T5 Best And 5 Worst Things About Black Panther

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Published on Feb 21, 2018

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Black Panther is finally here, and the hotly anticipated latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has arrived with a record-breaking bang at the box office. The film brings the fictional nation of Wakanda to life under the expert guidance of director Ryan Coogler and features a cast of characters that all make for welcome additions to the franchise. The film is a breath of fresh air for superhero cinema and features a lot of elements that are instant favorites for Marvel fans. At the same time, there are some bits of the picture that are not quite as stellar as the rest, so let's break down the best and worst elements of Black Panther...

You don't have to be as smart as Shuri to know there are spoilers ahead.

Best: Wakanda | 0:38
Worst: The first act | 1:14
Best: Something to say | 1:49
Worst: What CAN'T vibranium do? | 2:39
Best: An engaging villain | 3:21
Worst: Everett Ross | 4:04
Best: Women of Wakanda | 4:41
Worst: A final battle that gives us deja vu | 5:09
Best: The second-act twist | 5:46
Worst: The first post-credits scene | 6:23

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  • Looper - 3 weeks ago

    What other best and worst things about Black Panther do you think should've made this list?

  • DaNae` Mitchell - 15 minutes ago

    Good thing there was two bonus scenes 😂

  • Ian Tapia - 3 hours ago

    I don't really like how most "worst" are made up problems about the Black Panther movie just content.

  • W Cooley - 5 hours ago

    Didn’t Ross chance his life to stop the shipments & Vibranium is a versatile mineral in the comics , so it’s feasible in the film...

  • Kendon Doris - 7 hours ago

    Don't listen to these people (Looper) clearly the don't know or understand the true meaning & significance of this film, so most of there reasoning is inaccurate

  • Jamiya Isidore - 9 hours ago

    I didn’t even watch the video , just came to say there was no worse parts of the movie. Thank you , i bid you adieu.

  • Kolawole David Ajiboye - 15 hours ago

    Shuri, is the most awesome character. She made the movie happen for me, she broke every gender stereotype in this movie. I love her so much. Is it just me? Are there others like me?

  • Compassion is Everything - 15 hours ago

    Hollywood needs to take a serious class from tollywood(India). Bahubali with 1/5th of Black Panther's budget is 5 times better.

  • Homeboy - 16 hours ago

    I don't the ladys take over every scene that isn't true but some greats ones yes.

  • Little Mimi Vlogz - 17 hours ago


  • UwillB MOCKED - 22 hours ago

    I thought this was the 4th INSTALLMENT of PLANET of the APES....?

  • Raleigh November - 24 hours ago

    Must disagree on a few of these.  Most notably the first post credit scene.  This scene emphasizes T'Challa finally sharing Wakandan technology with the world.  In the final analysis, Erik Killmonger wins.

  • S. Davis - 1 day ago

    Girl bye. If this wasn’t a waste. The beginning of the movie, when BP froze, is referencing the Boko Haram crisis, among other things.

  • PerpetualMotion&Pizza - 2 days ago

    I DISAGREE ALMOST COMPLETELY! The first act was completely relevant!

  • Rylen Gamo - 2 days ago

    - Ross almost got shot down by that plane - Also DID get shot in spine - Wakanda looked too CGI ish. - Women of Wakanda were awesome - KillMonger dying.. wanted to see him kick more ass): - Vibranium is OP - Killmonger killing Klaw was a sick twist.

  • Michael Yiu - 2 days ago

    The only 'worst' in this movie is the fact that the rebel army used fairly primitive weapons and the entire army as a whole.. well.. not much tech was really used in the fight aside from the one off gun/rings and rhinos.

  • Val Saludo - 2 days ago

    5 worst things about this movie IMO 1.WHAT ARE THOSE?!?! 2.WHAT ARE THOSE?!?! 3.WHAT ARE THOSE?!?! 4.WHAT ARE THOSE?!?! 5.WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!

  • Ultron McQueen - 2 days ago

    “Depth to the characters and story like no other marvel movie” I’m guessing Civil War didn’t have enough story and character development?

  • Nathaniel Corazza - 2 days ago

    Dissapointing analyisis

  • Annica M - 2 days ago

    I like the 1st post credit scene. I think it's a set up as to how significant Wakanda will be to the upcoming Avenger movie. As an example idk if you guys noticed on the new Avenger movie trailer, Iron Man's suit looks like it was being donned as Black Panther's suit was in this movie.

  • Danic C. - 2 days ago

    Agent Ross was an okay character. I'd rather have a fairly competent version of Everett Ross than his buffoony, comedic relief self in the comics. Plus he did make for a few good laughs, particularly when the group was trying to negotiate with M'Baku and the Jobari.

  • MONSTA X, STOP SNATCHING MY WIGS!!! - 2 days ago

    The post credit scene wasn't a miss, babe!!😒😒😒

  • Jeff Frye - 3 days ago

    This video is a serious hit and miss on it's chosen talking points. Seems who ever came up with this list has never written a screenplay for studied the source material for the movie.

  • Krooksbane - 3 days ago

    Wait...so we can offer criticism of the film now?

  • Spurs TiliDie - 3 days ago

    The movie was 8/10 for me. I didn’t care for the first act, the fighting/ guns scene was unnecessary. Pretty much all the fighting scenes were mediocre tbh. Nothing special about em. Only one that was badass was the Korea trip. The plot & the social messages in the movie is what stood out for me. Btw Michael B. Jordan is bad ass, I really wished his character hadn’t died.

  • Wally West - 3 days ago

    Looper, yall are reaching. This was a waste of 7 mins. the “worst” categories were just made up so yall could make a video. Im reporting it as spam. Lol

  • Cyrus P. - 3 days ago

    The thing that bugged me off the most is when the princess smuggled T'challa's suit necklace, why the fuck didn't she smuggle the gold one as well so Killmonger couldn't use it? Everything would've been much easier then.

  • Mimoo Herring - 3 days ago

    I am only 12 years old but I think that all the stuff are wrong. Martin Freeman's character is great and fits in. And when Killmonger and T'Challa fight it's really cool because they have the same suit and it's original. Everything is good in Black Panther.

  • Sarah Otto - 3 days ago

    nose natural warm alone bunch front.

  • Aaron Alejos - 3 days ago

    *Everrett Ross sacrificed nothing? So taking a bullet for Okoye and nearly dying isn't a sacrifice??? I disagree with your criticism of Martin Freeman's role in Black Panther. Could his character have been more compelling & developed more? Absolutely. But to say he sacrificed nothing is simply a fallacy.*