youtube
    Themusicman 1602 - 2 minutes ago

    im left questioning the word rat now

  • Nick Muffin - Channel Youtube
    Nick Muffin - 6 minutes ago

    I subbed this channel yesterday. Guy seems cool. Why such hate?

  • Wihan Nel - Channel Youtube
    Wihan Nel - 35 minutes ago

    16:05 the shear brutality will haunt me for the rest of my life.

  • Joshua Segoviano - Channel Youtube
    Joshua Segoviano - 39 minutes ago

    I fucking love this guy, holy shit

  • Bryan Rodriguez - Channel Youtube
    Bryan Rodriguez - 1 hour ago

    Lol so fucking cute tho

  • StarDust - Channel Youtube
    StarDust - 3 hours ago

    My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

  • gosh darn - Channel Youtube
    gosh darn - 9 hours ago

    I enjoyed this. Keep doing you, friend. Watch your health though.

  • gosh darn - Channel Youtube
    gosh darn - 9 hours ago


  • gosh darn - Channel Youtube
    gosh darn - 9 hours ago

    You remind me a lot of this guy I used to work with delivering pizzas. His name was Chris. Hands down best guy I ever worked with. Super nice guy, taught me a lot. Shouts out to Chris.

  • gosh darn - Channel Youtube
    gosh darn - 9 hours ago

    For real tho get your suits tailored

  • gosh darn - Channel Youtube
    gosh darn - 9 hours ago

    People want to punch you because you're successful while still being true to yourself. Btw I want you to pay me to punch you in the face $500 per punch dm me

  • david price - Channel Youtube
    david price - 9 hours ago

    Pee wee stay out of the theater.

  • gosh darn - Channel Youtube
    gosh darn - 9 hours ago

    Are you 15 or 50?

  • David James - Channel Youtube
    David James - 10 hours ago

    You need to ignore. Opinions are like assholes: everyone has one and they all stink. But seriously, you remind me of that nerd guy on the Big Bang theory

  • Johanny Veiga Barbosa - Channel Youtube
    Johanny Veiga Barbosa - 10 hours ago

    So handsome !

  • Deni Nakonecni - Channel Youtube
    Deni Nakonecni - 10 hours ago

    This guy is the next Mr. Rogers.

  • Desmond Brady - Channel Youtube
    Desmond Brady - 12 hours ago

    You have a great Channel and I love it the best thing I could call you is an old-school gentleman I like it

  • Sharon Skinner - Channel Youtube
    Sharon Skinner - 12 hours ago

    I fucking love you 😂🤣

  • Curly Queen - Channel Youtube
    Curly Queen - 12 hours ago

    How old is he?

  • Kainokyi - Channel Youtube
    Kainokyi - 13 hours ago

    Please jus t stop

  • Kendos bff Smart Sox - Channel Youtube
    Kendos bff Smart Sox - 13 hours ago

    My disappoint is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

  • koopaGG - Channel Youtube
    koopaGG - 13 hours ago

    "So anyway, I had no mood for pizza."

  • Hi Nice - Channel Youtube
    Hi Nice - 13 hours ago

    Idk why people would do such a thing he's such a thoughtful nice guy it dosent really matter what he looks like 😐

  • E 23 - Channel Youtube
    E 23 - 14 hours ago

    I don’t see how some these he can read without laughing 😂

  • somedudestolemyname - Channel Youtube
    somedudestolemyname - 14 hours ago

    honestly anyone with an anime profile picture is in no position to make fun of anyone else. give a fuck if its from dragon ball z, you're a fucking freak

  • Im Fast - Channel Youtube
    Im Fast - 15 hours ago


  • Im Fast - Channel Youtube
    Im Fast - 15 hours ago

    He’s an alien lowkey trying to take over our planet stay woke niggas

  • Liam McCrossan - Channel Youtube
    Liam McCrossan - 16 hours ago

    Don’t listen to those people they are just jealous that they are not as cool as you keep doing what your doing good job

  • WhyNoVlogs j - Channel Youtube
    WhyNoVlogs j - 16 hours ago

    I want to start a food review channel and you have been making me want to make me