TFive Beautiful Ways To Decorate Cake

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Published on Apr 15, 2018

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  • Vida Cook - 2 hours ago

    Wow wow ... this piece of art is amazing

  • Bianca Gama - 8 hours ago


  • Ino ry - 12 hours ago

    if wouldnt be so poor and lazy xD i would totally bake a nice cake for my mom!

  • Jessy Namira - 13 hours ago

    I can't even cook, how am i suppose to bake a cake 😂

  • CrimsonTuber - 15 hours ago

    Rose quartz will be proud

  • Benjamin Foo - 15 hours ago

    As for the buttercream succulents, will they melt if the cake is at the dinner table for a while? (Room temp. Dining room)

  • Melinda Rivera - 18 hours ago

    Everyone says it’s easy until they actually do it and the cake looks nothing like that picture 😂😂😂

  • Dona Stalin joseph - 19 hours ago

    Who else know that this cake was gifted to alisha marie for her birthday

  • Amy Woods - 22 hours ago

    Great video. Best one I"ve seen!

  • Vegan With Love - 23 hours ago

    So cool and you're so comforting 😻never got so much encouragement in my life😂😂

  • Karlis Libietis - 24 hours ago

    "you're actually going to put it bottom side down" oh wow really?

  • Abby Swan - 1 day ago

    You CAN Do a mirror glaze. Can I though...

  • BayBayBay - 1 day ago

    i dont think the silver leaf really added to the glaze cake :/

  • Moxie - 1 day ago

    I loooove that tequila sunrise cake!

  • Nina Roy - 2 days ago

    Her voice is so nice.

  • Surabhi Talukdar - 2 days ago

    Its so easyyy 🍰 a lil info i needed was dat what kind of a frosting are you using ?

  • Leslie Gonzalez - 2 days ago

    As a cake decorator I don't feel appreciated on this video 😥

  • chloé bérard - 2 days ago

    Very useful! Thanks💘

  • angie campos - 2 days ago

    I just loved this video so much

  • Avenexful - 2 days ago

    those cakse look like shit

  • mochi’s jams - 2 days ago

    If you exclude the pink from the ombré cake, it looks like candy corn😂

  • Emma Style - 2 days ago

    That's so creative and fun!! But I prefer eating 😂😋❤

  • Infinitelydeepdimple - 2 days ago

    “We’re gonna assemble our naked cake” * covers it in icing * 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • According To All Known Laws Of Aviation - 2 days ago

    Is that how Americans pronounce ganache??? 😂😂😂😂

  • LuzainSamara - 2 days ago

    Am hungry got something for me? am serious!

  • poertjt2 - 2 days ago

    Spunchcake with sprinkles and endless amounds of vanilla buttercream - could this video be more american :D :D

  • shaesofierce - 2 days ago

    That mirror glaze cake was lit

  • Nirnitha Cabello - 2 days ago

    When you're hungry and you're watching cakes...

  • Jennifer Herzog - 2 days ago

    The rosette cake was a hot mess, but the rest were pretty good for someone who doesn't decorate cakes for a living.