Tats on Becks with Victoria Beckham

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  • 山口恵里佳 - Channel Youtube
    山口恵里佳 - 19 hours ago

    Victoria’s watch is very cool!! can somebody please teach me which brand one^^

  • thelaurels13 - Channel Youtube
    thelaurels13 - 4 weeks ago

    She always gets slated by the papers, but Victoria is genuinely a nice person. My friend once met her at Heathrow Airport in London, and said she signed an autograph for her and was a very lovely lady.

  • A not so sexy sax man - Channel Youtube
    A not so sexy sax man - 2 months ago

    What The Fuck she talks?!?!?!

  • Derek Conlon - Channel Youtube
    Derek Conlon - 2 months ago

    Hi Vic. From Tianna Conlon

  • Roseline Badhe Rale - Channel Youtube
    Roseline Badhe Rale - 2 months ago

    She's so beautiful 😍😍

  • adad - Channel Youtube
    adad - 3 months ago

    If it was the husband did not remember the position of his wife's tattoos, then he would be FUCKED. By the time she had cheated, the wife would have her excuse " You don't even know where my tattoos are, you don't even pay attention to me "..

  • Serena Williams - Channel Youtube
    Serena Williams - 3 months ago

    My favorite Aries

  • clxx_xiv - Channel Youtube
    clxx_xiv - 3 months ago

    She's so beautiful inside and out! I feel like she is an awesome mother to her kids!

  • Manny - Channel Youtube
    Manny - 3 months ago

    are they going broke? she needs to eat some food

  • Kristen Weaver - Channel Youtube
    Kristen Weaver - 4 months ago

    She genuinely seemed happy about the donations. So sweet.

  • loveavril1022 - Channel Youtube
    loveavril1022 - 5 months ago

    Where is her accent from? So pleasant to hear.

  • Charolinda Adela - Channel Youtube
    Charolinda Adela - 5 months ago


  • MindBending Comedy - Channel Youtube
    MindBending Comedy - 5 months ago

    this is why i support ellen so much .. doesnt spend her money on craps

  • HappyIka 1987 - Channel Youtube
    HappyIka 1987 - 6 months ago

    Ellen was a bit mad when she couldn't decide on right or left 😂 look at his back more often 😁

  • Daniel Budik - Channel Youtube
    Daniel Budik - 6 months ago

    Wearing all back, excuse me bitch is you a mosquito. Cause you look like one, skinny like a needle and damn ugly too. Instead of calling her porshe they oughta call her poop, honestly she looks like shit. But don't be so hard on her, her glam squad is to blame for this atrocious monstrosity that is seated on that chair (she probably sitting on bones cause she got no ass) In my opinion they should have given her bangs to cover up her forehead, caked layers and layers of makeup on her pit Bull face until she looked like a clown, tbh I've seen prettier clowns than her and finished it off with a mask or a hijab, maybe it would have worked for her or made her more appealing to look at.

  • Max Steel - Channel Youtube
    Max Steel - 8 months ago

    Victoria Beckham skank hoe collection

  • Max Steel - Channel Youtube
    Max Steel - 8 months ago

    Wow she is as stupid as she was when she was a spice girl. Talentless people

  • loveavril1022 - Channel Youtube
    loveavril1022 - 8 months ago

    She's is cute . Everyone is happy when they are will Ellen.

  • I go 0 to 011 mike real quick - Channel Youtube
    I go 0 to 011 mike real quick - 9 months ago

    How s she so skinny

  • bong decep - Channel Youtube
    bong decep - 9 months ago

    So ugly

  • Bart Simpson - Channel Youtube
    Bart Simpson - 9 months ago

    It's good to see her laugh

  • shades of brown - Channel Youtube
    shades of brown - 9 months ago


  • Azim Abdul - Channel Youtube
    Azim Abdul - 11 months ago

    She is defo posh spice

  • Soledad Saahil - Channel Youtube
    Soledad Saahil - 11 months ago

    she's the sweetest person ever!!

  • Anita Johnston - Channel Youtube
    Anita Johnston - 11 months ago

    I really respect them for what do

  • MrsBungle78 - Channel Youtube
    MrsBungle78 - 1 year ago

    Just love her...Vic that is! Love Ellen too but VB is the shit! So sick of people hating on her.

  • Love Mac - Channel Youtube
    Love Mac - 1 year ago

    She is more content and relaxed these days👍, she finally overcame her insecurities etc 👍

  • ryehaaan - Channel Youtube
    ryehaaan - 1 year ago

    she only care about Victoria tatt but not others 😂 that's typical

  • obed tjavara - Channel Youtube
    obed tjavara - 1 year ago

    stupid you dnt knw your husband Beckham must dump tht thing fr good

  • Julie - Channel Youtube
    Julie - 1 year ago

    omg the way she says "thank you" its so genuine and sweet