Jason Sudeikis and Ali Wong Play '5 Second Rule'

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  • Ben G - Channel Youtube
    Ben G - 1 day ago

    Ali's brain and wits is not for daytime TV.

  • Vaish Navi - Channel Youtube
    Vaish Navi - 5 days ago

    They have great chemistry

  • Falando Coisas - Channel Youtube
    Falando Coisas - 1 week ago

    I clicked because I didn't believe it was Jason from the thumbnail pic

  • LexDime - Channel Youtube
    LexDime - 2 weeks ago

    That was so awesome 😊🙌

  • Gille87 - Channel Youtube
    Gille87 - 3 weeks ago

    «the charleston, 90’s, todayyy»😂

  • omomoification - Channel Youtube
    omomoification - 4 weeks ago

    Love Ali, funny in all that she does, HOW SHE DO DAT

  • Jess y - Channel Youtube
    Jess y - 4 weeks ago


  • N. BR - Channel Youtube
    N. BR - 1 month ago

    I love Jason and Ellen friendship!!

  • Bougie Suzy Favs - Channel Youtube
    Bougie Suzy Favs - 1 month ago

    I would do watch a movie and or TV show with Jason and Ali

  • Latifa - Channel Youtube
    Latifa - 1 month ago

    I go the '30s, the '90s, TODAAAYYYY 😂

  • zephyra - Channel Youtube
    zephyra - 1 month ago

    hahaha, jason likes her sense of humor. i'd like to see them in a movie together.

  • Kate Ellenberger - Channel Youtube
    Kate Ellenberger - 1 month ago

    Jason Sudeikis has morphed into a tall Jason Mraz

  • Aurelia Nicaise - Channel Youtube
    Aurelia Nicaise - 1 month ago

    Funny 😂

  • Vamanos Ninja - Channel Youtube
    Vamanos Ninja - 1 month ago

    That lady is funny- looking not funny.

  • Strong Belieber - Channel Youtube
    Strong Belieber - 1 month ago

    Missing Justin. Bieber alot

  • Soviet II - Channel Youtube
    Soviet II - 1 month ago

    I am so sad that Ellen is apparently giving up the show, due to the exec's saying " they want a younger host ". They would only EVER say that to a woman!!! Look how old they let the men get on their shows! Leno in his 60s, Letterman was in his late 60s, lets not forget how old as hell Johnny Carson was! She is, by herself, the reason for the show's success !!! If they replace her after she leaves, I am sure the ratings will plummet and pfft! to the show!

  • Denise Mrll - Channel Youtube
    Denise Mrll - 1 month ago

    Missy Eliot ♥

  • Aronda Akins - Channel Youtube
    Aronda Akins - 1 month ago

    I'm always right about these things and I feel someday somehow she will get an oscar... don't ask why

  • wackydelly84 - Channel Youtube
    wackydelly84 - 1 month ago

    ellen playing games instead of jimmy is like when subway realized it could also use a toaster and quiznos died a year later.

  • XxomegaxX - Channel Youtube
    XxomegaxX - 1 month ago


  • Madison Bochenek - Channel Youtube
    Madison Bochenek - 1 month ago


  • TheZiBuKs - Channel Youtube
    TheZiBuKs - 1 month ago

    please tell me ali's there to promote another netflix special, the first one was hilarious :D

  • jiya swtu - Channel Youtube
    jiya swtu - 1 month ago

    30s 90s today 😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • Eliot Brun - Channel Youtube
    Eliot Brun - 1 month ago

    Capability moreover affair disk that out break state oh abroad shine.

  • Jack - Channel Youtube
    Jack - 1 month ago

    We hadn't had that many five second rules this season

  • Max Teevers - Channel Youtube
    Max Teevers - 1 month ago

    Did you realise he is Jason and it’s Friday The 13th

  • Daniele Bryant - Channel Youtube
    Daniele Bryant - 1 month ago

    Ellen is salty that she’s not playing the game 😂😂

  • Sonu Di Gregorio - Channel Youtube
    Sonu Di Gregorio - 1 month ago

    Love this video

  • Missy Black - Channel Youtube
    Missy Black - 1 month ago

    Did she say “oral pleasure” lol?

  • in the honey honey - Channel Youtube
    in the honey honey - 1 month ago

    Lol of the week 😆🤣😂😆🤣