Make a Glowing Announcement Board

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Published on May 13, 2018

In today's video we're making a cool glowing brilliant board!

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Categoy: Education

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  • Creative Jahirul - Channel Youtube
    Creative Jahirul - 16 hours ago

    *great work boss*

  • Rachiel PlaYz - Channel Youtube
    Rachiel PlaYz - 22 hours ago

    That was so cool!

  • LightningEagle14 - Channel Youtube
    LightningEagle14 - 2 days ago

    So where to get clear plastic?

  • Typical Harambe - Channel Youtube
    Typical Harambe - 3 days ago

    In my inbox, it said how to make a brilliant board now it says how to make an announcement board what are these funny changes?

  • jasmyne thornton - Channel Youtube
    jasmyne thornton - 4 days ago

    Is he the King of Random I am the queen of Random LOL

  • kleen meep - Channel Youtube
    kleen meep - 4 days ago

    Dude make some more science experiments.

  • Robert Kennedy - Channel Youtube
    Robert Kennedy - 4 days ago

    Can you make fireworks with the glow sticks, so when they blow up, that is when the glow effect happens?

  • Luqman Ali Arsyadi - Channel Youtube
    Luqman Ali Arsyadi - 4 days ago

    Put Thermite in the Backyard Foundry please. i want to know, will it ignite or not..

  • akshat jain - Channel Youtube
    akshat jain - 4 days ago

    Can you sand the plastic sheet in places to make it opaque and write something by sanding i think this will look cool

  • Ananas Bakk - Channel Youtube
    Ananas Bakk - 4 days ago


  • Shutup Im Speaking - Channel Youtube
    Shutup Im Speaking - 4 days ago

    I don’t think I understand you give private lessons ?🤔

  • Joshua Johnson - Channel Youtube
    Joshua Johnson - 5 days ago

    Who else thought this was gonna be another project with the glow stick liquid???

  • RdL - Channel Youtube
    RdL - 5 days ago

    can you melt steel beams with enginefuel next?

  • Ram Khapandi - Channel Youtube
    Ram Khapandi - 5 days ago

    Bro how to make glowing water without use black light?

  • Keston Vernessa Edwards - Channel Youtube
    Keston Vernessa Edwards - 5 days ago

    This video was uploaded on mother's Day and my birthday

  • AREND BONGERS - Channel Youtube
    AREND BONGERS - 5 days ago

    Pls try to cast molten salt

  • Rising Tapu - Channel Youtube
    Rising Tapu - 5 days ago

    That iron man skit tho😂😂

  • IFaKe YT - Channel Youtube
    IFaKe YT - 5 days ago

    I've been asking to my self and trying to find the answer but, I never get the answer. What happens when you cast "liquid mercury" ?

  • True Lex - Channel Youtube
    True Lex - 5 days ago

    Put the proto putty in the vaccum....that would be awesome

  • aaron powell - Channel Youtube
    aaron powell - 5 days ago

    this is sick and that iron man thing was funny af

  • Ronith Gowda - Channel Youtube
    Ronith Gowda - 5 days ago

    can you make a home made drone??

  • Krishnamurthy Guthalu - Channel Youtube
    Krishnamurthy Guthalu - 5 days ago

    The iron man thing lol

  • adith prasad - Channel Youtube
    adith prasad - 5 days ago

    Please try by mixing food coloring(black and brown) with liquid nitrogen and puting it in a air tight box and throwing it in the water if you will get a blast and coloured nitrogen (please try)

  • Irish_FPV - Channel Youtube
    Irish_FPV - 5 days ago

    Who won the competition

  • Dominick Cannizzaro - Channel Youtube
    Dominick Cannizzaro - 5 days ago

    Can you deep fry a piece of chicken in molten??

  • Tomáš Kříž - Channel Youtube
    Tomáš Kříž - 5 days ago

    Hi, I've heard that molten salt should conduce electricity... Can you prove that?

  • ShadyNinjaGaming - Channel Youtube
    ShadyNinjaGaming - 5 days ago

    can u make some sort of invisible ink using the blue and purple glowstick juice, preferably still a bit runny, i got an idea for a use with a mini project of my own

  • Naitik Joshi PM - Channel Youtube
    Naitik Joshi PM - 5 days ago

    That t-shirt " where there is a drill there is a way "

  • Teddy Bear - Channel Youtube
    Teddy Bear - 5 days ago

    Do honey in vacum

  • cyborg creeper - Channel Youtube
    cyborg creeper - 5 days ago

    Do dry ice vs soda since soda produces carbon dioxide and dry ice carbon dioxide like fire vs fire