Why do some people go bald? - Sarthak Sinha

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Published on Aug 25, 2015

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What do Charles Darwin, Michael Jordan, and Yoda have in common? They, like many other historical and fictive individuals, are bald. Scientists have long pondered, why do some people lose their hair, and how can we bring it back? Sarthak Sinha explores the basics of baldness.

Lesson by Sarthak Sinha, animation by Brett Underhill.

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  • YATOGAMI - Channel Youtube
    YATOGAMI - 2 days ago

    My father is bald. So if this is genetic then there is a slight chance that I won’t be bald. I’m holding on that faith. Lol

  • Nfs Online - Channel Youtube
    Nfs Online - 3 weeks ago

    If i lose my hair i will suicide😗

  • teimuraz gochitashvili - Channel Youtube
    teimuraz gochitashvili - 3 weeks ago

    4:07 The best testosterone image ever.

  • JonR L - Channel Youtube
    JonR L - 3 weeks ago

    Can anyone help me? I dont have anyone in my family as far as my grandparents of both sides that have baldness. Yet im the only one with receeding hairline and thinning hair. Does that mean my hairloss is not genetic?? By the hairline i can see many tiny baby hairs which are likely my old hair that got shrinked. And if i stop using anti dandruff shampoo, my scalp got flaky and and itchy and spreads over time. If i continue using it. It’s fine. I once got a dermatologist telling me it’s fungal infection causing the hairloss. And another dermatologist was stubborn enough not to hear my sayings and just ruled that i got baldness in my genetics from family history before i really finish talking. Can anybody help me think of a possible cause?

  • milesbyt - Channel Youtube
    milesbyt - 1 month ago


  • Fermin Silva - Channel Youtube
    Fermin Silva - 1 month ago

    People go bald because there hasn't been evolutive pressure to combat it. If bald men didn't attract women, they wouldn't reproduce, and all bald men would have extinct. So, while unpleasant, rest easy knowing you won't go extinct.

  • Mike Sully - Channel Youtube
    Mike Sully - 2 months ago

    all i can say is - thank god for fin

  • Harsh Raj Always free - Channel Youtube
    Harsh Raj Always free - 2 months ago

    I'm Hindu but I heard Jesus can help me :( HELP MEE!!!! I haven't even got married yet help my grammar too

  • Walter Basile - Channel Youtube
    Walter Basile - 2 months ago

    Why hair become white? another interesting question

  • MegaMichael122 - Channel Youtube
    MegaMichael122 - 2 months ago

    Its the next phase of human evolution bois. One day we wont have hair anywhere no more

  • Raya Burdes - Channel Youtube
    Raya Burdes - 2 months ago

    Lol my dad is bald

  • Qasim Javed - Channel Youtube
    Qasim Javed - 2 months ago

    Guys forget hair transplant! Go bald with grace! ;)

  • Mitjitsu - Channel Youtube
    Mitjitsu - 2 months ago

    I'm sure it's largely genetic, but I'm convinced stress plays a factor in it as well.

  • Mbc ‍ - Channel Youtube
    Mbc ‍ - 2 months ago

    Watching this cause my dad is bald and now I'm scared...

  • Daniel Hernández - Channel Youtube
    Daniel Hernández - 2 months ago

    Its a stress thing mainly but youre more propense if hereditary

  • KitNKitty - Channel Youtube
    KitNKitty - 2 months ago

    “Chronic masterbation causes male pattern baldness.” (Source: my priest) 😱

  • Chethan 77 - Channel Youtube
    Chethan 77 - 2 months ago

    Samyuktha Hegde on first Ad! Honour

  • Saeid Radder - Channel Youtube
    Saeid Radder - 2 months ago

    Admit dad why did you have to be balled

  • Yoda Master - Channel Youtube
    Yoda Master - 2 months ago

    Yoda's bald by choice

  • Yoda Master - Channel Youtube
    Yoda Master - 2 months ago

    Since yoda cannot change his hair he can only change his body and mind through the force he must

  • Omari J - Channel Youtube
    Omari J - 2 months ago

    The end was honestly so wholesome.

  • specie44 - Channel Youtube
    specie44 - 2 months ago

    Stop nerfing ur voice ya fackin cuck

  • Boleslovas Švitrigaila - Channel Youtube
    Boleslovas Švitrigaila - 2 months ago

    3:31 lol

  • jemsncrystals - Channel Youtube
    jemsncrystals - 2 months ago

    Sooooo any progress on those "roots still there" any many medications

  • fzig555 - Channel Youtube
    fzig555 - 2 months ago

    When males have too much ego and think too much of themselves... they start to lose their hair ;) ...That is natures lesson of humility.

  • Raj Kamal - Channel Youtube
    Raj Kamal - 3 months ago

    I am losing hair due to stress which is caused by a autoimmune disease called IBS-C.

  • Sanja Sanjic - Channel Youtube
    Sanja Sanjic - 3 months ago

    I'm studying treating hair loss at home and discovered an awesome resource at Fearons Loss Fixer (google it if you are interested)

  • edhie pitono - Channel Youtube
    edhie pitono - 3 months ago

    secret of baldness : 100 pushup 100 Situp 100 squads 10 KM run every single day and Turn off Air conditioner for mental toughness

  • Warren Lowe - Channel Youtube
    Warren Lowe - 3 months ago

    This making being bald okay

  • Dani Khan - Channel Youtube
    Dani Khan - 3 months ago