The OLDEST CHINATOWN In The World! Street Food Tour of Binondo Manila Philippines

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Published on Mar 06, 2018

We went to explore the 400-year-old Chinatown Binondo where I got a taste of some Chinese Filipino food.➨ENTER my Food Adventure GIVEAWAY [Ends March 20]

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3:25 Quick Snack

7:50 Eng Bee Tin

9:30 Chuan Kee

11:22 Masuki

13:43 Shanghai Fried Sio Pao

14:28 Ongpin Manosa Restaurant

15:46 Sincerity Restaurant

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  • Aimé Camacho - Channel Youtube
    Aimé Camacho - 1 day ago

    After watching this I just wanna try food out of my culture

  • TheLynata-Cooking Gaming - Channel Youtube
    TheLynata-Cooking Gaming - 2 days ago

    I think , when you don't like something, and you just put hot sauce and you don't feel anything else but the sauce.

  • pewshmpew - Channel Youtube
    pewshmpew - 2 days ago


  • Anna Williams - Channel Youtube
    Anna Williams - 2 days ago

    Mickey I think you're really a robot because ive never known anyone who can eat a meal fit for ten ppl then move on to the next location and eat another huge meal then another. You're not human mikey. But we love you xxx

  • Mark Anthony Arcigal - Channel Youtube
    Mark Anthony Arcigal - 4 days ago

    Soup No.5 is for men that need extra mojo(boost on sex)

  • Karasu Ootori - Channel Youtube
    Karasu Ootori - 5 days ago

    Its not called papaya salad its atchara its kinda like our kimchi/wassabi.

  • Dion Calleja - Channel Youtube
    Dion Calleja - 1 week ago

    Bro yng soup#5 ang pnka swabe sa mga iyan bkit hndi mo ngustohan hehe

  • skitzmadpaige - Channel Youtube
    skitzmadpaige - 1 week ago

    He lost me at cow panus

  • Monique Franselle Manabat - Channel Youtube
    Monique Franselle Manabat - 1 week ago

    Hey Mike! Can you stop making us feel hungry every time we watch your videos? My mouth is literally watering. Love you dude! ♥️

  • akidin06 - Channel Youtube
    akidin06 - 1 week ago

    mikey... hope you enjoyed the philippines.

  • Di Elizondo - Channel Youtube
    Di Elizondo - 2 weeks ago

    Come to mexico

  • Renato Joseph Rojo - Channel Youtube
    Renato Joseph Rojo - 2 weeks ago

    Im a big fan of yours, wished I knew you were in the Philippines so l would have meet you...

  • FleurCP - Channel Youtube
    FleurCP - 2 weeks ago

    Woke up at 2 am. Didn't know what to do, ended up here instead. Stomach is not happy. 😅

  • chende tan - Channel Youtube
    chende tan - 2 weeks ago

    He ate the paper under the stuffed bun

  • Varun Kuharia - Channel Youtube
    Varun Kuharia - 2 weeks ago

    This man is not picky 😊

  • ThePancoon - Channel Youtube
    ThePancoon - 2 weeks ago

    Im sure that theres a sub culture of fans who count how many times theres someone either staring awkwardly or for the entire time mike is at a place xD

  • RubenJava Random VIDEOS - Channel Youtube
    RubenJava Random VIDEOS - 2 weeks ago

    5$ for soup no.5 is Waaayyyyy too Expensiveeeeeeee ahhaha.

  • Adrian Benedict Magcuyao - Channel Youtube
    Adrian Benedict Magcuyao - 2 weeks ago

    Mike : i what to a get to this pork tenderloin with oniens Me : it pork steak

  • SUK MIKE HOK l - Channel Youtube
    SUK MIKE HOK l - 2 weeks ago

    the bbq chow sui looks so yummy

  • Tee Touch - Channel Youtube
    Tee Touch - 2 weeks ago

    The oldest overseas Chinatown in the world actually dates back to the early 13th century A.D. in the Khmer Empire. Han people from the Song Dynasty migrated to the Khmer Empire and created their own large community. We have evidence of this in the Bayon temple wall bas-reliefs.

  • Counting Islands - Channel Youtube
    Counting Islands - 3 weeks ago

    So yummy, but you missed the famous Binondo mongo hopia!

  • Rayyan Mamaril - Channel Youtube
    Rayyan Mamaril - 3 weeks ago

    So pogi

  • Ham and Burr - Channel Youtube
    Ham and Burr - 3 weeks ago

    Anyone else worried about his blood pressure?

  • Rov dcgd - Channel Youtube
    Rov dcgd - 3 weeks ago

    You making me hungry

  • Dheniel Marquez - Channel Youtube
    Dheniel Marquez - 3 weeks ago

    That wasnt pork its milk curds on top of the rice cake

  • Juls Barz - Channel Youtube
    Juls Barz - 3 weeks ago

    as a Filipino, I am literally drooling right now

  • Jad Wooz - Channel Youtube
    Jad Wooz - 3 weeks ago

    Where are putting all those foods 😂

  • Catherine - Channel Youtube
    Catherine - 3 weeks ago

    Mike u really need to go to Indonesia, a lot of amazing food there especially since u love spicy food

  • Riezlkayla Tuparan - Channel Youtube
    Riezlkayla Tuparan - 3 weeks ago

    You should've tried the dimsums from WaiYing... So good... I also love their hongkong egg tarts... Yum!!!

  • Xenia Haw - Burce - Channel Youtube
    Xenia Haw - Burce - 3 weeks ago

    Pork maki is great if you add chinese black vinegar in it. 😊