TLeBron James Laughs at Isaiah Thomas in a 1 on 1

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Published on Mar 11, 2018

LeBron James Laughs at Isaiah Thomas in a 1 on 1! Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Lakers March 11, 2018


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  • smhsadley - 7 hours ago

    Lubum yames player coach owner starter agent manipulator

  • Worldclass Futbol - 11 hours ago

    How did the commentators see LeBron smiling

  • _*Young Gazelle*_ - 11 hours ago

    IT: Hey big head

  • Jay G - 23 hours ago

    Why does Lebron get so much hate?

  • phani madhav - 1 day ago

    isiah wins in 1 on 1

  • Zorro Roronoa - 2 days ago

    0:36 Pachulia?

  • Rok Podlogar - 2 days ago

    randle got some issues with IT. no love after that dunk-pass he gave him.

  • SOLID GYMFIT - 3 days ago

    wahhhaaa lebron cant even touch the ball after passed by I.T.

  • Joshua Rivera - 3 days ago

    Has anyone noticed or seen what LeBron did to his fan base how he turn them all to be just like him... they're jumping from Team to team when they lose. I hear cav fans talking about well I guess I'm joining the Rockets until LeBron their goat🐑😄 makes his decision. or I guess I can only root for the Rockets now to knock off Golden State. LMFAO pathetic they ask for more help just like LeBron James does and they make so many excuses and pointing fingers at coaches and team mates just like Queen Jasmine does and then they wonder why we call them bronsexuals and excusealiers it's a shame what this world is coming to SMH we're supposed to reward people for losing now. Hey you didn't win the finals but at least you made it to the finals 7 times mj never did that so you're a winner in my book LMFAO😂 the last place ribbon boy it never fails

  • her whole backside is flat - 4 days ago

    laugh now cry later

  • dhunks17 - 4 days ago

    We beat you LeBron, who's laughing now.

  • Malik Johnson - 4 days ago

    Thats a good one afriad of labron

  • Defstrike M - 4 days ago

    It be clownin

  • Mr Gamer - 4 days ago

    Isaiah thomas or isaiah GOATmas?

  • Tamarra Jean Claude - 5 days ago

    Did anybody noticed how Lebron just stood there when Julius dunk.

  • Mr. Bond - 5 days ago

    Bet if that was kyrie he wouldn't be laughing. Lol

  • tubenachos - 5 days ago

    Randle dgaf he's a beast. 4th year

  • Stephen - 5 days ago

    And lebron re-arrange hes whole squad just so hes fans can still state that hes still the GOAT if they win. he meant that by laughing at IT. LBJ is the most pathetic GOAT player out there. Others will do anything to win, but lebron is on a different level next stop TY LUE or maybe not because he lets LBJ be the bosa

  • Allen Baerry - 5 days ago

    Both an IT and LBj fan here lol

  • Taylor Made2 - 5 days ago

    LeBron sitting there laughing and them niggas is only 3.5 games away from being knocked out of the playoffs and there's only 15 games left.

  • shilohtlw - 5 days ago

    dude traveled at the end

  • mychal4895 - 5 days ago

    It's easy to laugh at an opponent when you have a huge advantage.... I.T got the last laugh after the game though..

  • Chris Woods - 6 days ago

    1 like=hate lebron 1 like=likes Isaiah

  • TitoTV - 6 days ago

    Look at the score tho

  • Nature Wilson - 6 days ago

    Old Celtics I.T Would've Fucked LeBron Up 😭

  • Kj42Lol - 6 days ago

    Cavs got beat by the Lakers??? Yeah um lebron, LEAVE. I'm gonna be with the rockets until you make your decision

  • Mrs LeBronJames23 - 6 days ago

    Lmao I love LeBron

  • Israel Green - 7 days ago

    Fuck what what the haters talking about win loose or tie laker nation till I die 💯

  • Bearboy193 - 7 days ago

    Bet Isaiah laughed at LeBron after the game. Cavs, take the *L* like a boss.

  • free blues - 7 days ago

    Nobody gonna mention how low lebron got.