TBlack Panther New Scene - SNL

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Published on Mar 11, 2018

When T'Challa (Chris Redd) travels to Djalia, he meets his great, great grandfather (Sterling K. Brown), great aunt (Leslie Jones) and Uncle M'Butu (Kenan Thompson).


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  • todd3205 - 6 minutes ago

    This fellow Kenan is going to be remembered as one of the best.

  • Ray Ruth - 48 minutes ago

    How is this racist? I saw it as a "that one relative" skit. We all make fun of the one obnoxious relative. It doesn't have anything to do with race unless you make it about race. If they made this same dialogue but in heaven with all white people no one would say anything.

  • Phenomenal Woman - 2 hours ago

    I find this offensive -✋ y'all ain't shit for doing this

  • Gregory Jones - 2 hours ago

    that was hysterical - Keenan can still crack everyone including the cast up

  • Abel Ochoa - 3 hours ago

    Not funny

  • regdog-88 2K17_MAN23 - 4 hours ago

    The great times 2 grandfather was T'Challa dad brother

  • bakequeen24 - 5 hours ago

    Lord...I lost it with the Lion King song

  • Rugerman205 - 5 hours ago

    #WakandaForever 🙅🏾‍♂️

  • jansport backpack - 6 hours ago

    Damn, that black girl on snl is fine

  • Newt Scammander - 7 hours ago

    ‟just Just try some of it‟

  • L3ndzo83 - 7 hours ago

    thats racist

  • janiece warfield - 7 hours ago


  • Kathianna Bijou - 8 hours ago

    Alright who whats a burger haha😂

  • Me Myself - 8 hours ago

    Everybody's got one of those in there family... I got 4 -_-

  • nynr ray - 8 hours ago


  • esau is The Devil - 9 hours ago

    COONIN' at its WORST.

  • Black Porcelain - 9 hours ago

    Kenan Thompson is a national treasure

  • Rodney Thomas - 10 hours ago

    “Yup...that’s still frozen” took me out! 🤣🤣

  • Anthony Tinaj - 10 hours ago

    seriously leslie jones should not be in sketches anymore

  • TheLaughinAssassin - 13 hours ago

    I love Kenan, he doesn't read directly from a teleprompter.

  • Corey Marks - 14 hours ago

    Not funny.

  • Tiquah Baht Tziyon - 15 hours ago

    As I scroll down and sift through the comment section, I see something very disturbing. 1. Racist Trump supporters giving their two cents about Trump when this has nothing to do with Trump's Election (Y'all need to take several seats). 2. Overzealous "Black Conscious" people that are outraged over a comedy skit over a DISNEY OWNED Marvel movie that don't even depict who the Black Community truly are (Children of Israel), and can't even take a joke (Y'all DEFINITELY need to have several seats). People forget that all these movies and shows are on TV/Television/TelLIEvision/TELLING LIES TO YOUR VISION. IF NONE OF Y'ALL KNOW THAT MANY OF THE BLACK PEOPLE THAT ARE SCATTERED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD ARE THE LOST CHILDREN OF ISRAEL AND THE DIASPORA OF THE SHEMETIC AFRICANS (NOT HAMETIC), THEN ALL Y'ALL NEED TO HAVE SEVERAL SEATS, BECAUSE YOUR ARGUMENTS ARE IRRELEVANT. That is all.

  • Jim Jones - 16 hours ago

    the big chick that looks like a dude is the worst performer ever on Saturday Night Live

  • Blaq Ron Dailey - 16 hours ago

    Yeah...dats still frozen'

  • Shanell Spirit - 18 hours ago

    Still haven’t seen this movie 🍿

  • Grady McKinney - 19 hours ago

    Wakanda shit is this?

  • SamAsm - 20 hours ago

    I know it's a joke but Leslie Jones looks beautiful in this.

  • DamondParis - 20 hours ago

    Let's not! This is unnecessary. Not even funny, let us get a few more successful Black films before we make a mockery of them. They couldn't wait. Disgusting!

  • Edgar Bikermas - 22 hours ago

    Has anyone notice how African Americans look beautiful while wearing African clothing? I wouldn't say the same about those ugly tatooed Black rappers,they look like nigers..

  • Ricky Bronze - 23 hours ago

    O shit it’s Malcom from Supernatural.