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Published on Feb 21, 2018

All DUNKS Of 2003 HS Dunk Contest - Young LeBron James OWNS The 2003 High School Dunk Contest, Also Participated - Shannon Brown, Charlie Villanueva, Von Wafer And JR Giddens
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  • Lianne Roderick - 12 hours ago

    he never entered NBA dunk contest because he doesnt have the killler mentaity and hes sensitive probably woulda won 3 or 4

  • HaoYu Wang - 22 hours ago

    OMG You can already tell how high his EQ is when the reported interviews him

  • Eddie wilks - 1 day ago


  • mikeey321 - 1 day ago

    Wow this makes me feel old dudes had cameras 😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Freeman - 1 day ago

    He was in High School... and his head was above the rim...

  • Keoni Lara - 2 days ago

    No he did not 😂😂😂 wouldn't even make it to the next round with some of the best

  • Flynn - 2 days ago

    I reckon this guy could make the NBA one day

  • Nik A - 2 days ago

    They was D riding hard.. but LeBron lived up to the hype.

  • dion mitchell - 3 days ago

    could you imagine dawkins and LeBron playing together on one team LeBron would've been got six rings.

  • loyd bernardo - 3 days ago

    Dude if lebron is still young he would really destroy all players in nba

  • Dellis Herasme - 3 days ago

    Crazy that other than LeBron, only Brown had a decent NBA career. That is how hard it is to make it on the league. Wow.

  • Kevin - 4 days ago

    Charlie V, Boozer, KG, CP3...

  • The Vandinas - 4 days ago

    These guys have no idea what there talking about he said most 5th graders were just getting training wheels on there bikes in 5th grade we had bike safety and maybe 5 kids (not including special needs children) needed training wheels which in that case they had to walk

  • Luis Ramirez - 4 days ago

    This? All one can say is popularity contest

  • Michael Chavez - 4 days ago

    Shannon Brown got robbed

  • ShionShinigami - 4 days ago

    I always thought that Lebron was a 'good' dunker - nothing more. In the dunk contest he wouldn't stand a chance against Vince Carter, Jason Richardson, Zach LaVine or Aaron Gordon.

  • Vasilis K - 4 days ago

    lebon's hairline look good

  • Noe Morales Jr - 4 days ago

    Bitch as nigga ant shit . Now show me the NBA Sprite Dunk Contest oh wait you can't bitch assnigga

  • TheGreatDom2EZ - 4 days ago

    He was punching the rim something from how LeBron is doing his dunks

  • jumarion mcintyre - 4 days ago

    Chris paul was their

  • John Moore - 4 days ago

    Back when LeBron was 26

  • Youngboye BAM - 4 days ago

    How have I've never seen this before Bron was soarin though

  • Johnny Expo - 5 days ago

    Never will be another. Love MJ Love Kobe, but come on man, 6'8 250 ish with hops n athleticism like that? Man come on .

  • Marc Ingram - 5 days ago

    So you had dunkers doing 360s and between the leg dunks and Lebron won with basic dunks cause he jumped high??? 😂😂😂😂 hell naw!!! They gave him that shit...

  • Cam Bests - 5 days ago

    Shannon Brown should have won

  • It's Kyuu - 5 days ago


  • Dat Boi Nick - 5 days ago

    now we have 6th graders dunking smh

  • Brice Cordova - 5 days ago

    Chris Paul with those angles 🎥📷📹📹

  • Gabe Ozo - 5 days ago

    3:04 Chris Paul

  • Frank Champion - 5 days ago

    not very creative