Shredding Giant Mirror Polished Japanese Aluminium Foil Ball

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Published on Apr 19, 2018

In this video i'm putting my shredder to the test by shredding a giant japanese aluminium foil ball.

I hope you guys like this video with a 'plottwist' :)) It's more meant for fun then something else :D

The shredder motor will receive an update as soon as possible.

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  • PressTube - Channel Youtube
    PressTube - 1 month ago

    Apparently a lot of people don’t get the joke on this video. Check out my last 2 videos before down voting and realize that it’s a lot of work to make those videos. The shiny ball in this video is one that I actually casted and it took me hour and hours of sanding. I’m already working on a new casting video, but I thought you guys would appreciate a little joke in between :) But most of the people that come to this video are new and don’t know my previous videos. Just check them out before judging guys ;) Thanks!

  • BYRON V YT - Channel Youtube
    BYRON V YT - 5 hours ago

    Fake :(

  • narwals rul - Channel Youtube
    narwals rul - 8 hours ago

    The puns

  • Ben Runge - Channel Youtube
    Ben Runge - 13 hours ago

    Jo bro my name is Ben too

  • SuperGamer 3D - Channel Youtube
    SuperGamer 3D - 14 hours ago

    Its not 80 Hours You bought a ball

  • mees.t - Channel Youtube
    mees.t - 16 hours ago


  • SplishySplashyInTheTub - Channel Youtube
    SplishySplashyInTheTub - 17 hours ago

    fucking retard

  • Chappie1120 - Channel Youtube
    Chappie1120 - 18 hours ago

    In Polish it's "Folia Aluminiowa"

  • YoYoMA _ - Channel Youtube
    YoYoMA _ - 20 hours ago

    Ok what kind of paper shredder is that? Can it do 20 pages at once or is it more like 15?

  • Mech Mech - Channel Youtube
    Mech Mech - 1 day ago


  • redvlog 86 - Channel Youtube
    redvlog 86 - 2 days ago


  • Cryptic_Pancake - Channel Youtube
    Cryptic_Pancake - 2 days ago

    People actually did not get the joke really? Than they down vote wow lol... Honestly though I don't like how he wasted the aluminum foil.

  • elizabethgrafton18 - Channel Youtube
    elizabethgrafton18 - 2 days ago

    Oddly satisfying when it's sped up

  • roland ernstfeld - Channel Youtube
    roland ernstfeld - 2 days ago

    Schrott video purer clickbait

  • Braille Cawis - Channel Youtube
    Braille Cawis - 3 days ago

    You're so industrious

  • TRTTECH On - Channel Youtube
    TRTTECH On - 3 days ago

    Very boring and fake video

  • EZR MDC - Channel Youtube
    EZR MDC - 3 days ago


  • CleanFist - Channel Youtube
    CleanFist - 3 days ago

    Que tout se qui aime pas me like

  • CleanFist - Channel Youtube
    CleanFist - 3 days ago

    C'est nul

  • xzplays is - Channel Youtube
    xzplays is - 3 days ago


  • • Isabella • 恋は辛いもの。 - Channel Youtube
    • Isabella • 恋は辛いもの。 - 4 days ago

    I don't get ppl who don't get your joke, like it made me giggle and made me immediately subscribe and like to your video😂

  • Plangro - Channel Youtube
    Plangro - 4 days ago

    Dislike für Verschwendung! Das ist nicht mal lustig

  • Jeremiah Tshakapesh - Channel Youtube
    Jeremiah Tshakapesh - 5 days ago

    You kinda remind me of powerpuff girls that character that I never seen Their faces

  • Check Damian - Channel Youtube
    Check Damian - 5 days ago

    Im dutch

  • Earon - Channel Youtube
    Earon - 5 days ago

    The mirror polished joke was golden XD it took me a few seconds to get it and then I was rolling with laughter!!

  • Abdo Tamimi - Channel Youtube
    Abdo Tamimi - 5 days ago

    The aluminum ball press it

  • Dr. Wenzel - Channel Youtube
    Dr. Wenzel - 5 days ago

    *lets reverse it*

  • Abbie Willcutt - Channel Youtube
    Abbie Willcutt - 5 days ago

    Clickbait dislike

  • Shiela Vergara - Channel Youtube
    Shiela Vergara - 6 days ago

    face reveal

  • forest kitten - Channel Youtube
    forest kitten - 6 days ago

    This wasn't really funny😐