TCalum Scott Interview About his Sexuality, BGT, and more

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Published on Jan 25, 2018

#BELLLETSTALK Day is in January 31, so I had a very open, and important chat with Calum Scott.
Fb: Adam Greenberg - TB1
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Calum Scott:

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  • TheGateKeeper - 6 hours ago

    Why talk about sexuality at all? You turn a magnificent talent and voice into an object for predation. I certainly have no animus towards him, but lets not let that detract from biology and nature that ensures that a species survives. Two genders = reproduction which is the end all of sexuality. Stop your blathering about private matters!

  • Sally Cleofas - 7 hours ago

    Your a good person personality and down to earth calum keep it up.. your star now.

  • W. Rivera - 23 hours ago

    He's beautiful... his genuinelity and energy is infectious

  • itsARASH - 1 day ago

    Every gay people is my husband . .

  • LolzorCommentor100 - 1 day ago

    I wish he won that show. He is just such an amazing person and that shows when he sings. Never really see bad comments about him, because there is no reason to give bad feedback to this man.

  • Amy prince - 1 day ago

    I never knew he like man asses 😂😂😂😂 but he is a good singer

  • Cody Lim - 1 day ago

    Damn, I knew since I saw him sang dancing on my own on bgt, that song is sad bout losing the boy you loved.

  • lynn loshe - 2 days ago

    Calum your such an amazing person love of family, love of self and so open and that voice thank you for you!

  • The Cats Pyjamas - 2 days ago

    I thought he said at the audition he was married or with a woman?

  • Brianna Winnekins - 2 days ago

    Anyone feel that he and Sam Smith should do a collab?

  • Ricky Coles - 3 days ago


  • inah mateo - 3 days ago

    My heart' broken. 😓

  • mickeymouse2able - 3 days ago

    What a cute young bear type.

  • Denislav Ivanov - 3 days ago

    He is very hot and kind ❤

  • Mapple Co - 3 days ago

    Hes more handsome before.

  • Sandra D. - 4 days ago

    l loved him since the minute l saw him and then his voice OMG ! l wish him all the best.....So beautiful.

  • Iva Lee - 4 days ago

    oh DAMM

  • HH James - 4 days ago

    Well, he's adorable. BUT he's a genuinely talented beyond measure human being. Now if I were younger, I'd be a groupie.

  • Sandro Mauro - 4 days ago

    His voice is amazing

  • Jim Matlock - 4 days ago

    I'm so happy he is gay! He's a wonderful person and a wonderful singer/performer!

  • Joevanie Macabenta - 5 days ago

    He became gay when he saw me.

  • Afonso Snow - 5 days ago

    Oh, God, I'm crying.

  • Farzeen Dawood - 6 days ago

    They all Gay these days... it makes you wonder if there's any straight men left.

  • InThe Box - 1 week ago

    I knew before this video. I'm glad he's happy now and can be himself around his friends and family. Having a shoulder to lean on can make a huge difference. Its still hard for me in a hell hole town. But, life goes on. Slowly but surely.

  • anonymous komentar - 1 week ago

    I see gay singer, i press my P

  • matthew e - 1 week ago

    sigh*.... there's a very lucky guy somewhere.....

  • Narciso de Almeida - 1 week ago

    What a shame,fell into the trap of pleasure cult.

  • sepumomas - 1 week ago

    Live in your truth now while you’re young and beautiful because time waits for no one and you’ll end up an old bitter gay man! Love you for u first ! Those who don’t like you for you can fuck off!

  • Samuel Suriawan - 1 week ago

    I know it i know it 😉😉 Since first time audition i feel it 🙂🙂 Very proud 💕💕

  • myster PEACE - 1 week ago

    There's lots of girls dying for your love dude.... WTF is this man....!!