TWOMAN lives in a TINY HOUSE so She Can TRAVEL the World

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Published on May 29, 2017

Jenna built her Tiny Home with her Partner and they Traveled in it for a year from Alaska to Florida. They ended their partnership. Jenna parked the Tiny House in Oregon
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Source Footage: Tiny House Giant Journey

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  • TENN VOLS - 48 minutes ago

    That's just awesome! I truly admire her, she obviously has intelligence!!!! Good for her for living life!!!!!!

  • bex - 4 hours ago

    i’m obsessed

  • Paint With Brett - 4 hours ago

    Beautiful lady with a beautiful personality.. good for you.. the Tiny House would be great here in England!..

  • Stargazer Lily - 12 hours ago

    Too cute!

  • Teresa Solis - 12 hours ago

    Me encanta tu casa ojala en Honduras se hicieran aqui

  • Flasekracks - 13 hours ago

    holy shit this tiny house is the bomb!

  • Sambo Panda - 14 hours ago

    It's good to see you make use of the space you have. You're an inspiration to make things fit with the limited space. You're awesome! Great video! Thank you!

  • Mojo Risin - 15 hours ago

    Amazing and inspiring. What an authentic way to live.

  • Nate J - 20 hours ago

    Jealous 😒

  • Your Mom - 22 hours ago

    Omfg it’s in Oregon.... I want to meet you

  • Wajeeha Lodhi - 1 day ago

    Lol. There is probably a joke somewhere in this about the title and Americans thinking that North America is the entire world.

  • craig me - 1 day ago

    So lovely! Well done😂starecase is brilliant! I wish my 'big' house was that nice

  • Jebbie - 1 day ago

    Couple of things..... First, Ventura Highway was the perfect song choice for this video. Moving on... I think this might possibly be the best 'Tiny House' I've seen so far. YouTube is full of TH videos ranging from simple/minimal to full of gadgetry to opulant & everything in between. I don't think I've seen anything I don't like of any of them. But I think love this TH best of all. Everywhere you look you can see such great attention to detail. The drawers, shelving & steps all in one. Magnets on the shower curtain, the shallow tub... Just really great & planned out perfectly. Not too simple & not too fancy. With the cedar outside soaking in so much water though... Wouldn't that extra weight affect moving? Could you not put a sealant on it? Also, I'm curious as to the financial situation. How can they afford to constantly travel & a lot of it overseas? One last thing.... She doesn't have to continually say 'Tiny House'. We've established as much long

  • Asian238 - 2 days ago

    should have a small dog too, where does the dog stay when She is travelling?

  • Seema Das - 2 days ago

    Nice one

  • A.Krishna - 2 days ago

    life goals

  • KUI CHRISTINE - 2 days ago

    i dont see it weird, live life as you like it, been to kenya?

  • My Tiny Home Adventure - 2 days ago

    this is my adventure. I am getting a small tiny home wish me luck oh by the way I just added you

  • Brumbazzen og Schako - 2 days ago

    Cute dog 0:50 with a blue and braun eye.

  • Hassan Shah - 2 days ago

    I would put solar roof for electricity...

  • DerpyCats 101 - 3 days ago

    I understand the raining a lot in Oregon, it rained hear two days ago.

  • Randall Grant - 3 days ago

    Love the design!

  • Undead Darksign - 3 days ago

    Good luck in North Korea lul

  • Vega Cloud - 3 days ago

    so she got the house in the divorce of course

  • tagabicolini pinay - 3 days ago

    I love it

  • Marc Saturnino - 3 days ago

    Okay, this whole experience is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • G Spot - 3 days ago

    Damn she's hot

  • Bethany Corin - 3 days ago

    Yours is one of my favorite vlog and tiny house design.

  • ArcDevErik - 4 days ago

    So basically its just a log cabin version of a mobile home. Interesting.

  • Samantha Finley - 4 days ago

    What song is that at the beginning??