Scottie Pippen Can't Believe Robert Horry's Comments | The Jump | ESPN

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Published on Jun 06, 2017

Scottie Pippen joins The Jump to react to Robert Horry’s comments about Tim Duncan, Hakeem Olajuwon, the Chicago Bulls and more.

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  • Imraz Ali - Channel Youtube
    Imraz Ali - 2 days ago

    Tim duncan is the most over rated player tim duncan played on a great team i dont even recall a game where tim duncan ever scored 40 or 35 in a game guys pts average is i think 17 or 15

  • j. garcia - Channel Youtube
    j. garcia - 3 days ago

    Oh the rockets were so good huh, then how come whe mj came back after playing baseball, the bulls 3-peated again? Shouldn't they at least had one ring in that 3 years bulls run? Hahaha

  • j. garcia - Channel Youtube
    j. garcia - 3 days ago

    Robert horry is a glorified bench player LOL

  • Amged Fraik - Channel Youtube
    Amged Fraik - 4 days ago

    Dream is better than Tim Duncan tho 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Anthony Nelson - Channel Youtube
    Anthony Nelson - 4 days ago

    The Dream couldn't be shut down. Pippin would have to hit that long range game because the paint locked up with that nimble big man in there.

  • Charles Wilson - Channel Youtube
    Charles Wilson - 4 days ago

    Bird said that mj was God in the bulls uniform

  • Charles Wilson - Channel Youtube
    Charles Wilson - 4 days ago

    Mj drop 63 on bird in the play offs

  • Sam Ochoa - Channel Youtube
    Sam Ochoa - 4 days ago

    During the bulls first 3 title years in regular season play the rockets beat the bulls more. Rockets problem was getting out of the west. So when they finally did if the bulls still had Jordan and they wouldve played rockets wouldve won. The 2nd rockets title year MJ was there and got eliminated in the playoffs by the magic led by shaq whom got sweep by Hakeem and the rockets.

  • MrSkerge - Channel Youtube
    MrSkerge - 4 days ago

    My 3 favorite Ol' Skool dudes.... Just missing T-Mac and Sir Chuck and you got my squad!

  • bobby bergantin - Channel Youtube
    bobby bergantin - 5 days ago

    Robert horry your full of shit.. be a better man not a bitter man..

  • Armando Kozomara - Channel Youtube
    Armando Kozomara - 5 days ago

    Duncan had the greatest coach and one of the greatest organizations in sports, along with the same core group of players most of his career. That's why kobe and Hakeem and much better than Duncan. But I love timmy, I just think he's overrated.

  • Michael Nichols - Channel Youtube
    Michael Nichols - 5 days ago

    2:24 they really called that a charge

  • Trey Deal - Channel Youtube
    Trey Deal - 5 days ago

    I bet they wouldn't have been talking all that crap if Jordan hadn't retired, cus Jordan would have beaten the rocket fuel out of their ship

  • Humberto Salinas - Channel Youtube
    Humberto Salinas - 5 days ago

    Oh, Scottie is the man

  • 3jpringo - Channel Youtube
    3jpringo - 6 days ago

    Hakeem can be better than Duncan. Duncan gave San Antonio 5. Five.

  • George  Cubie - Channel Youtube
    George Cubie - 6 days ago

    Horry just playing.Hope he know better

  • Has1b - Channel Youtube
    Has1b - 6 days ago

    Akeem was better but Duncan is greater

  • GG GG - Channel Youtube
    GG GG - 7 days ago

    Check Horry and Pippen wikipedia pages and read the career highlights to have an idea who the better player was and who had the better career !

  • Deonte Baker - Channel Youtube
    Deonte Baker - 1 week ago

    Horry spitting facts! While jordan having the tough test of guarding byron russell

  • kung fu fury 2 - Channel Youtube
    kung fu fury 2 - 1 week ago

    Honestly I think rockets would have beat the bulls in 94 and 95 . Or they would have split 1-1 . But there's now way the bulls could have beat them twice

  • Christian Henson - Channel Youtube
    Christian Henson - 1 week ago

    HORRY talkin that bullshyt!!!

  • Truth Seeker - Channel Youtube
    Truth Seeker - 1 week ago

    Scottie still looks real sharp and handsome.

  • Rabi Kabeya - Channel Youtube
    Rabi Kabeya - 2 weeks ago

    This is what happens when you get 7 rings, you talk how you want lol wow

  • G Barb - Channel Youtube
    G Barb - 2 weeks ago

    Why keep putting most rings as best player cuz then it wouldn't be Jordan at all so Horry was right when he said rings don't make you the best

  • Peter Paul - Channel Youtube
    Peter Paul - 2 weeks ago

    mj WAS in the league when the rockets won the championship in 1995

  • orlando wolfe - Channel Youtube
    orlando wolfe - 2 weeks ago

    paul is right dream got lucky wen mj retired

  • Activerici 23 - Channel Youtube
    Activerici 23 - 2 weeks ago

    Horry is retarded

  • Dane Hart - Channel Youtube
    Dane Hart - 2 weeks ago

    MJ never won a ring till pep got there

  • Dane Hart - Channel Youtube
    Dane Hart - 2 weeks ago

    7 rings = fights over what size of a rain drops is

  • George Tow - Channel Youtube
    George Tow - 2 weeks ago

    What the hell is Robert wearin..