TWoody Harrelson Quit Smoking Pot

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Published on Oct 21, 2017

Woody talks about doing odd jobs while trying to break into the business, explains why he quit smoking pot, and reveals how he broke the news to longtime friend Willie Nelson. #KimmelinBrooklyn

Williamsburg or Gettysburg?

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Woody Harrelson Quit Smoking Pot

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  • Keenan Ketsdever - 1 day ago

    I met him at a hotel in Mammoth Lakes and I didn't have any money for dinner and he bought me some pizza, solid guy

  • Ebola93 - 5 days ago

    He hits a bottle of Jackie D. Before he enter the stage haha i love him (no homo)

  • Aaron S&nroman - 5 days ago


  • D C - 6 days ago

    The three tramps.....

  • grape ape - 7 days ago

    Good for him

  • Jeff Rector - 1 week ago

    Light it up 🤘👌🇺🇸

  • David Gutierrez - 1 week ago

    Good for him for quitting.

  • michael - 2 weeks ago

    i want to tie his shoe so bad

  • LabRat6619 - 2 weeks ago

    He dumbs himself down for the people to love him. He is way smarter than this persona

  • ol man wit muscles bitches - 2 weeks ago

    He quit smoking pot... Mexican.

  • radioactivepencils - 3 weeks ago

    Carnage :D

  • bourbonz caches - 3 weeks ago

    his smile always reminded me of Cory Haims smile. RIP CORY HAIM.

  • Ego Slayer - 3 weeks ago

    Good for you OWwdy, D0p3 is 4 d0pe$

  • VoB - 3 weeks ago

    One of my favourite actors :)

  • Michael Smith - 3 weeks ago

    He is a vegan for ethical purposes which I admire.

  • jon deere - 3 weeks ago

    he only quit because he couldn't profit of it in ohio

  • Kwame West - 4 weeks ago

    "things in restaurants" aka WASHING DISHES. I too quit smoking weed (for the first time in 15 years, all days every day) and i'm really enjoying more depression tbh.

  • PipenFalzy - 4 weeks ago

    Jimmy open your eyes! 👀

  • Mr. Brown - 4 weeks ago

    Re-conquesting Brooklyn much? J K L

  • Squibbadoh D - 4 weeks ago

    he smoked, pot may have been in it but it wasn't ALONE!

  • stealthb0y1 - 4 weeks ago

    these interviews are so fake

  • Capo Capo - 4 weeks ago

    The only cure to a weekend bender is a nice joint. Or in Woody's case, edibles.

  • Tim Silveira - 4 weeks ago

    I was a little surprised by the audience reaction here. He made a choice to stop smoking weed and there was not a single sound of support (edit: 1 person clapped). The audience went quiet. They sure cheered his comment about how much he had smoked in the past though... Is that not a little unsettling that people couldn't be happy for him? Almost as if they were disappointed by this, as Jimmy himself said. Is this some kind of betrayal to them? Whatever works for you Woody!

  • Thomas Morman - 4 weeks ago


  • Giggity 96 - 4 weeks ago

    He just proved that white men can jump! He looks like he can jump high as a kite

  • Don't think Feel - 4 weeks ago

    Why would I quit working out?

  • Robert Smith - 4 weeks ago

    seems to be slurring his words... Pot to Booze will do that :P

  • JohnBee - 1 month ago

    In another interview, Woody explained that he quite pot due to it's affects his emotional availability.

  • Balthazar GdP - 1 month ago

    I want to gather this guy wit hJoakim Phoenix and Cristopher Walken and let them talk about things.

  • Cody Doxt - 1 month ago

    But I thought he thought the weed is for the people, it's the people's weed haha